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Saturday, August 05, 2006

A Shout Out In the South For an Important Event

A reader gave me this and I thought it was important to give it an shout out. I will be posting also an appeal from the Kinghts of Columbus later that relates to Lebanon.

Stand With Israel Rally

Birmingham Jewish Federation Community Event with Yossi Olmert
Date: Monday August 14thTime: 7:00 pm Samford University - Wright Fine Arts Center(see address & map at bottom) Contact Person:Joyce Spielbergerjoyces@bjf.org205-803-1518
Two Birmingham, Alabama teenagers, who just got back from Israel, will speak to our community Monday night August 14th as part of our "Stand With Israel" rally. Mountain Brook High School seniors Betsy Tuck and Jamie Barstein were in Israel on a B'nai B'rith Youth Organization trip when the war broke out; they stayed for the duration of their three week trip.They will be among the speakers at the rally which will be held at Samford University's Wright Center 7 pm Monday, August 14th.

Yossi Olmert, a well-known Israeli political commentator and brother of Israel's Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, will highlight the rally.The gathering is being co-sponsored by the Birmingham Jewish Federation and State of Israel Bonds. It also is being co-sponsored by the national office of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews. This well-known organization has done a superb job developing Christian support for Israel. George W. Mamo, Executive Vice President of the International Fellowship, will speak at the rally on why it's important for Christians to support Israel.

ENTIRE B'HAM COMMUNITY INVITED "Stand for Israel" is open to the entire Birmingham community. We encourage all members of our Jewish community to come and to invite non-Jewish friends. This will be a unique moment to get an update on the situation in Israel from Dr. Olmert and to join Betsy, Jamie, Mr. Mamo and Dr. Olmert in standing for Israel.Be proud. Be strong. Be involved. Israel will prevail.
Thanks to funding from the BJF's "Freedom from Terror" campaign and other Federation emergency campaigns more than 700 air conditioners, 625 televisions and 2,650 emergency lighting systems have been provided to 1,179 bomb shelters across northern Israel


Blogger LeperColony said...

I don't think we see eye-to-eye on the situation, but still I hope everyone has fun at the event and a lot of good gets done.

1:48 AM  
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