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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

RINOS (Republican In Name Only)

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I am sort of rearranging my posting schedule. As to my response to the blog Migra Matters, I am having some good interaction on email with him and want to consider what he has said before I just type out a response. Furthermore, Before I review the rest of the State races I am attempting to get some information on the libertatians that have put up quite a slate in the rest of the State. Especially since I have some readers that lean that way.

That being said when I was checking up on the what the insufferable Congressman Tom Tancredo was up to I ran across this interesting topic on a Internet site in Colorado. That is the whole topic of RINOS -Republican in Name Only. I shall post the piece but I do recommend that you visit the site and look at the comment section that is very interesting . I suppose I shall have to register to give my two cents. Anywho here is the piece with my Commentary at the end.

Republican In Name Only. I cringe whenever I hear this term. What does it mean? Is it a way for Republicans to say to other members of their party "you are a fake because you do not hold my exact opinions, or even worse are a dirty stinking moderate"?
Being a Republican can mean a lot of things. It can mean you think the absurd amount of government spending should be reigned in or cut dramatically, or it can mean you think we should CUT taxes while increasing our spending and being forced to borrow money because "our economy will rebound and save us".

Being a Republican can mean you are a rancher who wants his water and land protected from oil, gas, and coal interests on your "split estate" land or neighboring public lands. Or, it can mean you think the government should eliminate the review process for the energy industry when they seek to harvest natural resources (or, as the 2005 Energy Policy Act states, remove "impediments and delays"), because our nation is thirsty for the resources.

Being a Republican can mean you believe in God and the Bible when it says not to kill or be sexually immoral (and that abortion and homosexuality fit that description). Or, it can mean you believe in the Bible when it says to care for the poor and to not leave debts unpaid (deficit spending and an exploding national debt, anyone?).

When I hear people say "RINO", or see it written, I throw up a little in my mouth. Being a "Republican" is not definitive in this day and age. Being a "RINO", therefore, is even less definitive and even more confusing

Perhaps one day I will go into what I see as what a Republican is. I will say at its base it is for limited Government, Indivdual rights, and yes there is a religious/moral dynamic to it that cannot be ignored. For those that want to condem the Religious right one should remember that our Party was largely formed by Aboltionists. Aboltionist that were viewed in the same terms as the religious right is today. To deny that the evolution of and maintentence of this Christian/Judaic ethic or principle is not a part of this party is just to deny fact.

RINO used to mean something. The Republican Party is a much bigger tent than the Democrats but of course we can cannot be all things to all people. That would sort of defeat the purpose of having a party and would of course not advance the competion of ideas that is necessary. When I think RINO I think of people like the current Senator Chafee. I must say his actions before the 04 campaign just reinforces my view he will jump parties if the Dems take the Senate. However now the term is too overused. I suspect it like the word NAZI. Calling a person a Nazi or a Facist used to have power. Now people like George Bush and regular Republicans are described in such a way. Nazi is a word that has lost its power and original meaning I hate to say.
Now RINO is used if you disagree slightly on a whole range of issues. That word has largely lost its power when people like Sen Grahmn, Sen Brownback, Gov Huckabee, and Senator Martinez are called that on a regular basis. The term Rino has been over so overused that it has become our version of the word "Nazi" or "Facist" as when the left describes us in those terms. It is now a cheap slogan in my view which has lost of much meaning because of its over use in daily blast emails and like things. RINO has nothing to do with left or right in todays useage. Basically if you pay Keyes/Sheldon or any of their enterprises enough they can call anyone a RINO. That seems to me what that term has been reduced too. But I must say that if those people I have mentioned are RINOS then this social conservative proudly takes that term as his own and embraces it.

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