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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Post Katrina Louisiana Politics

I posted the part of the Shreveport Forum Article below. I wanted to devote one post to the interesting facts that are his article. Mr Burnett has some interesting stats that seem to go against the conventional wisdom. The Conventional wisdom is that because so much of New Orleans has gone out of State because of Katrina then its Republican Time in this State. However look at the Stats

When the Governors election was held in 2003 we had the following stats"
2,767,782 registered voters
67 percent white
29 percent black
57 percent Dem
23 percent Repub
20 percent Indep/other

Now as of July 28th 2006
2,868,856 registered voters
66 percent white
29 percent black
4 percent other races
54 percent Dems
24 percent Republicans
22 percent Indep/others

Now it does appear that the percentages have not changed much. Thus as Mr Burnett states: Don't count Blanco out!! I agree. Even though I still think it is Jindals to lose, to occupy the mansion in Baton Rouge, like Blanco does, by itself makes her a force to be counted.

A few thoughts. I still think the Democrats are in big trouble. First, many of these registered voters are gone to other states. I doubt that there has been much purging of the voter rolls in Katrina affected areas. SO the above numbers do not show that. The key worry that the Dems have is this. The get out the vote machine in NOLA is gone and the results of the last Mayorial race in New Orleans. After all that outreach that was conducted to get Nawlins Expats to vote the turnout needless to say was horrible. If New Orleans residents are not going to vote in big numbers for that race, are they going to get that excited about the Governors race? I think not. If those numbers hold as to turnout of New Orleans registered voters Blanco as well as other State wide elected Dems are in trouble. I am not sure how they make up the deficit.

A few caveats here. The entire World down there did not move to Houston. Many went to Baton Rouge, Shreveport ,Lafayette, and other places in state. So Blanco can still count on those Democrat voters. Also there is a down side for the Repubs. That is where are all the St Bernard parish voters? In some ways they got it worse than New Orleans did. Where have all the LakeView residents gone? Lakeview is of course the New Orleans Republican Bastion. A argument can be made because of education and employment factors that these voters are in fact in other states at far greater percentages than the the typical black Dem voter of New Orleans. Again I think its too early to tell how this has all shaken out. Mr Burnett's other observations are right own. THe New Orleans delegation will be weakened greatly. Baton Rouge will in all likelihood become the center of legislative power in the State.

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Blogger we saw that... said...

while we certainly agree that governor blanco needs to go we cant in good conscience vote for piyush "bobby" jindal either.

this weasel voted for the usa patriot act therefore he is undeniably a traitor to the constitution and the bill of rights. piyush is serving his masters working hard to enslave us as part of the criminal network.

also one thing that gives us a chuckle is how repubs ignore the fact that ol piyush like ~horror~ bill clinton is a rhodes scholar. rhodes scholars are nothing more than one world/new world order adherents. piyush is nothing but old wine put in a new bottle to deceive the poor sheeple.

anyone that votes or supports piyush "bobby" jindal or any of these other traitors namely landrieu, vitter, boustany, alexander, mccrey, melancon and baker is doing so against your and your children's and your childrens' children own best interest.

someday we are all going to have to stand before a holy and just god and give account of ourselves - we all know whether we want to admit it or not that this country is in deep trouble. supporting and voting for proven traitors to our most sacred principals as americans is not the way to go.

9:54 PM  
Blogger Pondering American said...

Holy Moses, Where to start.

First I do not view the Patriot act as evil peiece of legislation. THere are safeguards and I have yet to see how this infriges on our basic liberty

ANd Goodness where is this New World/One World order stuff coming from.

Now the people you mentioned are not traitors but Great American Public Servants. For the most part they are the early leaders in this Post 9/11 World. A Post 9/11 world that always existed but we ignored while we Americans were on our vacation from reality. Should any thing that deals with with our liberties and even curtail them in the least should be watched? HEll yes. But at this point I see nothing in the Patriot Act that could be called Traitorous.

10:19 PM  
Anonymous KnowItAll said...

I agree with "we saw that." Well stated. Jim McCrery definitely needs to go. He's been there too long and is a Bush puppet.

2:12 AM  
Blogger Pondering American said...

JIm is a great Congressman. Plus with William Jefferson soon prob to go to the big Federal Prision and with Louisiana going to lose another Congressman after the Census why would we want to give up a guy that has that much senority in Congress. I mean our delegation is as weak it is. We nned all the help we can get.

As for being a Bush puppet I don't know about that. OF course I like Bush so if his voting record I like. But anyway Bush is lameducked. His last two years in office will be like any other lameducked 2nd termer so whats the point.

2:24 AM  

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