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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Possible Big Scandal In THe Louisiana Dept of Corrections

Here is the link to the story that tells of the high ranking official with the Louisiana Department of Corrections that is now cooperating with the FEDS. THis could be huge.

Louisiana sometimes gets a bad rap as to corruption in State Government. Much progress has been made since the years of Edwin Edwards. However one area that is still a major problem is the Louisiana Department of Corrections.

I have quite a bit of experience and knowledge of how things really work there. It in a word is not pretty. The individual wardens of the Prisons are like Feudal Lords and are involved in so many business enterprises related to the prisons it is just ridiclous. It is time for the whole house of cards to fall down if you ask me.

At times it is apparent how powerful they are. Gov Blanco seemed incapable of getting rid of Secretary Stalder who runs the whole thing even though she wanted too.
If you watch much TV I am sure you seen of the many shows on the famous Angola prison. I have to admit everytime I see one of those shows I have to laugh. THe warden of Angola is Burl Cain. Everytime he is on TV all we know is how he loves the inmates and is helping to spread Jesus to them. HE is a hard nosed warden that has reservations about the Death Penalty. Oh how the media loves him. If it would not cause real grief to a certain person, I could tell some stories on him. The list goes on and on. It is not isolated to Baton Rouge or Angola either.

THe most shocking think about the Department of Corrections is just how plain open they are about it. Want to become assistant Warden or even a Warden one day, well just sleep with the boss. I am not kidding. I never could keep up with whom was sleeping with whom and who was having affairs with whom. I am sure the Viagra prescriptions are somehow being done through the Prisons pharmacies. I was involved with a person that saw that up close and personal and when she became a problem to people she was pretty much crushed.

Prison Enterprises appears to be a problem that will not go away. The investigation into this has been going on for years. I thought the Feds had given up on it. Apparently not.

Anywho, this could become a big factor in the Governor's race coming up. If this breaks like it should people will be shocked and horrified what has been going on for decades.

Anyway, I have a very personal interest in this story because a person that was very close to me got hurt because she basically was to honest to work in that mess. I suspect she was one of many. I think most of those people have moved on. However some that were involved have long memories. Including me. Stay tuned.
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Blogger we saw that... said...

this is all another shame on our state. at a time when men and women should be disciplined & taught how to behave in civil society ~ they are being taught by people that act just like they do on the outside. ya follow? wtf

1:05 PM  
Blogger Pondering American said...

It is a horrible situation that is fer sure. Hopefully maybe this will all be reformed one day

10:57 AM  

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