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Monday, August 07, 2006

The Political Cesspool Show-Political Kookdum On the Airwaves and Internet

It is time to return to kookdum. In fact this kookdum is very important. It is especially timely as you shall see because of the latest obsession with the intoxicated statements a certain actor in Hollywood just made. Perhaps if certain people read this then they will challenge far more important people on what they are saying and who they are assciating with.

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Host of the political Cesspool show- James Edwards on Left, Austin Farley on right

The Political Cesspool radio show is koodum squared again. It is quite horrible in my view but people should be aware of it. The Political Cesspool show comes from Memphis Tenn. It is broadcast on a small AM "Christian" station WLRM. However it is heard far further than Memphis. Through syndication and largely throught the internet ,this is the Radio Voice that is heard by the extreme racist and anti jewish elements across the nation. This is their audience and they cater too it. In fact in reality this is the unofficial radio arm of the Council of (word hijack) Conservative Citizens. As our friend the blogmeister in the St Louis Branch of the CoCC tells us "One of the two co-hosts is a CofCC member, and the other one, so this webmaster is told, is "in 95 percent agreement" with us even though he is not a member." For those unfamilar with this extremist group let me refresh your memory. I have talked greatly about this dangerous group that is trying to infiltrate and hijack our conservative movement. In fact go here for an overview. Here Subway Canaries talked about their neo Nazi connections as well. I also talked about how they are in involved in the current immigration deabate and in fact the media passes them off as legitimate Conservatives!!!!!! (note- co host and force behind Political Cesspool is in that pic. He is the tan dude with the receding hairline).It is also very closely associated with the kooky League of the South. An organization that is also has some pretty racist undertones. If you are not familar with this organization of wackos, its purpose is that the Southern States form a seperate Southern Nation by all honorable means. What ever the hell that means. I did quite an expose on them here as well as other places on my blog . In fact the James Edwards has the kook Dr Hill on his show all the time. In fact he has stated in the into that his shows works with the kooky league on this radio show segment on 7/31/06 that was a replay of a 2005 show. More on that particular show later. Google "Political Cesspool and see what outfits are supporting them. That tells a lot

The Political cesspool show and their hosts do the same ole tiresome spill. They call themselves Conservatives and populist. They refer to themselves as people that dare mention issues and they are so brave because they go against the Political correct crowd. When someone calls them racist they resort to playing the poor victim. I swear their poor victim spill gets as tiresome as their extremist political views. They say" YOU only call us racist because you disagree with out ideas. Blah Blah Blah. They then go and say ,"Hey look at the NAACP or LARaza" or reference other stupid liberal groups. The defense being basically is - well they do it so its only fair we can be racist too. Basically what I call the Kindergarten defense. He did it so why can't I. In other words they say their extreme and sick views are justified because what Liberals do. That is really what is going on. Well anyone with half a brain can see what is going on.

When these groups and shows like the political cesspool go about their justification of their views and try to cloak themselves in "conservative principles" , I am reminded of David Duke. I know quite a bit about David Duke since I had to endure his campaign for Us Senate and his later campaign for Governor in Louisiana up close and personal. Back Then Duke had shed his Klan ways he said ,"HE was just a good honest conservative that was speaking in the tradition of Ronald Reagan and was speaking for us Christians". Well that was all happy BS and we knew it. I had the chance to hear Daivid Duke up close and personal several times. One time he came to Ruston Louisiana and gave his spill. He was as always good looking , charismatic, and appealing in a way. Well, I as well as others sensed evil. It is one of the few times I have sensed it at a political event. When I shook his hand that day, I felt it up close and personal. Well, that night I had another experience with David Duke. He came by the DKE fraternity house where I was at that night. Duke wasn't there for political purposes but to do his nightly activity of trying to get laid to put it bluntly. That was a side of Duke that was well known to us involved in that campaign season. His sexual exploits were well known in those two races. He probally gave as out as many std's as speeches that year. Anyway, he comes to the fraternity house and thinks I guess we must all believe in his views or something. It was quite a different David Duke. It was no longer the David Duke trying to hijack conservative and republican views but David Duke the real man. He entertained us with stories about how Frats came out of the Klan and that the Klan was really misunderstood. His language about blacks and Jews were alot more candid among us. I suppose he thought we were all racist anti Jewish Yahoos like him. Anyway, the point is I saw from the master himself how this game is played. James Edwards and Mr Farley of the political cesspool show are amateurs compared to him. But they are learning and should be watched. But it's nothing new. Their slogans and pr is the same now as when David Duke tried to pull it off. It is just a different face. Been there done that. By the way David Duke is now quit the facade and is quite his ole fashioned Racist self nowadays.

Now back to the kookdum that this radio show is. I have spent considerable time listening to their radio show and their archives. It generally is the same line of assorted Kooks. The CoCC is a big thing on their show, as well as radical racists, and people who think the Jews are trying to take over the World throught some one World Government. The anti Jewish views are there in all the regular code words. Of course they also on a regular basis call the President of The United States a traitor and basically call for his impeachment. Kookdum Yahoo's really that try to cloak thr views behind Christianity and Conservative principles in which of course they don't really represent. But lets look at one particualr event they went live from

The Political (kookdum) cesspool show broadcast the Council of (word hijack)0f Conservative Citizens National Convention.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
(Kooky guy on left is Political CessPool host James Edwards along with the new Mrs Edwards on left(sigh) at the National Cross burning I mean Council of Conservative Citizens recent national convention)
It is amazing to me that they can play the poor victim. When the Cesspool did weekend live broadcast from the CoCC convention they might as well have live broadcasted a Klan cross burning. I again went into this event on this blog and what was really talked about there at that meeting. I also talked how the Council of Conservative Citizens welcomed this nazi and white supremacy organization group with open arms. Well as you can see from the archives that Mr Edwards was there broadcsting live so all of Kookdum could keep up with the exciting events. OF course the show was not quite as blunt and open with whatt was really being said. From what I have heard of those shows that are archicved so far Stormfront wasn't mentioned. The editor and Chief of Staff and as we shall see big advocate for the racist Politcal Cesspool show said as to this convention:
Stormfront Members Meeting Up at the June 16-17 CofCC Conference in Louisville, K
It's those breakfast meetings and lunch meetings that are important, and the hundreds of hallway meetings, rubbing elbows at the bar, hanging around the pool, and like that.Vigo Indy unfortunately couldn't stay long and I only talked to him for few minutes - caught him on his way out. But I did get to meet him, and I liked what he had to say. That's the kind of thing that bonds this community far stronger than internet memos here on the forum. While Stormfront makes it all possible, it's only a beginning.There was a good number of young Volk there, Old Blue, you would have been heartened by that.James Edwards was there with the new Mrs. Edwards, DeutschPride, PanzerElite, Hawthorne, too many of the young lions to remember all at once here!Plenty more music than I was expecting, with acoustic string concerts both on Friday night in the meeting hall and on Saturday night by the pool. I am convinced Stormfront is doing the right thing expanding in this direction, continuing to build and diversify (if you'll pardon the word) and developing as a media project in every sense of the word
Hey - live, on the air, AM 1380 WLRM, the real deal! With host James Edwards out of good old Memphis, Tennessee, 7 to 8 PM, Central Time:Political Cesspool1-866-339-9047Proud recipients of the Boot Stomp of Approval!---If it had been known in 1885 or 1900 that the Jews then being admitted en masse into America would dedicate themselves as a group to the undermining of the American nation, would the America of that time have let in all those Jews? Of course not.- Lawrence Auster, Jewish commentator

Well I am glad that the political cesspool radio has the Neo Nazi "BOOT STOMP OF APPROVAL" I would have been fascinating to hear what Mr James Edwards of the political cesspool show had to say to the good Christian loving, just plain ole conservative Storm Front crowd at all those "breakfast meetings and lunch meetings that are important, and the hundreds of hallway meetings, rubbing elbows at the bar, hanging around the pool, and like that." At a point this gets to be sort of funny yet makes me want to throw up seeing these kooks use our Conservative movement for their hate. Ah but don't call them racist. That is not fair.
By the way from a member of Stormfronts notes of the speakers:
Here are some notes I took during the conference.

1. Pastor Michael Duffield- Thanks to multiracialism, America is a house divided, which cannot stand.- Education is not about fancy buildings, it's about what goes on in minds of children- many people pay big $ for purebred dogs, but don't care if their kids are mongrelized- society ruled by greed, Walmart has become "China Mart"- mentioning Jesus has become politically incorrect

2. Sonny Landham- We are following the tradition of our Founding Fathers.- vote out incumbent politicians!- Gov't is lying when it says it's impossible to deport Mexicans

3. Don Wassell- US economy depends on perpetual wars- the real issues of today are taboo- we wind up fighting wars for Israel- We need to start getting involved in local activism, bring out the best in people

4. Roger Thoney- mass immigration causes: higher taxes and insurance premiums, but lower wages- illegals get free health care and other welfare- we're forced to believe we need low wages to "compete globally"- look how Mexico treats its immigrants- We're in a conflict between American and Marxist values- Ultimately, Socialism never works

5. Rev. Robert Slimp- Rev. Slimp gave us a thorough outline of South African history- The lesson of South Africa is that the best intentions are betrayed from within- Verwoerd was SA's greatest leader- Plans of his assassination were known to the US and UK governments, as well as SA traitors-- Even Vorster (Werwoerd's successor) knew in advance- Rhodesia (Ian Smith) declares independence 1965- (Rev. Slimp played us a recording of a folk song "Rhodesians Never Die")- God hates a global government, could lead to revolution or armageddon- We are in a win/win situation - we will prevail whether through politics or revolution.

6. Dr. Edward Fields- society used to talk openly about race, but now it's taboo- affirmative action eventually leads to race mixing.

7. (gentleman running as independent for Congress for 3rd district in Kentucky)- We don't have to agree 100% on every issue in order to come together- US government works for special interest, less interested in ordinary people- Patriot Act is a recipe for martial law- be suspicious of who is funding research that supports establishment propaganda

8. Don Black- new record label "White Country", CD available soon- essential to have alternate media for our people- free speech on Internet continually under attackAlso, on Friday night we got treated to fine musical entertainment from the lovely voice of Katrines_Fräulein, and then John Raterink and his son John playing the guitar, fiddle and banjo

.9. Michael Duffield (encore)- We suffer "national prostitution"-- Govt told GM to stop its efforts to modernize its factories, but had to show foreigners its robotics- Preachers should please God, not man- immigration problem is a result of greed- DMV is forced to give Mexicans licenses, so Mexicans cause many car accidents

10. James Edwards- Don't be afraid to admit what you believe- "no retreat, no surrender, no apologies"- our enemies want to intimidate us- Knowledge without activism is useless (most people don't take initiative)-- examples: protest to save Confederate parks, running for political office

11. Dr. Brent Nelson- one flaw of capitalism is that it needs cheap labor- What is result of immigration? North America will look like Brazil.- liberal elites want immigration; ordinary Americans want less- If immigration continues, we'll be in minority and be outnumbered and outvoted- Yugoslavia collapsed because there were no people who called themselves "Yugoslavians"- We need to be prepared in case of disaster- Prepare for opportunity to create a remnant America for us.

12. Kyle Rogers- although most people agree with us, it's a struggle to get people to take action- need to encourage them thru various media- Greenville anti-illegal protest was largest in country- CofCC also protested Morris Dees when he visited Columbia

13. William Flax- liberals succeeded in taking over America when they united to support MLK- We are on the side of the truth- liberals are trying to fight reality- Racial equality does not exist- when liberals shout to drown us out, it means they don't have a logical argument- Bush doesn't know what a "nation" really means- Hollywood has turned America against Southern culture- in his 2nd inaugural, Jefferson said we bought Louisiana for OUR children- In the plant/animal world, there's no such thing as a planet-wide species- liberals who write about race equality also believe strongly in a world-government.

14. Joe McCutcheon- Jews and neo-cons wanted to attack Iraq even before 9/11- Alberto Gonzales and Michael Chertoff are dual citizens- Mexican military helps Mexicans get across the border- illegal immigration is an attack on white America- We're "trading down" to an egalitarian society- Vote out all incumbents- We're not a nation of immigrants - The American population was already well established by 1776 and was definitely European

15. John Raterink- read from the Bible about the story of David and Goliath- we must be confident in our personal convictions- take the initiative... sometimes you need to be the first in your family to do something- many people agree with us but don't do anything about it- We have a responsibility to our children to leave them a better world- It's all about what you DO, not just about what you believe- Know your personal strengths and weaknesses- lead by example - your children are watching and imitating what you do- the Left is not all powerful: try to show people how foolish they are-- they rely on screaming and emotion because the truth can't help them- focus on local politics

16. Kevin Lamb- there's been a long history of liberals trying to break various color lines- America is becoming more like Brazil- We need to utilize alternate media outlets-- The Occidental Quarterly: debunk fallacies and myths about race-- upcoming book "Race and the American Prospect"- John Jay once remarked how fortunate America was to be racially homogeneous- 2 disturbing trends-- immigration-- stealth criminalization of speech and association- don't cave in to the SPLC. Dig in heels.- the First Amendment also applies to us

17. Larry Darby- came in 2nd in recent election in Alabama, despite shoestring budget- media at a loss to explain why Darby received so many votes- who owns your local media?- why should the holocaust be more important than World War II?

18. Paul Fromm- multiculturalism is "mental AIDS", which disables the brain- most murders in Toronto are caused by Jamaican gangs- In Toronto, a murder took place at a funeral, no one cared to call police- Gov't & media reluctant to admit racial identity of terrorists- How can Canadian society produce home-grown Muslim extremists?-- schools teach them that Canada has a racist history-- this instills hatred for whites- We, the majority, should be in charge of Canada and not let ourselves become minority

19. Sam Dickson- Race is the issue, more important than any regional or sectarian rivalry- The word "conservative" is a little misleading, because we actually want revolutionary change from the status quo- Looking at acts of the establishment, it's obvious they want to eradicate all whites- a turnip is still a turnip even if it grows in a cabbage patch- current political system selects sociopaths-- they are good actors, have high intelligence, don't care about other people-- normal people are at a competitive disadvantage when we have a sick society-- they think nothing of replacing us with third-worlders-- sociopaths express their courage by attacking fellow whites-- they belong to the globalist elite- People are afraid to say the word "white"- To change things, we need to go against the grain - this is how things change.- The only thing keeping America afloat is money.- Some people have nothing to live for but money- Try to be successful in life, but keep in mind race trumps money.- When the economy collapses, we still have our racial culture and pride.- American society hasn't really been tested.

Well goodness, lets not call James Edwards or Farley a racist. They are just sticking up for the founding fathers and conservatives values. I mean just last week at the Weekly Republican Luncheon we were all talking about music for whites only, how our children are mixing with other races and becoming mongrelized, how there is a one world govertment, and we are fighting wars for the jews, and how the that whole Holocoust thing was a tad overblown. Geez didnt you. Well this again show how Edwards and his crew and their mantra of what they stand for is just a wagon load of BullSh*t.

To listen to his exciting recaps please go to the archives and look around the dates of June 16th 2006 . Notice Mr. Edwards is kinda of selective in what he broadcasts on this show. It is all quite a game really. We are just getting a glimpse of what was really said at this event. Anyway the above are just a gallery of fringe elements. One could fill up web pages talking about them. Take again a look at their archives.

I have just given you a slight view of the sickness that this kookdum that the Political Cesspool show is and what their host are like. I haven't even got into their idiotic kooky political campaigns (Mr Farley just ran as a republican for the Tenn State legislature and was trampled) or the other nonsense that they say. But hey they say they are just true conservatives don't ask them or challenge them about this. They will just respond with a canned line of "Well if we are going to talk about Hate groups what about the NACCP or LARAZA!!!! Blah Blah Blah.

Who Endorses This Drivel?
Well it is not conservatives first off. First of course the Nazi and White Power Storm Front does that is a clearing house for all things hatred. Remember the Political Cesspool show are "Proud recipients of the Boot Stomp of Approval!" In fact on that sick forum they have a whole thread devoted to their Wacko racist and anti semitePhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting
that thread can be located here. Noticed that Mr Edwards is featured a good bit. In fact the "Chief in Staff and Editor" of this hate forum has a running tagline for him that I quoted above. In fact there are even pics featured with John Edwards and Raving racist and anti semite Joe McCutcheon here. Take a while and read that whole 107 page thread.

Oh and of course the mainstream conservative organization(sarc) National Vanguard is quite a fan. There a numerous masturbation pieces all giddy over the Political Cesspool show and its hosts. Just google away there are a ton. Needless to say there is something very rotten and sick in Memphis. Again just google away and you can see. There is only so much sickness I can view and post about again.However the next bit is of concern.


You know Mel Gibson has been under the scrunity ofthe press for his statements. There have been calls for him to be shunned out of the Entertainment business. Paula Zahn of CNN went wackow on this last week during her show. Ok fair enough. I think I have made it clear that this show is connected to racist and people that are anti Jewish. Let the media spotlight and condemnation of the following begin.

When the following appear on the show they do so for a reason. They are not appearing on the show to voice their views towards the listening public in hearing distance of this tiny am station in Memphis. They are going toward a particular demographic nationwide that hears this on the net as I have shown.

Yep you heard that right Bay Buchanan appeared on this show to talk about illegal immigration and to promote the Team America PAC. That was the same hour that Dr Hill of the League of the South was on the show. You know the dude that wants to break up the United States and make the South its own nations. The South was given to White Southerners by God himself to rule forever. Please go to the archives and listen to the show that is listed on the July 31st date. Oh and Bay knew who she was getting involved with. I mean her brothers columns are reguarly featured on the CoCC webs site. In fact one the Buchanan's biggest supports Linda Muller, - Administrator of, Former Webmaster for Pat Buchanan is a big advocate of the politcal cesspool show and links to them. Bay was there to help whip up these kookdum fringes into a frenzy and to get them to donate for Congressman's Tancredo PAC Team America. HEY PAULA ZAHN AND OTHERS AT CNN. Since yall have Mrs Buchanan on your show good bit, mind pulling yourself away from the Gibson story and asking her some questions about this!!!!

Yep again that is right. Chris Simcox, Jim Gilchrist as well as SHANNON McGAULEY of the Texas minutemen project all appeared on this koodum show. Those shows are available in the archives too. Oh for more on Mr McGauley's views go here to this post I did at there appearance and reception they got at a republican function lol.Perhaps Lou Dobbs, Larry King, Sean Hannity can think to ask these folks why they were appearing on this show. I predict they will all say when confronted they had no idea what this show was about. Pleaseeee. It is clear they knew what they were getting into especially since the anti Jewish former minuteman JOE McCutcheon, who is a regular on the Cesspool, probally told them all about it. But don't bring that man's name up. That name is becoming more embarrassing to the Minutemen in all the factions each day. I have talked about Joe McCutcheon a great deal on my blog. He was all cozy with the above folks until he bacame a liabilty to them because it was exposed who he was on a nationwide basis. Joe McCutcheon is just one sign of the sickness that hangs around this whole sickenss we have been seeing. In fact
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Joe was just on the show a couple of weeks ago talking about Bush's secret plot for one World Government. I have not listened to that particular segment but it probally went a little like this letter to the editor he wrote to an Arkansas newspaper
"Bush and his mostly Jewish neo-cons' war against Iraq was illegal, immoral and resulted in the emasculation of the Constitution. There are no weapons of mass destruction and no evidence that Iraq has harmed U.S. interests, i.e. no Iraqi terrorists. Evidence indicates Bush I was a party to installing Saddam and was formerly a business partner, and U.S. furnished Iraq with start-up material for bacterial warfare.Bush and his neo-con handlers have vaporized the 14th Amendment, shades of Nazi German differing only in role-reversal. Additionally, Globalist Bush refuses to secure our southern border, and estimates state that in excess of 10,000 illegals are crossing daily. The aforementioned, accompanied by "Homeland Security" and the "Patriot Acts" guarantees a U.S. citizen lock-down! American culture is in a melt-down.

People like that normally are not shy about expressing their views around folks. The above all knew what they were getting into.

Again, if we are going to crucify MelGibson , lets spread the wealth to people that are actually having a role in public debate. By the way, I have listened to all the above shows. None of the above people were intoxicated while on the political cesspool show.

I dont call that this show be removed from the air. I am all for free speech. Plus I want to keep track and keep a record of what kookdum is doing. I also want to keep the evidence to use against people like Mr Edwards and Mr Farley that try to inflitrate the conservative movement. But people that are in mainstream political debate such as the above should be called out on their involvemnt in it. Also consider this. Perhaps they are appearing on that show because they really believe in what the Politcal Cesspolol represents.


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