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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Paw Paws Fine, Thanks For the Prayers, A Serious Question, And My Long Post On MY Day

Thank you all for the prayers. They helped. My grandfather did great during all the procedures. In fact it appears we caught something just in the nick of time. So again thank you very much. More on this below

First I have a serious question. Can you anyone explain this whole Catholic Hospital thing. I don't think I have got the whole concept down. I mean it is nice that there is a chapel. It is great the Euchurist is there. It pretty nice there are Crucifixes and pictures of the Pope. It is great there are still a few Nuns running around. I like the fact that there is a likelihood of a priest maybe being nearby. I suppose its good that abortions are not being performed at the hospital. However is there suppose to be something more than this happening? From my understanding I can't just pull out my "Hey I am a Catholic Card" so give me 50 percent off my bill. Now that would be nice!!! I don't think there is special Catholic Health Insurance so I can use it at Catholic Hospitals and get good rates. That would be a good idea too. In fact why don't we do that? Is it against the law? Further from the valet parking and the Fountains and the location in town ,it didn't seem like a lot of poor were being served for no cost. Also who owns these hospitals. It appears the Diocese that is always nearly broke isn't getting a cut. Is it a order of nuns? Are all profits put back into the hospital? If so is it cheaper? I am not getting down on the whole Catholic Hostital system , but I am just trying to figure out what makes them Catholic and what exactly their mission is. Also there is a Baptist hospital in Jackson too. Ditto I suppose on the same questions. Just curious. I get the sense that when there were more nuns that you could shake a stick ot they actually ran the hosptial and did alot of the work that we pay people to do now. Heck maybe they were the primative version of the nurse helping to amupate limbs and deliever babies. But as the years went by and the nuns became less of a factor some sort of business enity came in. I am sure it is more than that but I was thinking of that today.

In part this might be the child of the good ole days of Catholic Life in American. When it seemed half of Irelands Priest and Nuns came to service their American Catholic breathen. I get a sense that when we had a ton of Priests, Brothers, and Nuns this system was great. As long as you you were in Mass on Sundays with the Kids and contributed your tithe, the Church was there for you from the Womb to the Tomb to the great beyond. That is you were born in a Catholic Hosptial, received the Sacraments at Church, had your kids receive great private education at a reasonable price, if you were sick you got care at a Catholic Hospital , when you died you were buried at a good price in a Catholic cemetary, and even after death there were prayers and masses galore for your soul. I suggest till we get our voaction numners up we start importing vast amounts of nuns and Priest from African and India where they are in abundance I hear. That system seems like paradise to me.

Anywho, My Grandfather is in good shape thank God. He was St Dominics in Jackson Miss so I made the three hour drive over there today. Again nice hospital. MY grandfather is in amazing shape for 86. It is odd typing that number "86" He looks like he could be 70. I suppose grandparents as a kid are always old but it is quite another thing to wake up and realize they are this old. It is so gradual and then it hits you. I guess I am now realizing that they won't be with me forever. My grandmother is in pretty decent shape but there are more subtle signs that things are starting too slip a little. That is pretty disturbing. Well lets leave this depressing subject

I left the hospital about three this afternoon and decided to stop by the State Capitol. My grandparents took me there when I was a kid, I think like in 81 or 82. So needless to say I don't remember much from the experience except that I thought the building was way cool. Well it is still way cool. The only thing I would perhaps change is the carpet in the House and Senate chambers. That I thought was really blah bordering on not very appealing to the eye. I then proceeded to think it would a nice idea to walk down a few blocks and see the Governors mansion OHH BIG MISTAKE!! I should have drove. I am convinced it must be hotter in Mississippi than in Louisiana for some reason. By the time I reached the Mansion I was about to be exhausted from the heat. Luckly I saw a huge building that turned out to be the Mississippi Republican Party headquarters. So faking that I was in urgent need of "Republican" bumpersticker, I was given admitance to the wonderful 68 degree cooled Republican headquarters. Well Good Grief it appeared the whole place was being staffed by recent Hoddy Toddy Graduates of Ole Miss. While recent frat boy was trying to find me a bumpersticker, I was able to converse with a real smoking cute girl. There is nothing sexier than watching a cute blonde Republican hard at work on the phone setting up a event for our Grand Ole Party in Cornith Mississippi. Ahh why can't all women be like that. Well despite the fact that the Republican Party of Mississippi must spend 3000 dollars a month on air conditioning alone, all that Mr Hoddy Toddy KA of Ole Miss could produce for me was a Bush/Cheney 04 Bumper sticker. Oh well . So out I went again into the heat.

The Governors mansion appears to me to be quite bigger than ours in Louisiana. It looks like this might be because this is also where the Governor's main office is. He has a small one in the Capitol but I am not sure how much that is used. I am sad to report that Governor Haley Barbor did not spot me writhing on the sidewalk, as I was gazing at how the powerful live throught the fence, and ask me to come inside for a refreshing Mint Julip. Perhaps next time. The mansion by the way is a nice appealing building . It is located smak dab in the middle of Downtown Jackson and the grounds take up a entire block. Of interest was the Episcopal Cathedral, smaller than I imagined ,and the Dioceseon office that was flying the Episcopal flag. On the street that that runs along the main entrance to the mansion was the Catholic Cathedral, also smaller than I imagined, and the Catholic Diocese office in a period appropiate building flying the Vatican flag. Both of these edifices that surround the mansion bring forth a sort of romantic Feeling of time and place as one contemplates the symbol of Civil authority surrounded by the Princes of the Church. Both of which had in its past and today intimate connections with Monarchy like Civil Power. However much to my annoyance both Churches were locked. I am not a big fan of Locked Churches. Especially of locked Catholic Churches that are Cathedrals.

A small sidetrack to past topics. Governors Mansion in the South are often very nice affairs. There is a reason for that. That reason is also why one must take with a huge grain of salt the kookiness that the League of the South says as to their wanting Christian Const Government. I find that many of us southernors desire a monarcy type figure to rule us. That is one reason why Southern Governors are so powerful. It is in our genes. The south in the antebellum days was not all the great democracy that League and others portray. In fact if you look closely at the Leagues of the Souths material there is a very strong strain of anti democracy feeling. In a real sense it was a Feudal type system. A system that even I at times find alluring for whatever reason Again it is in the genes I suppose. So lets continue on my tour of this little piece of real estate.

There might be laws regulating what kind of business can be around the mansion. I suppose it is reasonable to believe that the Governor of Mississippi would not like loud bar patrons honking their horns and screaming at 2 am in the morning on all four sides of his house. But if there isn't it struck me as a very good place to have an establishment that would have a great feel and great view. Besides that downtown Jackson is rather unappealing. It, like the rest of the city ,has seen better days. Of historical note the infamous White Citzens Councils of Mississippi had quite a grand office on that block during their heyday. However ,much to the disappointment of my blogmeister friend in St Louis I bet , I did not see such a grand arrogant display of their presence represented by it's offspring the Council of Conservative Citizens. It appears that if they were there ,they are hiding perhaps in some small room in one of the office buildings. I am sure they sensed my presence and were looking at me behind closed curtains in fear, trepidation, and awe that the Pondering American had come to expose them in the belly of the beast itself.

Lastly, I stopped off for dinner in Vicksburg Mississippi. I love Vicksburg. It is my favorite town in the whole state of Mississippi. It is what a a southern rivertown should be. That is more ethnic, more Catholic and Anglican, more old and beautiful, yet have that sort of dirty gritty feel. Even the gaudy casinos contribute to it. I prefer Vicksburg way over Natchez. I recommend that if you are in driving distance of Vicksburg to visit. It is the perfect three day weekend place. The Civil war military park is wonderful and one can spend a great part of your day there. The downtown area and the homes are nice too as well as the old Courthouse. The whole city at times has the feel of a battlefield. Partly because there are civil war monuments and signs designating Union and Confederate lines all over the place. Over dinner I was informed by my friends that there was hope for Vicksburg. That is that some Jews were returning to the Burg. They informed me that it is was well known when the Jews left a town the whole place pretty much turned to hell in handbasket. So perhaps Southern Jewery might again have a small rebirth in a area that was known for it. Anywho great times and I wished I had not been so tired when visiting with them. Returning home was grand because I was able to pick up WWL out of New Orleans. It is nice to have day where the outcome was so uncertain and it turn out to be so pleasant.


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