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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Ok Conservative and Republicans Time to Talk Reality on Immigration

Called as Seen has some great things on his blog today. I want to highlight this one. It is a post called On Pence, Cannon, Bush, immigration, and reality... Yes it is time to revist this issue. Congress has a limited time to after labor day to get this done. We truly need to put this baby to bed soon. Because of irresponsible comments and especially people like Pat Buchanan( That is not Even a Republican) we I feel are losing Hispanic and Latino support as a party on a daily basis. This will come back to haunt us big time if we do not stop the bleeding and soon. The majority of Hispanics and Latinos are of course against illegal immigration. Polls show that. However, largely their other valid concerns especially about the House bill have not been listened too. Extremists call listening and engaging these communties Hispandering. I call it democracy myself.

Anywho, like Called as Seen I much favor the "Cannon Plan" to the Pence approach. However, again we conservatives that favor a comprehensive approach on the whole are willing to compromise yet again. This "My way or the highway" approach by the hardliners is getting to say the least tiring. It is also insane. Deal with us conservatives and Republicans that share many of your same concerns or possibily deal with Democrat controlled House in the fall. That is a possibility.

Two other things I wish to comment on. The extremist, racist, and others like fellow travelers are using us and this debate to legitimate themselves. I agree with Called as Seen on thisThat must stop. Everytime I bring this up, I get the response of "Quit playing the Race Card you are just as bad as Liberals!!!!!!" Sorry that doesnt do it for me. If you start a political movement then you are responsible for policing it. The kooks involved in this is amazing. Subway Canaries has complied a lot of links showing that . It is called
Neo Nazi Connections to the Whole Anti-Illegal Movement . Now I know that is a provactive title. I am also aware that all hardliners are not racist and Nazis. However I urge you to take a look at this. Now I am sure that people will complain that many of these links and sources are coming from Liberal sources. Ok fair enough. However, I dont think it is too hard of filter out the Liberal bias and to look at the charges themselves. I have spent a lot of time looking at their allegations. Much of it is true. Now, I am pretty sure that the average Conservative or Republican has no idea this is happening. I am sure that for instance 99 percent of the USA has no idea for instance what the Council of Conservative Citizens is or for what they stand for. For those that don't know the CofCC is the child of the old White Citizens Councils. I have spent much time on this blog exposing them. So when I see this on their Mississippi Chapter Site I get very irate.
Great Southern (June Meeting Report)
June 30, 2006 Members and friends of the Great Southern CofCC held their June meeting at 7pm at Bo'Dons Seafood Restaurant near Jackson, MS. Several orders of business were discussed, especially business on immigration reform. What a crowd! One of the largest in a while. Immigration issues are heating up all over the state of Mississippi. The Great Southern Chapter also made plans to assist (MCIR) Mississippi Citizens for Immigration Reform in a petition drive at Puckett Day on Saturday July 8. They also voted to assist MCIR in a petition drive against Illegal Aliens at the Mississippi Watermelon Festival which will be held on Saturday July 22, in Mize, MS. The chapter would like to thank the special guest that were on hand for the meeting. It is always good to have state senators and representative in attendance.
04 Jul 2006
A few other words on this. First I have been unable to Locate this MCIR group. There are three possibilities. One is that this is a real group and are just starting up. The Second is that this is a typo. The third is that the The Council of Conservative Citizens is in fact intentionally misleading or hiding the real group it is associated with at that organizations request. The main anti immigration group group in Mississippi is called MFIRE(By the way I think we are all against illegal immigration). That is the Mississippi Federation for Immigration Reform and Enforcement. This is the Group that hosted Chris Simcox in his recent trip to Jackson in July. A meeting that I wanted to attend myself so I could challenge Simcox in person on Minutegate. A summary and pictures are available on this site. Yesterday because of a million problems I was not able to check into this. However tomorrow once I am home and near a phone I intend to find out if MFIRE is involved with this group. If it is I am going to raise Holy Hell even if it means I have to do a seat in at the offices of the Clarion Ledger in Jackson till they report this. Like I said I don't know yet if that is the case and I want to make that clear. But I intend to find out the facts.. THe Council of (word Hijack) Conservative Citizens is not something to play around with no matter what the cause.

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