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Tuesday, August 08, 2006


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I am getting so tired of the NCAA and their so called political correctness and heavy handed tactics. First it was the fact that schools couldn't have teams named after Indians. Now they might expand into other lunacy.

I was over at my friendly adversary blog at the Council of Conservative Citizens St Louis blog to see what rants he had going on today. I decided to take a glance his blogroll (By the way I am on it lol- thanks blogmeister) and ran across this guy on the Blogmeister list . This blog is called Tounge Tied. Well he had a entry to an article how the NCAA may no longer let South Carolina championship events in South Carolina, possibly disallowing baseball and football teams from hosting postseason games, because the Confederate flag is displayed on Statehouse grounds. Ok this is just stupid and it makes me mad on several levels.

(1) I think the Governors where SEC schools are located need to direct their schools to tell the NCAA to take a big flying leap into the lake. I would love to see that. I mean who is next. Will every school that has a Rebel Flag as a part of its State flag be banned from having similar events. So I suppose that means that Mississippi and Georgian would be next. There is even a stupid movement saying that even the Arkansas flag is offensive somehow. OK listen up NCAA give it a rest. THis is too heavy handled and to be honest you have no place in this silly debate. Also as one commenter said in the above blog, I think you have a major Interstate Commerce Clause problem on your hands. IF this is attempted I hope to see lawsuits a plenty.

(2) I hate when this happens because the only ones that benefit is the kooky Council of (word hijack)Conservative Citzens groups and the kooky League of the South. The kookdum radio show I talked about yesterday on this blog also just takes advantage of this issue. They will be the ones in the media getting the exposure for trying to stand up for this. Their organizations will get more postive media exposure and expose more people to their kooky ideas. I mean the whole damn thing is a lose/lose situation it is pathetic. This reminds me of a blogger that follows all this neo confederate kookdum that is going around. His name is Ed Sebesta. Well he does a lot of good work. However most of its ruined and overshadowed by the fact that he is against anything Southern Heritage and even a glimmer of a rebel flag sends him into a rage. Also, he seems to equate all things conservative and Republican at the same level as these kooks. I sent him a email a month back. I said concentrate on the important kookdum stuff and don't get all into an uproar because some darn memorial is on a building or some battleship is named after some confederate general. I was trying to make a point that besides how I thought he was wrong, it was all just so counter productive. His blog is called the Anti Neo Confederate. Perhaps he followed my advice. I will have to check in on him. I guess this obsession over the battle flag gets out of hand at times by liberal groups. STUFF LIKE WHAT THE NCAA IS CONSIDERING DOES NOT HELP US TO DEFEAT RACIST AND VILE KOOKDUM. Lord it offends me and I am a crusader against kookdum.

(3) This sends a very bad message. There are a ton of things I don't like in other states. I am not a big fan of gay marriage. Should I be trying to get sports organizations to ban freakin Vermont and Massachusetts? No of course not. This is nothing similar to when the SEC teams had segregated football teams. The NCAA needs to back off.


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