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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

My Letter to the Poor Misinformed Folks at the DesMoines Iowa Register

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Thank you Conservative Cajun for bringing this problem to peoples attention. I hope that the people at the Advertiser in Lafayette are on the ball as much as you. Perhaps they can be persuaded to contact their colleagues in Iowa also. The editorial he mentions has drove me to distraction this afternoon. This is the Letter to the Editor I just sent. I urge all people to do the same. Their link is here.

Note in the Letter to the Editor section on their site they have the following
"We don't publish obvious organized attempts to flood us with mail on a given topic. We don't publish form letters, anonymous letters, or letters without an address and phone number."

I am not attempting to have the World flood their office with letters and emails. But I do think it would be helpful if the folks at the Register had letters from real life Louisiana people that tell in their own way our problem. Perhaps that will persuade them to take a fresh look at this problem.

To say the least your editorial on Aug 7th entitled ,"Offshore oil royalties a rip-off in the making" was very disappointing and misleading. I have to wonder if it was a slow day at the Register and some summer intern was given the task of writing this opinion piece. I also wonder if any members of the Editoral board have been to Louisiana outside the confines of the French Quarter in New Orleans. I doubt it and I doubt any have spent anytime on the Louisiana Coast.
The money from these royalities are urgently needed. This money will go to reverse a problem that is not only a state crisis but is indeed a immense National Crisis. That crisis is coastal erosion. We are literally losing the ground underneath our feet here in Louisiana. By the time I finish composing this letter and gathering my thoughts , a football size field of land will have disappeared. Vanished in to the Gulf of Mexico. That situation has been occuring since the 80's. Louisiana produces vast amounts of the oil and gas for this nation. It produces 25 percent of the Seafood for this country. All that is peril.
Because we produce so much of the energy resources for this nation and transport it through our state, we are often on the front line for hazards that go along with that. Were you aware that a major oil spill occurred in this State last month? Many of us shake our heads in amazement here in this state at the attitude of the rest of the country toward this precious resource that is Louisiana. Many of the problems of Coastal erosion are due to in large part to our serving the energy needs of this Country.
You say that since we get the jobs that should be enough. I could go into how an entire unique culture is at risk and a entire ecosytem unique in the world is in extreme danger of extinction. But let me pass that by and point out the self interest of Iowa in this matter. Hurricane Katrina was the subject of many headlines last year. Much of that flooding was the result of storm surge that used to be sapped of its energy because of the marsh land. Because the problems of coastal erosion has been ignored, the Federal Govt, that include Iowan's tax dollars, are paying out the nose for rebuilding. However there was another significant hurricane that occured last that showed what peril this nation is in. Hurricane Rita flooded areas of Louisiana that had that not seen damage from a typical hurriance of that force in 100 years. Louisiana's Rice crop was devastated. A rice industry that is already having to deal with the coastal erosion related problem of salt water infusion into the water table. Time is running out and this money must be used to correct the problem. If a hurricane strikes in the right place in Louisiana , such as Port Fuchon, then the nation is going to wish we had spent a little bit of the money we spend on the
Everglades, the big dig in Boston, and elsewhere down here.

This oil and gas industry as well as the seafood industry is not run by robots. It is serviced by real people with real families in real communities. Those towns are in danger. We are a working Coast. That means we must have workers that service this industry on that Coast. If those people are not there that effects the farmer in Iowa that must use fuel for his farm equipment and the average newspaper editorial writer that that must fill up his gas tank.

Finally, I must note the irony that you accuse your sister state of Louisiana of getting to much money. One would think that the people at the Register would have some empathy with a state that has a small congressional delegation. However because Iowa has a special place in Presidential politics every four years, the people of Iowa often get funds that her sister states of similar size do not get. It does not go unnoticed the pork that your good state receives.
I look forward to your paper revisiting this issue. A good place to start your research is at This man's link section is gold and will help you in your task when you revist this issue in the coming weeks.
offshore revenue sharing


Blogger Nick said...

Great letter and thanks for the plug. I doubt they'll publish it, being the out of touch morons they are. However, keep checking and let me know if they do. I'll keep checking if possible.

8:28 PM  

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