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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

More Minuteman Minutegate Satire

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These incredible quotes just from the past week:
From the Washington Times:
"Mr. Simcox, who has been criticized by current and former MCDC members for a lack of leadership and financial accountability, had referred The Times to Mrs. Otis, saying she could "tell you everything" to clear up the concerns. Instead, Mrs. Otis issued a statement saying only that all Minuteman donations have been "securely collected, counted and deposited" in MCDC bank accounts ."


"Maureen E. Otis -- president of American Caging Inc. in Stafford, Texas, an agency hired to collect, deposit and disburse donations to the civilian border-patrol group -- told The Washington Times that neither MCDC President Chris Simcox nor the group's board of directors had given her permission to "disclose any numbers"

From the Arizona Free Republic.

"Simcox estimated that MCDC has raised $1 million, plus about $600,000 to build fencing along the border but said that he can't be sure of the amount. He said the organization hired accountants and consultants in 2005 and set up a "caging" account controlled by a lawyer to ensure that donations were handled property."

"Board member and Executive Director Al Garza said he has no idea about its finances. When asked how much money his organization has received in contributions, Garza said: "Oh, geez, I don't know. I don't make it my business. I refuse to even ask for the figures. . . . They're donations being well spent, I can tell you that." "Only our auditors and our caging company know exactly how much we've raised," he said. "It's not my job. That's why we've hired the best independent auditors."

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"Connie Hair, a spokeswoman for the group, said its financial situation is simple. "There is no controversy," she said. "There is no impropriety."
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Anonymous Sallyvee said...

Ohmigosh, L M A O !!!

2:21 PM  
Blogger SJ Reidhead said...

Someone has been very busy today - good show!

The Pink Flamingo

11:04 PM  
Anonymous dragonsblood88 said...

Well am back again to let you know more about Marueen E Otis, and this time I can use my name since I had stopped working for her today(Fri 18,2006) Am glade that am out of there because things are just getting worse the more I stayed there. Ms. Otis is the biggest fraudster I have here known and so are her people in crime. Today is pay day and I told them that I had quit and I was coming in to get my chek. I showed up to get my check and then she said "You can not get your check because you did not work today, come to work Monday moring and you will then recieve you check" I dont know about you but, I consider this to be theft. Also there are people and me included who are having problems filling for our taxes for the end of the year. Since her company hasn't paid since 1997 will we be able to get them, when the State of Tx doesn't even know she's a business? HMMMMMMMMMM! Something I need to think about. What about ya'll

9:19 PM  
Blogger Pondering American said...


Well Good Lord you are a person we would like to know.
In fact there is a 18 page thread dedicated to maureen otis and american caging here

I jhave a ton of questions of what is going on down there
feel free to email me or you can share here

3:23 AM  
Anonymous dragonsblood88 said...

Thanks Pondering America,

I would love to share what I have known, that clown posse crap is made by her own people who work for her, not by a stranger or fans. Just her co-evil people LOL. Anyway the person who does that website is my former supervisor Patrick Vecchio,and I also notice for someone who took everything away from him(ex-husband) sure do have a lot of nice things to say. The rest of here (Evil Raciest Posse) as I like to call them here are losers to the 1st degree. They have no mind of there own and fellow her straight to jail if she tells them so. Me they couldn't handle me at all. I don't follow I lead. And that's why I stopped working there. I still have some secret things going on trying to pull her down, am not finish by a lot shot.

9:40 AM  
Blogger Pondering American said...

LOL Well as to the Clown Posse stuff. THose people I think it is safe to say are anti AMerica caging at this point. You might want to take another good look at that thread/ There might be something there that can help you connect some dots as to what you saw occur there.

I guess my questions are these among many.
(1) What is really going on there. For instance that place should be making a ton of money. But it appears to be in financial problems. IS that because some of the caging fees are going back into different groups? (2) How did MAerican Caging hoop up with the Minutemen, Declaration Alliance, Alan Keyes, etc. What does Michael Fred do there exactly. If there is fraud what kind. THis is just a few questions. Somethind odd is going on there. I sometimes wonder how long AMerican Caging is going to be with us

1:51 PM  
Anonymous dragonsblood88 said...

1)They keep telling everyone that there is no money to give people raises, afford insurance, or a new building. They cant pay us as is, because there bank (Frost Bank) keeps telling me they never have enough money to cover the funds. 2)American Caging hooked up with the old owner not with Ms. Otis. They didn't take over till she had sold the business to her husband, then they had a divorce, she was granted the business. But heres the kicker, when they were a business they were franchised with other charity networks. The other charities had fired them, but since then she never registred the company, instead told everyone that she was still in busines and still handles there accts. But I think the orignal owner started in Washington. Now about Michael Fred, his title is Caging Manager, he deals with the money count, and sorting out the mail. So he's the first to get the money.
Now about the fraud, I think it's the taxes, and that the money that the MCDC and others keep claiming they are paying her good money, the question is where does it goes? My guess is the big huge safe they have in the office. I hope I answered all of your questions

8:50 PM  
Anonymous dragonsblood88 said...

Well guess what Pondering? I had quit my job there as of Fri 18, 2006 Aug. And that day was my pay day. And do you know what that woman(Maureen E Otis) said to me? She told me that I was allowed to recieve my check unless I worked that day. So guess what i did? I called the police. The police said to file a report on her and to go back monday for your check to see if they will give it to you. Well I didn't think she or they would have so I called my lawyer to file a pay witholding on her and the company. And my lawyer called them and got my check for me today. LOL. So, now here's the thing. I can not cash my check nowhere around the Sugarland, Missouri City, Stafford, and Houston area at all. Why? Because there are 3 hot checks out for that company with my Driver Lin. number on it, which they haven't paided back to the check cashing center that I use to cash my check. So, where is the money they so called they claim to have? It's sure is not in the bank(Frost Bank). So why are they having financial problems? It could be that they are keeping it to themselves. She doesn't go to the bank on pay day till 3pm and then issue out our checks at 4:30pm. So we will barely make to the bank on time to cash our checks and end up waiting till the next day or a Mon. to cash them. And that is just not right at all. That was my first thought when things weren't right with the company.

8:40 PM  
Blogger Pondering American said...

To Dragon Blood

Congrats on getting away from American Caging. I swear it amazes me that a company that has millions a year going through it is bouncing payroll checks.

As to where the money is going? Good question. I have no clue. Howver at times I am wondering if this money is going to Mr Fred and Mrs Otis or perhaps somewhere else. It seems they have problems of their own. BUt you are right, something stinks. I f I was you and you if havent doen so I would write down every thing you know about this before you forget it. Even minor details are important.

Also you mightr consdier calling or emailing the Washington Times and the guy that has written the all the articles. I think he would have a big interest in what you say.

I will say this everything you are saying just confirms the weidness of all this mess. BUt I tell you the secret to all this mess is locked up in the files and the hardrives in that building you worked in Stafford at.

I would be curious if any people outside the company called on a regualr basis to American Caging. Not just clients but people that seemed to have a great interest in the day by day operations of what was going on there sort of liked if they had an interest in the profit

12:26 AM  

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