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Monday, August 21, 2006

Minuteman- Minutegate Update

The Southern Poverty Law Center has issued another report on the Minuteman Mess. A word on the the SPLC. I think of course it is apparent they are a liberal organization. However I have found that there reporting on this issue has been quite good. The only thing I think they should double check on so far is a certain email that they attributed to Laine Lawless. For her side go here . Even though I do not agree with Mrs Lawless, I thought that supposed "email" seemed to be mighty weak evidence of evidence of association with violent Nazi like characters. I find it weak because there is so no explanination of how they know she wrote it. Also Mrs Lawless has a good defense. Why would Nazi's want to associate with a Lesbian that has had numerous lovers of color. I think in fairness that should re examined.

Nethertheless, I think much of their reporting is good. This blog has the newest piece they produced. Two things of interest. One there are several good quotes from the Washington Times Newspaper that we have not heard before. Also, some of American caging's problems are mentioned for the first time outside just blog and forum land.
There is one thing I believe they are incorrect on. They state the mysterious Diener and Associates is based out of Chicago. I am not sure if that is correct. The only Diener and Associates I could locate in Chicago does not appear to be in this type of business. Perhaps the SPLC can clarify that. Anyway a good read and gives a good recap of what is going on. I suspect this will prompt more of the MSM to investigate this story.

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Blogger lainelawless said...

When Susy Buchanan was writing that hit piece on me, she sent me an email asking for comment. At the time I was traveling and didn't have regular email access. I asked her to send me a copy of the email in the story with FULL HEADERS. She didn't, and instead sent me a copy of the post to the yahoogroup WASP14, a group I had never even heard of! While I was deciding how to reply (knowing that whatever I said, my words would be twisted and perhaps never printed), she sent me another email giving me a deadline. A close inspection of that email yielded a send time of 11pm at night, and her deadline was 7:30pm the next morning! Obviously, most people, including me, sleep then. Whatever defense I might have given was lost to her tyrannical, unfair deadline. The fact that they do not have a copy of that email with FULL HEADERS makes their case very weak, as they cannot prove that I wrote it, and that is the bottom line. Without the DNS signature, that supposed email is a piece of garbage, just like most of the other "facts" in the article. For example, in its early form, the article said that I invited guys to "crawl around the woods at my ranch in ghillie suits with sniper rifle..." That is no longer on the web version, as I challenged that with a reporter for the Tucson Weekly by saying, "I lived in the DESERT, and there are no trees on my ranch, so how could someone crawl around in the WOODS?" DUH! That kind of inaccuracy is just plain STUPID and at the very least, sloppy though imaginative, journalism. I knew that was something I never would have said, and the fact that that got into the article just shows you how far the Communists in SPLC will go to discredit any patriotic American who is trying to save this country.

8:13 AM  

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