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Saturday, August 19, 2006

The Minuteman / Minutegate Update- American Caging, Maureen Otis, Alan Keyes, Simcox, and other Monkeyshines Continue

Well it has been an interesting week. These shennigans are slow getting picked up byu more media. I am working on two projects here for some upcoming post. I am still thinking I might just produced a sort of Minutegate for Dummies type post so newcomers can see the picture.
This Update shall include
(1)What is the Current Status of American Caging.

(2)The Connections between the Simcox Faction of Minutemen and the GilChrist Faction to all this mess.

Is American Caging a Corporation yet?
American Caging in public statements , on its letter head, and statements filed by others is always talked about as if it is a Corporation.

Now as talked about on this blog, We have realized that American Caging has not been a Corporation for over a year. A little Tax payment problem. Well According to Connie Hair, spokesperson for the Minutemen Civil Defense Corp that was all just a Government foulup. On the LibertyPost Forum she posted this Email by Maureen Otis on August 4th-
Email from Maureen Otis:
Several years ago we received notice from the Texas Comptrollers Office that Franchise Tax Returns had not been filed, when in fact, they had. We found out that there was confusion with regard to our Federal Tax ID #. A clerk in the Comptrollers office assigned the wrong tax id number to ACI and was confusing us with anther corporation. I wrote a letter and sent a copy of the letter from the IRS assigning our Federal ID #. I assumed the issue was resolved because I haven’t heard anything about this in years. This will be resolved immediately.

Maureen E. Otis, Esq.
Law Offices of Maureen E. Otis, P.C.President.

Now a person that claims to be in the know at Liberty Post and does seem to have connections and intimate knowledge of these events(note he like others with intimate knowledge on other forums have clammed up this week) said
"I called the Comptroller's toll free number this morning and got the ever popular "Oops, we forgot to update the website..." speech from some minion." JackelopeBreeder posted on 2006-08-05 01:25:54 ET Reply Tracee

Well of course I knew this was BS because I had called the people in Austin that day twice in fact and there was no talk of delays in updating Web sites. There was no doubt in peoples mind that American Caging was not in good standing and in fact was not a corporation. Also I must say as to Maureen Otis she does seem to have the worst luck. Her personal Professional Law Corporation lost its status too for the same reasons.

Well I decided to get an update yesterday from From Austin. Truth be known , I expected this business to be cleared up by now and American Caging would have done something to get their status back or to reapply for it. Well From the State of Texas as of yesterday:

Registered Agent: MAUREEN E OTIS
Registered Agent Resignation Date: State of Incorporation: TX File Number: 0118826500 Charter/COA Date: April 4, 1991 Charter/COA Type: Charter
Taxpayer Number: 30114634063 .
Oh well maybe next week , but I have my doubts.

Does the Minuteman Project headed by Gilchrist having anything to do with this mess?
LEt me say that this point it seems that Gilchrist is not involved with this syndicate. That is information that I aware of right now. However that was not always the case. I am trying to establist a timeline for all this right now. I am fairly comfortable in stating that Gilchrist was the one that approached Simcox about joining forces. That info is from people that were on the scene and witnessed the interaction first hand. Also, it must be noted that Gilchrist Campaign for Congress had all these same characters involved. That is American Caging, Mary Parker Lewis, Keyes Insiders, Response Unlimited , and Reponse Enterprises. That can be seen by just looking at his FEC statements. Gilchrist is doing a desperate public relation campaign to try distance himself from this group. However I think the following is telling. The Following comes from the Trademark office in DC

Trademark application for Simcox's Minuteman Civil Defense Corps-

Word Mark MINUTEMAN CIVIL DEFENSE CORPS Goods and Services (ABANDONED) IC 041. US 100 101 107. G & S: Minuteman Civil Defense Corps is a non profit organization organized for the purpose of promoting through education, advocacy and activism, a nationwide citizens neighborhood watch along the US border; Minuteman Civil Defense Corp will raise contributions from the general public to support its efforts; Information about the organization and its activities will be sent in the US mail

Standard Characters Claimed Mark Drawing Code (4) STANDARD CHARACTER MARK Design Search Code Serial Number 78626641
Filing Date May 10, 2005
Current Filing Basis 1B Original Filing Basis 1B Owner (APPLICANT) Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, Inc.
CHARITABLE CORPORATION ARIZONA 168 4850 Wright Road Stafford TEXAS 77477 Attorney of Record Maureen E. Otis Type of Mark SERVICE MARK
Register PRINCIPAL Live/Dead Indicator DEAD
Abandonment Date June 15, 2006 .

Now its important to remember that Maureen Otis is an attorney she provides legal services also for her clients. This I can see being a part of that. Note, she has until Sept 15 to file to have this reopen. I am not sure why this was allowed to lapse. Perhaps because of non profit status problem. But this is interesting

Word Mark MINUTEMAN PROJECT, INC. Goods and Services (ABANDONED) IC 035. US 100 101 102. G & S: Minuteman Project, Inc; is a non profit organization formed to promote through education, advocacy and activism a nationwide movement endorsing volounteer citizens operations within the law to further the enforcement and reform of our immigation laws; MPI will communicate its message and solicit contributions to support its charitable purpose through the internet, television, radio, direct mail, telemarketing, books, magazines, newspapers, personal contact, etc
Standard Characters Claimed Mark Drawing Code (4) STANDARD CHARACTER MARK Design Search Code Serial Number 78630151

Filing Date May 15, 2005 Current Filing Basis 1B Original Filing Basis 1B Owner (APPLICANT) Minuteman Project, Inc. CORPORATION DELAWARE 22 Vista Del Valle Aliso Viejo CALIFORNIA 92656
Attorney of Record Maureen Otis Type of Mark SERVICE MARK Register PRINCIPAL Live/Dead Indicator DEAD Abandonment Date June 16, 2006.

Now I find this real curious. Maureen Otis and American Caging are red flags to look for when ever this syndicate is around. Why would Gilchrist use Maureen Otis's services for this? This is the first evidence outside the Gilchrist Congressional run that involed these characters with the Minuteman Project. That and the curious filing in Deleware. Why were both the Minuteman Civil Defense Corp headed by Simcox and the Minuteman Project headed by Jim Gilchrist Corporation papers filed by the same lawyer(not Maureen Otis) in Delaware. At some point there was a falling out between the two men. Why that was is not clear. But it is apparent that the Minuteman Project was involved with these people at least a year ago. I think it is safe to say a this point that the Minuteman Project is not associated with the Declaration Alliance people to the degree that Simcox is now. But that was not always the case.Stay Tuned for more details.

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