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Monday, August 14, 2006

MinuteGate Update- THe Nation Magazine this time.

The very liberal magazine the Nation is talking about the Minuteman and Minutegate. Well I suppose that is nice but I much would have prefered that a more mainstream media organization had done this report but that is coming sooner or later. There is a thread that has developed at Free Republic Forum that might be interesting to watch.

As was noted by a few posters on that thread when answering charges that this was a hitpiece the question was asked what facts were wrong. In fact I found the piece pretty darn tame from what I have learned. Again, I must repeat if Republican Officials need to be very careful about associating with Simcox. Right now besides the fact that people have mortgaged their homes for a scam, is that I ahve grave concerns about money being dispersed through the Minuteman Pac. I am just praying to GOD it all got there legitmately. If it didn't we might as well be walking into a Buzzsaw in Novemeber.

A little note here. William Greene who is up to his eyeballs in this scam, has not filed his July quarterly for his Pac to the FEC. That was due a long time ago. Another thing to be troubled about among many.

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