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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Looking at the Blogroll

Posting will again be a tad hit and miss at least till tonight when I return home. Here is a quick look aroung my blogroll.

Big Lizards has an excellent discussion of the concept of Jury nullification. HE argues that in some cases it is appropriate. I agree. Sometimes in rare cases the following of the law to the letter in a individual case can cause a greater injustice as to to the indivdual being tried. I was involved in a case where that happened and the jury basically came back and found the person not guilty. Everyone knew it was a case of jury nullification. The Assistant District Attorneys involved in the case privately thought what the jury did was correct.

For those who think preserving our historic buildings is important, Called as Seen updates us on the situation with the Hotel Bentley in Alexandria Louisiana. I am constantly horrified that our historic past is often having a losing meeting with the wrecking ball. Hopefully this has been averted as to this important landmark.

The Anchoress has another great piece entitled “All that I hate, I am become!”. THis relates to Sen Allen from Virgiana and perhaps how it is time also for the Dems and liberals to look themselves in the mirror.

Maxedoutmama has sane and reasoned post on the Muslim violence we are seeing.

The Strata-Sphere has a good post up on how the recent revelations as to the Plame has boosted the the Libby defense.

Oh one of my Political bloggers and Analyist Emily Metzgar was quoted in a Fox article. That article is here. I pretty much agree with her. Especially this part "She said Hurricane Katrina amplified the problems and Blanco may be in more trouble than the polls indicate.
"I'm tempted to say that these polls don't really get what's going on right now," said Metzgar. "I'm not certain that [Nagin's] election is representative of the rest of the state
." The National media never took the time to analyze why Nagin won. In fact they seemed thunderstruck when he did. I wasn't and many other bloggers were not nor were local people on the scene. Nagin's victory I do not think can giveBlanco much comfort. I have a view that in fact it should give her great worry.

Anyway there is much more on my blogroll. So check it out.

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