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Friday, August 11, 2006

A Look at the Louisiana Races Part I

Well everyone that wanted to run and serve the great State of Louisiana had till 5:oo pm today to register. So Pondering American intends to take a look at the races. Tonight we shall look at some of the Congressional Races. Tomorrow we shall look at the rest of the Congressional races, theStatewide races and maybe this very interesting and crowded Shreveport Mayor race.

Congressional Races

Lets start of at the top of the State and move down

U. S. Representative, 4th Congressional District-

"Jim" McCrery, Republican-Incumbent of Shreveport
Artis R. Cash, Sr., Democrat of Shreveport
Patti Cox, Democrat of Shreveport
Chester T. Kelley, Republican of Shreveport

Prediction- Easy win for Incumbent Jim McCrery Republican retention


Patti Cox
There have been rumors that a prominent well known female democrat was to challege Jm. Well if that person was Patti Cox color me unimpressed. I mean God Bless her for throwing her hat in the political wing but this isn't exactly a powerhouse we are talking about. From the Shreveport Times-Local environmentalist and business owner Patti Cox announced plans Tuesday to challenge nine-term U.S. Rep. Jim McCrery .....Cox, 49, is founder of PCOX Environmental Assessments, LLC, an environmental management consulting firm in downtown Shreveport.She began her career as an environmentalist working as a geologist for Hughes Environmental Services. In January, Cox co-hosted REBUILD GREEN, Louisiana's first Green Building Conference in Shreveport.
It appears that she lived in California for 16 years according this Dem Meetup site. That will surely be a vote getter up here(sarc).

Artis R. Cash, Sr-
Ahh good ole Rev Cash it appears is the sole African American Democrat. He has some colorful history in his past that recently came to light. He is a minister and big activist in the Shreveport area. I will be surprised if even the Black Dem groups will waste a lot of money on him

Chester T. Kelley
Is a the curious Republican entry that entered the race. Now I have not been in Shreveport this week but this could one of two people. This could be the Chester T Kelly former Airforce guy and owner of Cresent City landing restaurant. Or it could be another Chester T Kelly that seems to be involved in certain curious business ventures. Including this one that is involved in Penny Stocks!!!! That same person seems to be involved in something that has got a lot of people upset, that is some internet Fake Family tree scam. Well I hope this can be clarifyed. I knew I should have headed to Shreveport this week.
Anywho appears the Libertarians were not able to get someone to run up here. Strange since they are represented else where in the State. Well thank God for small blessings

U. S. Representative, 5th Congressional District

Well lets stay in North Louisana and down into Central Louisiana and look at this race.

Rodney Alexander, Republican-Incumbent-of Quitman(Jackson Parish)
Brent Sanders, Libertarian of Alexandria
Gloria Williams Hearn, Democrat of Pineville
John Watts, Other of Bastrop(Morehouse Parish)

Prediction- Rodney Alexander in a pretty easy win. Sorry We SAW THAT- Looks like Rodney is going back in. Stays Republican

One thing,I am curious about is this Gloria Williams Hearn. There has been some scuttlebutt whom she might be related too on the Web. She appears to to be part owner of Hearn & Hearn Consultants in Pineville and is a PSYCHOLOGIST. Of note was that she gave $1750 Dollars to Rodney combined for his 2002 and 2004 runs. The Central Lousiana Blogs as of yet have not commented. Perhaps they can give some scoop. However I am confident that this will be a easy retention for Rodney from what I am seeing. The other people running will have hardly no effect.

John Watts-
He is from Bastrop and besides That I am pretty clueless. Hardly no record. Morehouse Parish is exactly the powerhouse of Louisiana politics. Viewed as non factor especially with this "other party affiliation'

Brent W. Sanders-
Well Mr Sanders is representing the Libertarians in this District. OF course that pulls from Rodney some but will be insignificant in the whole scheme of things. Sanders has been involved with the State Libertarian party for a while. I am curious if this is the same Brent Sanders that was in Evangeline Parish that did a run for a State house seat a couple of years back. In fact I am pretty sure it is

U. S. Representative, 7th Congressional District-
Moving down we are now in this very interesting district. This District is comprises much of South West Lousiana. This District also like the 5th has tow very large cities in it as well as an interesting Rural area.

Charles W. Boustany, Jr., Republican-Incumbent of Lafayette
Mike Stagg, Democrat of Lafayette

Prediction- Easy win for Boustany. Stays Republican. I must say this shows the sorry state that the Democrats are in right now in the State of Louisiana. Even thought this district is very conservative in a social sense this District has demographics in it that make it friendly toward Democrats. Boustany is a first termer too and this District was also very affected by Hurricane Rita.

Mike Stagg-
I have talked about Mike Stagg before. It appears to me that he comes out of the wing of the party. This district like I said might be friendly to Dems but it is not friendly to that kind of Dem. The Republican National Party is lucky IMHO that they will not have to spend precious resources in this district.

OK, we shall look at the other three House Races Tommorow as well as the the Comm of Insurance and Secretary of State race. We might add that Shreveport mayors race to the bunch too


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice site. I'll be back tomorrow.

11:24 PM  
Blogger Nick said...

If you want to see the kookyness of Stagg and/or his big supporters, go to

There's this trial attorney named Anthoney Fazzio who is a real nut case, and quite the arrogant "I'm so much more intellectually superior than you" type.

9:10 AM  
Anonymous Brandon H. said...

John Watts in the District 5 race is a member of the Constitution Party, but the party does not have major party status (1000 members) in La. so he is listed as an Independent.

Has anyone seen any polling numbers on any of the House races yet?

5:45 PM  

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