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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A look at the Blogroll

Pink Flamingo has a excellent post on Tancredo and again continung a great conversation with Called as Seen Blog over the issue of Life Versus Freedom. I am still pondering this my self. Please go check that out,

American Papist attacks the silly USA TODAY article that claims references a supposed "pro-choice Saint". Take a look at the comment section. Some interesting topics are touched on.

For those that think we are losing in Iraq they might want to take up that matter with my Blogger Bandit 36 who is actually in Bagdad. If you want to get his recent perspective please go here, here, and here. I constantly see people(some on my blogroll) make all sort of assertions about what we are doing there. Well his comment section is open. Discuss.

Speaking of Iraq , one of my other Iraq blogger ,Midnite in Iraq, decribes a rgp attack he was under and his close encounter with pssible death great read. Say a prayer of thanksgiving he is alive.

Let me do a Louisiana Round Up here in the middle of this stroll

Conservative Cajun has several post. First he takes on immigration. I voice my concerns in the comment section to some things he brings ups. This post updates on us on the interesting developments in the oil and gas lease situation and the unhappy outcome here.
Update to this entry-Between the Lines blog thinks this is a great outcome. I am not to sure about that. Since Conservative Cajun is not only a conservative but also in the industry I tend to listen to his views on this a little bit more on this subject or to be more precise give them more weight. But Between the Lines does bring up some different aspects

Paw Paw House has a good post on in the issue of passenger profiling. I again am trying to figure out my position on this. It needs to be discussed that is for sure. Somehow we balance security versus freedom. A hard task. You might want to visit his comment section. A louisiana resident mentions what appears to be a great service that gets around all those pesky registrations you have to do at news sites. I plan on checking it out

Marshall Fannin is conducting a online poll of the Shreveport Mayors race.

Emily Metzgar has an update on the ACLU and their report at what happened in the jails in New Orleans during Katrina. The ACLU is not my favorite organization. I also realize that the well being of prisioners is not a high concern of many. But here I am voicing big concerns and Agree with Mrs Metzgar. She in her column that she links too also posses some uncomfortable questions to Attorney General Foti. Remember many of these prisioners were kids.

One final Louisiana guy I wish to highlight. He is not on my blogroll but is going on it. That is Bobby Kennedy and his Catholic Orthodox and Anglican blog. I am glad he is blogging again. If you are Anglican and even if you are not stop by and say hi. Even though I am a Roman , I respect greatly the tradition he comes from and the courage that it took for him to convert to this faith despite the current troubles. His post on why he didnt swim the Tiber or go Eastern but to go Anglican is here. He has a wonderful post today here also.

Returning to Non Lousiana matters

I was tempted to this give this a seperate post today. Michael Totten talks about his experiences in Northern Israel the past two days here. Totten is quite fair and tells it how it is. His comment section again is awesome and a important part of your visit to his blog. Great pics too. His blog should be on everyones blogroll.

Statra Sphere has a excellent post today. In fact I just talked about this a few days ago(Dont worry I am still going to respond to Migra Matters). Seems in one race The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee sponsered an ad that many Hispanic groups don't like. Basically the ad visually equates Terrorist with illegals. A few comments on this. Of course border security is a legitimate issue Especially the Southern border. That must be part of an comprehensive plan. But again not does not mean anything goes of course in trying to convey that message. I will send this to Migra matters today.
Update-The liberal/progressive blog Migra Matters has commented.

There is much more on blogroll that is worth reading. Please visit.


Blogger Nick said...

Though I'm in the oil business, I'm certainly not an all-knowing authority on the industry. However, there are two things to consider. First, in being fair to those companies and the competetiveness of the industry, those bids certainly need to remain closed for now. Second, I am going against the oil companies in my support for Blanco's suit. My love for this state and its beautiful coast, plentiful with seafood, superceades loyalty to the industry that is feeding my family.

4:44 PM  

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