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Monday, August 14, 2006

A look Around My Blogroll

Governor Romney seems to be having some problems this month. Pink Flamingo reports that the good Governor and 08 hopeful got the Const and Declaration of Independence messed up. Pink Flamingo says "Did anyone catch the disgusting appearances of Presidential hopeful (one of the few in the list I absolutely REFUSE to vote for - and now I know why) Mitt Romney? The man actually said that "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" was in the CONSTITUTION! Can you believe it! Do we really want a man running for President who doesn't know the difference between the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence? He also commented that the guarantee of "Life" was more important than LIBERTY ! NO way in Hades do I want a man who does not honor the pursuit of liberty as much as life. He just doesn't get freedom, does he?........." Pink Flamingo goes on to expound on her point and why it is troublesome that a possible President has that view. Called as Seen disagrees with her and says that he agrees with Romney. He states:One cannot use liberty if one is dead.
Interesting issue and I am sure that it will be followed up.

Speaking of Called as Seen he references a interesting article about the idiotic purge the Dems are doing in their ranks and also talks about possible Drug running by Raul and Fidel Castro.

The Strata -Sphere blog brings us a update on the Mackinac Bridge incident and the guys that were arrested with all the cell phones. Ht talks about how the FBI made a statement that there is no evidence that these guys appear to have no links to organized terror. I agree with him that it reminds us that people are innocent until proven guilty. I thought that too many people were rushing to judment in that case when it broke.

Big Lizards brings us more good news from Iraq. This news also involves what our allies from Japan are doing in Iraq. The history channel of course this time of year is full of interesting shows about Japan and WWII. It is amazing that our once hated enemy is now doing what many of our Friends that we liberated back In WWII will not do. Something to ponder on.

One of my new bloggers , From the Evil Center,has a great post on his observations of his frivethough of Metarie and New Orleans called True Katrina Pioneers - True New Orleans Pioneers - Welcome Home .

One of my favorite Catholic bloggers is Pontifications. HE has had a great set of post on the Justification controversy and the debate- This is also knowed how we get to Heaven and to avoid Hell debate. A pretty important topic. He references us to what the Anglicans are saying at a concervative Anglican site I often visit. I would encourgage thought that people visit his other post that have been great. There is non Catholic input too so non Catholics are welcome too. I must admit I so enjoy how Catholics and others can have good dialouge over this issue. Shows great progress. I am just catching up myself. But take a peek at A Relational and Dynamic Understanding of Assurance based on Hans Urs von Balthasar, and a great post called “Neither side could perceive how close it really was to the other”.

ANyway there is much more on my blogroll so please visit it.


Blogger SJ Reidhead said...

Kudos on the Minuteman follow up and for catching the fact that Greene, etc. h as not filed an FEC report for the past quarter. Fascinating.

I made a comment over at Called as Seen about the Liberty/Death thing. My ancestors (quite a few of them, actually) fought for the Independence of this nation. They believed that liberty and freedom were more important than life.

"Give me liberty or give me death!" is a 'family phrase' for me. (See the upcoming Pink Flamingo entry for more explanation).

Seems like people in Poland were willing to give their lives for freedom not long ago, and started an awakening that spread across Eastern Europe and changed the tide of history. If we have no freedom, no liberty, what good is living, except to fight for that very freedom?

It's all about FREEDOM. Liberty is just another word for freedom. And, to be a little hackneyed, freedom isn't free. It comes with a very high cost - blood, sweet, and tears.

The Pink Flamingo

10:02 PM  

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