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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

A Look Around MY Blogroll

I think I have a very interesting blogroll. It is pretty talented and has some great insight on it. So lets take a look.

First a Little Catholic News- It is time to make Holy Mother Church to be a more regular vistor here lol. American Papist has some interesting news today. First a little reference to the Pope's interview. Also the Papist reports that the Canadian Bishops are expected to get quite a frank and not very nice talking too by the Pope when those Bishops go for their annual Ad Limina visits. After he is finished with them , I have some suggestions on some Bishops and Cardinals from the US that need a talking too.

Some Louisiana news- We Saw that has been doing a stellar job covering the local politics in Alexandria. I suggest going there and seeing what is up. As I often tell people the State of Louisiana also includes real estate north of I-10. I noted a particular interesting entry here about plans for Downtown Alexandria that includes a major Sports complex. I agree with is analysis a hundred percent. People in Alexandria should look at Shreveport's recent controversal actions in this area as to the convention center that cost us a bundle. The jury is still out on that project and only time will tell. But the problem I see with an indoor sports complex is that you really need something there that draws the locals on regular basis. In Bossier City there is quite an exciting and very popular Hockey team called the mudbugs. Could Alexandria support such an venture? But We saw that is dead on about the Red river. I have screaming we needed a marina and other type things on the Red River. That is the direction I think Alexandria needs to go in. Also a area that Shreveport shoud accelerate development on.

Speaking of a must read today from Louisianais again Conservative Cajun. He had post up yesterday that commented on post on the oil field problems in Alaska. His advice don't panic. But I hope everyone goes there and reads another stupid pape editorial he has found regarding the Louisiana and offshore revenues. He highlights a small portion of what this braintrust in Iowa wrote
In the case of offshore oil, the coastal states incur no expenses whatsoever. Rather, they will reap the economic benefits of the jobs created to service the offshore rigs.

Good God, words just fail me at times. Do these folks get on the computer and research these things before they send it out to countless Thousands of readers that will formulate their views on this subject by what they read in this paper. Anyway go to the post and link and let us all write that paper and give them the facts.

Michael Totten is off To Israel to view the conflict. He hase penpal thing out for donations. If you have some money I suggest you donate. His blog is great and tell both sides of this in quite a fair way. His post on Lebanon are stellar. By the way go check out his pictures of Beriut and Lebanon he posted on Aug 5th..This pics are from Hezzbullah land as he calls it.

Done With Mirrors which is one of my favorite bloggers has a couple of great posts up. I am going to reference this one since I am going to prob make it the subject of my next post. It is called the The Northernmost County of Mississippi. It really isn't about Mississippi but about immigration legal and otherwise in a County in Deleware. By the way Civil war buffs might wish to read this article too. It has some fact about this section of Delware that I never knew.

There is much more on my blogroll I didnt highlight. But I am trying to keep these post to a readable length. Please visit the above and the rest of my blogroll


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