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Friday, August 18, 2006

A Look around the Blogroll

TIme to see what the blogroll is saying

First American Papist gives us a update on this so called Pro Choice Saint that USA Today Canonized for that cause recently so go see Suspicions confirmed: St. Antoninus not a "pro-choice Catholic saint" Good stuff here. The pro choice press and some media do this stuff ever so often. I have a million times it seems that Thomas Aquinas was pro choice and other such nonsense Christianity and the Catholic Church has always been against abortion. One of the oldest Christian Documents(maybe olser thatn the bood of Revelations) is the Diache .The Diache says: "you shall not murder a child by abortion nor kill that which is born".

Pink Flamingo has a good post up and its several topics. She links to a story that talks about the Texas Labor shortage. In that link "SAN ANTONIO Texas produce growers said Friday they are facing a labor shortage because heated discussion about immigration reform, coupled with what they call inaction on the issue, is scaring away Mexican workers. Texas Produce Association President John McClung said that if Congress doesnt resolve differences between House and Senate immigration bills, the produce industry will "outsource" its business to south of the border by shifting operations and growing there. Well that is great news. Jeez, well perhaps Mr Tancredo can explain how this is a good result of all this nonsense we have been getting out of Washington. She also has more on Tancredo and especially where Christianity fits into all this Immigration debate. A topic that is hardly discussed on Christian forums by the way. What an indictment.

Called as Seen has a good post on the Airforce Transport plane C-130J. I think it is a important read since the Criticism that he goes after comes from the media will portray as a "watchdog group". The past conflicts and the shape of the future ones strike me as reason to support this

Michael Totten is back in Southern Lebanon and is giving us the news they media will not give. I like going to his comment section and intend to when I finish typing this entry.

Done with Mirrors has a excellent post on how not too long ago, the European left loved Israel. Also another good post on that Crazy woman that was on that Plane that caused all the Ruckus on the 22nd. I guess since it seems to be the Ramsey girls muder case 24/7 I must have missed this on the news about what a flake she was. Also it appears she is political too. "Over there, though, she's a heroic "American journalist" speaking truth to power.
In a rambling 2003 column for the Daily Times of Pakistan entitled "An American in Pakistan: A new kind of arrogance," Mayo criticized the United States
. Good grief, go and read more.

LSUnpredictable has a non football LSU sports post up. Yes the LSU Basketball Schedule has been released.

We Saw That has some great News on the Old Hotel Bentley in Alexandria Louisiana.
The Hotel Bentely is quite a Historic Hotel that has been closed down for a number of years. Patton and other Generals planned out the Invasion of Europe on cocktail napkins there in the Hotel bar while they were training the troops. Hopefully this Hotel will be back in business.

One my Louisiana bloggers son is off to Duke. I will refrain on the Duke jokes for now since this is great moment for their family. Ernietheattorney has quite a touching story about his son and should give many of us some inspiration.

Wild Turkeys Forum has a good post up that concerns the upcoming elections and all the GOP doom and gloom we are hearing. I agree to a certain degree. I would like to see a list of House Races that are in serious danger. So far I keep hearing the words "trends" etc but no real facts.

Well there is much more on my blogroll. Tonight I think I shall try to post a sort of Minuteman Minutegate Post for Dummies. Soert of an overview of what this is all about , what we know, what we suspect, and what we dont't know as of yet. Stay tuned.


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