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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Living Through Tough Days On the Calender

I guess we all have to deal with those dates on the calender that used to be happy but now when they roll around brings sadness. I suppose I had one of those yesterday. I had been thinking about it all week and I suspect it will linger in my mind the next couple of days. Ahh it sucks that a day on the calender seems to be robbed from me in life. Perhaps something will happen on that day to make that day have new meaning. But I suspect not. In fact in many ways, I don't want it too. Besides the sadness associated with that day now, it is still important to think on the happy times too. Well perhaps as I get older that will happen more. Anywho, hopefully I will have a few posts up today, including that post on the Political cesspool show( Yes Blogmeister in St Louis it is coming). We shall see if I don't suddenly see something that triggers a memory and sends me into a heaping mess I should be able to be more productive. Well off to mass.


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