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Saturday, August 12, 2006

A Little HouseKeeping and Playing Around Here- Don't Worry

If you log in and see things you thought were there but are not anymore do not despair. I am playing around with a few things on my blog. I thought if I was spend all this time talking about certain Pet issues,like Minutegate, immigration policy, American Caging, William Greene, Kookdum, etc, I should figure out a way to get that message out.

I am playing around with this Technorati thing too as you can see in my sidebar. I sort of don't understand that "search my blog thing" since when I put in terms like "american caging" it says no matches. Perhaps that is for these tag things that I am trying to grapple with. That seems important. As usual I am sort of bumping around and trying to make it work and to figure out the whole thing/concept.I am not sure I am doing everything I am suppose to be doing. Anywho

I am also playing around with that translate thing you see or perhaps not see if I decide to get rid of it. It seems not to want to translate the whole blog but if you look at indidual post it does fine. I am still trying different models out. I felt compelled to add it after I noticed this Frenchman seemed to buy the whole Simcox Minuteman propaganda hook line and sinker. All I have to say is Ne me fais pas avaler ├ža!.

OF course the key is not to clutter up the whole damn page with shiny gadgets. I suppose that can be overblown and is a turn off to people.

As usual with blogger it seems I have to do about two other steps than peole that use for example wordpress do. Any who more post in a bit.


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