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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Libertarian Discord in California over Gilchrist, the Minutemen, and Immigration

Something very interesting is playing out in California among the Libertarians.

Often we here the real hardliners scream that anyone that supports a comprehensive approach is a member of this mythical "open border lobby". That of course is pretty much BS.
Now there two groups that I suppose would agree with the concept of "open borders". One is the very liberal progressives. When you see people holding up signs or saying things such as "There is no such thing as Illegal" that probally represents that camp. It is a extreme point of view and does not have much power politic wise. The econd group is much more interesting to me. That is the Libertarians. Traditional Liberatarains ,though not as extreme as liberal progressives, view that borders should not hamper the free flow of labor and commerce. However, the immigration debate has seemed to show that there are two further divisions or factions espousing a different view. First, there are the pragmatic Libertarians. The Pragmatics seem to realize that 100 percent purity on the party line in all things only results in them not getting any political gain. On immigration, they seem in my view to take a reasonable sane approach. From what I am seeing that involves real border security , a sensible immigration policy, recognizing the benefits of free trade, and realizing that a deport/starve every illegal policy will not work. However there is another faction It is a faction that seems to have been quite incluenced by the most radical of paleoconservatives. Their immigration policy mirrors Tancredos. They hate and rant against NAFTA,CAFTA, etc. Often one hears all this "amero" and "North America Union" , and "Nafta Superhighway" conspiracy talk from this facton. SO that is the background to the latest developments in California

Minuteman ♥s Libertarian Party Candidate-
Well Jim Gilchrist of the Minuteman Project has endorsed Art Oliver the Libertarian Canidate for Governor. By the way GilChrist is currently a Republican. I say currently because keeping track of Gilchrist views on other issues besides immigration is quite a tiresome task. He really has no loyalty to party it seems or other issues. Well I will leave that to another day.. This link has the story as well as some good comments. Needless to say this has caused a great deal of turmoil in the Libertarian community in California. I agree that it should. This blogger is one of quite a few in California that are Libertarian that are rasing concerns. I do not agree with the policy of open borders. But in this day of people wanting to make a Fortress American as to immigration and trade, the Libertarian voice nneds to be heard. Not downplayed or sold for votes. Perhaps we shall hear at least from the Pragmatic wing of the party yet to give us some sanity.

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