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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Latest On Terrorist Bomb Plot.

I had already taken off today in case there was complications as to my Grandfather. I was so exahausted I slept straight through to 2 pm this afternoon. So I am just waking up to the plans of this horrific terrorist plot. I will be curious to see how Americans react to this. I sometimes wonder that the only thing that catches our eye as to these things is if they actually succeed. It seems that this quite major. From the Australian Broadcasting Service:

"Pakistan has made a number of arrests, which helped uncover the plot to blow up planes flying between Britain and the United States, Pakistan's foreign office has reported.
The number of people that have been arrested in Britain in connection with the suspected plot to blow up several aircraft is now 24, police have reported.
"Now all those arrested in the overnight anti-terrorist operation have been processed into custody, the total number in custody is 24," London police said in a statement.
"There were no new arrests during the day.
Some airlines have now resumed services after the British Airports Authority (BAA) and air traffic control authorities lifted earlier restrictions on short-haul flights to and from Heathrow.
BAA say 611 flights, roughly half of the daily total at Heathrow, had been cancelled as of 1500 GMT. ....
They include 302 incoming flights and 309 departures.
The inter-connected nature of international air travel means the disruption caused by the chaos at Heathrow has rippled out across the world

Currently I am listening live to the NEws Reports from Radio Talk Radio Live From London. Try LBC 93.7 or their sister station AM Station LBC NEWS 1152. I am having trouble with the FM stream right now but the AM station is online and giving news.


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