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Wednesday, August 16, 2006


I discovered yesterday that the controversal Laine Lawless that was involved with the Minutemen and still is quite involved in the illegal immigration issue has a blog. Laine Lawless has been quite a inflammatory figure. I posted on here. Now I refered to her as a extrem wacko. Well to say the least I still find her tactics and beliefs bizaree. However she has spoken out and is trying to defend herself. A email is attributed to her that is quite horrid. Basically it is email that ask Nazi like groups to come to the border and use violence against illegals. Well. Lawless is saying that is not her email at all and she never advocated that. At this point, as I posted on her blog, I am not sure to believe her or not. However, I know this. IF that email was manufactured that needs to be exposed. If it was a false EMAIL then the group that did it needs to be exposed. If it was Mrs Lawless's email well that needs to be confirmed. I might disagree with Mrs Lawless , but if the email that is attributed to her is false that needs to be cleared up. That tactic is unacceptable. It could happen to any of us on any issue. Any way here is the link to her defense and post Nasty Nazis, Rabid Racists, and Lesbian Witches.

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