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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Kookdum Explodes- Kookdum is Splitting on the Whole JEWISH/MUSLIM Issue- Are Jews Welcomed in Kookdum?

There are interesting developments in kookdum. I have been watch with some fascination how these extremist groups are dealing with the whole Jewish and Muslim issue. Basically , it comes down to who to hate and who to support .I shall do a furhter post examing that in the future.

Good read that I think people should take a look at. It involves Kookdum and all the usual suspects are there. Jared Taylor, the Council of Conservative Citizens, American Renaissance, stormfront etc. All the characters that are trying inflitrate our conservative movements in order to gain legitimate standing. The Entry is entitled Irreconcilable Differences-A schism over anti-Semitism threatens a key 'white nationalist' group. The outcome could be critical to the radical right. Now this article is from the Southern Poverty Law Center. They are in the forefront of fighting this kookdum. Now to say the least this organization has a liberal orientation. Also, there are certain issues that people bring up regarding the this organization that are valid. However, that does not mean one just discounts everything that is being said by them. I think from my personal observations of this group that much of their reporting is right on. My main disagreement with them is how they sometimes characterize this incorrectly as coming from extreme conservatives or the Right. Those are terms I wish they would stop using. After looking at these movements for some time they represent a viewpoint that is nothing like the conservatism I know. In fact some of these groups have views that are held inm common with the left. Nevertheless that is a another discussion.

I concur with their findings. I monitor these extremist groups on a daily basis. Part of the reason , I do that is warn people and conservatives through emails and this blog that there will be an attempt to inflitrate their organization or event. I have noticed this split as to whether to support jews or muslims in the current World affairs. I think the article is a good read and again this Conservative Republican can find nothing in the above that is false. I wish to point out quickly two things.

The Council of Conservative Citizens is Not being Truthful

In the above article I notice these two gems.

Gordon Baum, the St. Louis-based CEO of the racist Council of Conservative Citizens, has Taylor on his editorial board and fights to preserve the "racial integrity" of white people. But, he said, the CCC welcomes Jews. And, adding that the CCC has no interest in "skinheads," Baum rapped Duke for believing that "race isn't even important, all that is important is the Jewish issue."

• Baum's new editor for the CCC's publication, Citizens Informer, seconded his boss' opinions. "Attacking people with Jewish lines of descent is complete nonsense," Joel LeFevre told the Report, adding that he was "very put off by Mr. Duke's behavior" at the conference. Separately, LeFevre wrote on the AR List that Duke and his "puerile loser" followers should be banned. "Duke has his own conference where he can rant about the Jews all he wants," he said.

Let me say with all due respect this is a much of BS. I am suprised that the SPLC let this stuff slide so easy. I do suspect that there is some anxiety among some factions of the Council of Conservative Citizens on this matter. In fact AI suspect that in certain areas of the Country, especially the south and in places like Mississippi, the turn toward this Jew Hating is very troublesome to many in the rank and file. However it is happening. Also this should be added. The political left needs to take a good look at itself in the mirror. The irresponsible rantings about neocons and secret plots that is rampant on that side has done nothing but add gasoline to this fire of rising anti jewish feeling.

The Council of Conservative Citizens welcomed with open arms at their National Convention members of Storm Front, which is a White Supremcist and Nazi organization and generally full of wackos and dangerous folks.

The chief of Staff and editor of Storm Front said on this thread that focused on that National convention:

It's those breakfast meetings and lunch meetings that are important, and the hundreds of hallway meetings, rubbing elbows at the bar, hanging around the pool, and like that.Vigo Indy unfortunately couldn't stay long and I only talked to him for few minutes - caught him on his way out. But I did get to meet him, and I liked what he had to say. That's the kind of thing that bonds this community far stronger than internet memos here on the forum. While Stormfront makes it all possible, it's only a beginning.There was a good number of young Volk there, Old Blue, you would have been heartened by that.James Edwards was there with the new Mrs. Edwards, DeutschPride, PanzerElite, Hawthorne, too many of the young lions to remember all at once here!Plenty more music than I was expecting, with acoustic string concerts both on Friday night in the meeting hall and on Saturday night by the pool. I am convinced Stormfront is doing the right thing expanding in this direction, continuing to build and diversify (if you'll pardon the word) and developing as a media project in every sense of the word.

Hey - live, on the air, AM 1380 WLRM, the real deal! With host James Edwards out of good old Memphis, Tennessee, 7 to 8 PM, Central Time:
Political Cesspool1-866-339-9047Proud recipients of the Boot Stomp of Approval.

If it had been known in 1885 or 1900 that the Jews then being admitted en masse into America would dedicate themselves as a group to the undermining of the American nation, would the America of that time have let in all those Jews? Of course not.- Lawrence Auster, Jewish commentator.

What is the Who is James Edwards and this Political Cesspool Show. Well basically it is the unofficial radio presence of the Council of Conservative Citzens. To learn more about them please go to my posting here. There you will learn more about this National Convention and all the speakers and what stormfront particiapants said. To deny that the Council of Conservative Citzens is not engaging and incorporating this element of kookdum is just to deny reality. Every month that goes by it is becoming clearer that it is going in that direction. Oh by the way, David Duke was on the political cesspool show last week.

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