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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Kickbutt Louisiana Bloggers and is Senator Mary Landrieu about to switch Parties

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Let me say Louisiana has some kick ass bloggers here. It is a shame they are not consulted more by State and especially National Media. You see in Louisiana we have a tad of a problem. That is that most of our papers are owned by Gannett. The result being that local Newspaper's quality goes up and down like a yo-yo in my view. Especially as to local news. Good grief, the sports section of the Shreveport Times has just started to recover. Anyway we have some great people blogging here on both the left and the right but again the media doesn't use that resource it appears much in finding out what is really going on. Case in point the New Orleans Mayor's race. The whole world was shocked that Nagin got reelected. If they had been paying attention they would have realized that Republicans and conservatives were returning to Nagin's camp and Landrieu was in huge trouble. I know I was one of those working for Nagin's relection.(Don't throw the tomatoes at me yet, perhaps one day I will explain why) However you didn't read that in the papers or TV but you were reading about in on the blogs. More why this is important later on in the post.

I have some more Louisiana bloggers, I will be adding but let me point out three of interest. Conservative Cajun has a good round up of what the blogs were saying yesterday around the state. In fact he talk about two stories I am going to reference in this post.

First We Saw That has a post on a little bill that Republican Congressman Rodney Alexander proposed. Kudos to him for pointing out what is really going on with that bill. Now if you noticed, I sort of stood up for the good Congressman in the comment section. Congressman ALexander was a Dem before he saw the "light". Others as you can see believe that conversion was maybe not for such pure motives. Well, I sort of know what went on there with that and I think Rodney was sincere. However, how he did it is still a subject of great debate lol. That race where Rodney ran the first time was NASTYYY with a captial N. That was the same year that Republicans in Louisiana managed to screw the pooch across the board. I was very involved with the Suzie Terrell US Senate race at the time where all the LOUISIANA REPUBLICANS MANAGED TO AGAIN FORM A CIRCULAR FIRING SQUAD ON EACH OTHER . By the way Called as Seen since you are from that area , if you see the good Pastor Mangum can you please ask him where all the Pentecostal vote that was promised to Suzie went on election day . Well, I know where it went and it wasn't to us. Well perhaps soon , I will get to ask the good man himself. Well lets continue. That Congressional race was bad. In fact in that district 20,000 people that voted for the Senate race decided to take a pass on the Congessional race that was on the same ballot. I think Rodny Alexander beat Lee Fletcher by less than a thousand votes. It was close. Now I have on good authority that the good Congressman is eyeing a possible race against Dem Senator Mary Landrieu. So I expect to see more of Rodney in the news.

Now on to Dem Sen Mary Landrieu there are rumors in DC that Mary Landrieu threatened to switch parties if the offshore revenue bill wasn't passed? So the question is

Is it likely that Sen Mary Landrieu is about to become a Republican and what to think of these News reports ? My response is

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Good grief, Let me give a big shout out to my Liberal Louisiana blogger on my blogroll ,Right Hand Thief for talking about this story out of Roll Call and his comments. By the way I agree with his analysis completely. If the Hill Newspaper and people in DC think that Sen Landrieu would become Republican or could be elected as Republican here in this state , then they are clueless about what is going on. But hell if they fell for it and we got some votes I can't complain. So a rare Kudos to Sen Landrieu from Pondering American for playing that poker game bluffing with a very weak hand. Again, national media consult some of us bloggers perhaps at times on the political situation down here. If Republicans came together to reelect Nagin in part to stop the Landrieu Dynasty, I don't suspect they are going to be voting in droves for her if became a Republican. Mary has got problems but she is a Dem and d Dem she will stay.


Blogger Ron said...

Very Interesting! A Landrieu threatening to switch parties? That would be the equivalent to a Kennedy party switch. Ain't gonna happen. And everybody knows it.

4:18 PM  
Blogger Pondering American said...

I know if she did that she would be lucky to break 20 percent of the vote. Landrieu ahs major problems that much of her voting bloc has gone and left the state. But she aint changing parties. She will hit hard the populist note like never before. A note that still has some bite here politically

5:01 PM  
Blogger gatorbait said...

The revrunds Mangan were huge Clintonistas. Why did anyone believe those thieves,, umm sorry ,men of Gawd , could be trusted?

5:46 PM  
Blogger Pondering American said...

Hey thanks for your comment. Yes Suzie and all of us Republicans got snookered again by Rev Mangum. Every year we think it is going to be different. THat year even big Preacher Denny Duron in Shreveport who is quite a friend of Mangum let Suzie even get on the altar during Sunday Service and speak and was told it was all taken care of. Well election day came and I suppose Mary made a bigger donation to the Church fund.

12:44 PM  

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