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Saturday, August 12, 2006

In Furtherance of Good Relations Between LA TECH AND ULL--OUR Common MASCOT

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Well I guess its your former Mascot but when I was in school it was still the Bulldog at USL. I think now yall got a pepper or something. Oh well lets leave that topic before I get in trouble again

Ok for all people that attend ULL(the Former USL) a peace offering for my horrible slur against your fine School. Even though I love LSU I am a LA TECH Bulldog first especially as to funding and when Tech plays LSU. We can all share in our common situation of on a yearly basis getting the Shaft as to funding and attention among other things compared to LSU. However ULM(the former NLU) I still hate yall with a passion so don't expert some Indian or whatever new mascot the NCAA is making yall have now on this blog.


Blogger Nick said...

Yeah, I never did like ULM. Also, I think our current mascot of that pepper is one of the dumbest mascotts ever. I used to date one of the girls who was on the commitee that selected it. Did you know that our school spent $10k on that stupid thing? What a fuckin' waste of money.

I may disagree with you on your opinion of ULL. However, I agree with you on that mascot, was would probably 85% of the school's population.

9:17 PM  
Blogger Pondering American said...

Oh hey just to be clear lol. I love ULL. I had some of my best times down there. I was down there a weekend out of the month. I am real familar with ull. I only picked up the University of Slow Learners thing from my friends down there at USL. There was another un PC name I will not repeat here lol. I went to grad school at LSU so I never picked up on the ULL/USL LSU bitterness until much later. Don't worty I like ULL and consider it a good school.. I have to defend Tech all the time on the LSU boards so I know where you are coming at.

9:30 PM  
Blogger Pondering American said...

PLus be just glad yall can still be called the Ragin Cajuns. Back in t 90's there was a some stupid campaign by "some"poorly misguided black groups on campus saying that ragin is secretly racist

9:32 PM  

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