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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Illegal Immigration Debate is Just About Illegals We love Legal Immigration--Right(Sarc)

The talking points a few months ago was that his this whole illegal immigration debate was about the rule of law. I kept hearing, "Oh we are not against legal immigration just illegals". BLAH, bLAH bLAH. Everytime, I try to point out that major players in this debate in fact pretty much want to stop all legal immigration I get shouted down I hear charges of QUIT LYING YOU OPEN BORDER'S TROLL or some other great response. Well, as I have pointed out there are major players in this debate don't want anymore immigration and want to slow it to a trickle. If you go through my blog I have talked about the Tanton groups at length. I have also pointed out other groups that are involved in this that feel quite the same. But again to mention that factoid brings down the wrath of Hard line Zealots on this issue. Sally V sent me two great pieces of info today.

Lets look at the following that a reader of my dear ole blog sent

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Well goodness me, a tempoarary moratoriaum. How come I never hear this discussed in the media. By the way, if you think this is temporary let me sell you property that is guaranteed never to flood in the ninth ward in New Orleans. It doesn't take a rocket scientist of figure out waht is going on here. Just look at the Tanton groups. Look at groups they have taken in as allies like the racist Council of Conservative Citizens and the koofy League of the South that wants to keep the South white at all cost.

Oh by the way this piece of Direct Mail came from the American Council for Immigration Reform. Well good gracious what is that? Well I shall find out. I suspect they are related to this group some how that believes in this wacko theory that the US population should be reduced to 150 million people. A Tanton group by the way that is pulling many of the strings behind all this debate. Stay tuned I will update this entry. Researching these groups are fun because often when it gets out who and what is behind groups like these Republicans start getting nervous and start asking questions. Thank God that might start happening soon. Anywho another Tanton spinoff that is quoted non stop in this debate and sends out blast emails everyday sent out this gem. Here is part of email

Experts believe that the H.R. 4437 bill (which the U.S. House passed last winter) would quickly increase the exodus from 200,000 to 500,000—and more every year.
It took 20 years to build up this huge illegal population. It may take 10-15 years to get rid of most of it. The important thing is that under H.R. 4437 the problem would be reduced every year and life in American communities would improve every year.
In Washington D.C., the name given to this plan for illegal immigration is ATTRITION THROUGH ENFORCEMENT.
It is the true middle-way solution between: (a) massive roundups and deportations of illegal aliens, and; (b) massive amnesties and rewards for illegal aliens.
Right now not one of the 535 Members of Congress is proposing massive deportations.
The choice is between ATTRITION THROUGH ENFORCEMENT (H.R. 4437) and MASSIVE AMNESTY (S. 2611).
Please tell your Members of Congress that you want ATTRITION THROUGH ENFORCEMENT

Wait I am confused,. I thought the problem was that they were coming here illegally. Oh and as to this starvation policy. What are we going to do about all the American kids and spouces that are married to this illegals and slowly starving to death. Perhaps we can give tax beneifits to the American Spouse and kids of a illegal if the wife divorces the illegal. That is real pro-life. Also 15 to 20 years? Is that the what is this supposed time frame of this supposed tempoarary solution Tancredo is talking about. Also Mr Tanton, do you really expect us Republicans to be in power if we endorse this starve them all across the border policy. I expect not.

Good grief, Astroturfing folks as I talked about below. But this astroturfing if it is paid attention to is going to make us conservatives go the way of the whigs. Perhaps it is time for Tancredo and others in this debate to put all their cards on the table. I think that is fair. I am getting tired of playing games on this issue.


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