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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Idiotic Anti Immigration Quote of the Day

Ever since I got this Technorati thing to work, I have noticed that my hits have gone up. So it appears despite all the pulling out of hair over getting that system to recognize this blog exist, it seems to be worth it.One of my favorite topics as people who visit here know is the whole illegal immigration/immigration debate.

Yesterday I was having a conversation with a prolife leader in the Diocese. I waa basically asking her to consider that the Conservative part of the Republican party is lying in bed with some very unsavory people(From a Pro-life point of view) in this immigration debate. At the start of this whole thing all I heard was "we are not against legal immigration only illegal". Well after about a month of study and research I realized that was completely false as to the leaders and many in the movement. The people that have been the driving voice behind this debate are Population control fanatics. This is of course the John Tanton Groups. His offspring incluse all those organizations that send us those wonder blast emails each day. That is F.A.I.R, CIS, and NumbersUSA. Often we see spokesman for CIS on the news shows. Well that is great but I do get a tad upset that they are portrayed as some unbiased source. They are not.

Now the tone is starting to change and the true goals are coming out. Last night I saw this jewel.

On the site Protect Arizona this statement-

Today I saw the most chilling thing I've seen in years -- a map of Australia juxtaposed over a map of the U.S., with the caption: Australia is the same size as the U.S., but only has a population of 19 million, compared to the U.S.'s 290.million.

Well perhaps the population control marketing people are out on vacation but this statement is pretty silly. I suppose that if the 90 percent of the United States was unliveable and about as barren as Death valley, the above would be chilling. This argument makes as much sense as superimposing a map of Antarctica on a map of the USA and trying to make a comparision in population. There are a thousand instances of this that one sees on this anti- illegal immigration webs sites all day(By the way I think we are all anti illegal immigration). Basically as can be seen on their web sites, they want to reduce the population of the USA to 150 million people.

Anyway, that is why I often focus on this issue because I think reducing the population of the USA to 150 million quite frankly is a pretty horrible idea. I am not sure with Western Europe, Japan, and even Latin American Countries with bith rates dropping like a stone that this is a adviseable. Especially since in Countries where Radical Islam is they are breeding like Rabbits. One must ask the question who the hell is going to fund and man the armies etc etc.

Now before everyone goes off on me, these are issues that we will have to confront in our lifetime. Hate to offend Pat Buchanan, but I have more concerns than if my possible future descendants may be tad browner that me. Ahh but I forget the Mexicans are the Barbarians at the gate. Well besides being pretty offensive that is not true. The barbarians at the gate at the ones that explode Car bombs and think nuking cities would be a grand idea.

So next up a little look at Pat's horrid little book.

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