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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A Hello to my fellow Conservatives at Liberty Post and Fellow Travellers

Before I move on to non immigration and minutegate matters a little Housekeeping. I of course follow the threads on all the forums. Especially the conservative forums because they have such good information. Liberty Post is another one of those forums that is worth to keep a eye on. I am a news junky so I pop by there a good deal.

Here is another thread to watch and to keep your eye on. Now one doesn't have to lurk there long enough to realize this forum is very Minuteman friendly. In fact many people in involved with the Minuteman movement are members and are talking about Simcox, the Simcox Minuteman faction, and things I have been talking about here. There are defenders of the Simcox faction and there are Minutemen that to say the least are asking some tough questions. Until the Media decides to take the guts to look at this , it is the best place for information.

Now, of course my blog is mentioned there and especially on the above thread. Let me say there are many posters there that even though we might disagree with each other are asking tough questions. It is fair to point out that their efforts have also helped me. Now some posters accuse this blog of being part of the "open borders lobby" and other things. Well, of course I don't believe in any concept as open borders or any rash concept as that. I believe in a comprehensive plan because I think first its the only solution to this problem. Second because I find it to be the most moral and Christian plan to solve a problem we have ignored for 30 years. So no I am not a member of any "open border lobby" , and I am not a secret advocate for the supposed "North America Union" . I am just a man that has been involved in Republican and conservative politics since I was a kid.

Hopefully at some point this name calling will end on both sides. Again there is no secret plot here. It seems to me that if I wished to retard the progress of the minutemen. I would not be exposing this. It would be far more in my interest to continue to hope that 80 cents out of every dollar to continue to go to things besides the "cause". Also, even though I am not a big fan of Gilchrist, this seems to make him even more of a force. So if have some agenda , I am going about the wrong way it seems.

If you notice on here, besides the immigration issue, I have tried to take this to a higher level. I know that when people are involved in a movement it is all consuming. The same has happened to me in the past. It is natural really. Well to put it bluntly it is not all about you or immigration, or illegal immigration. There are a ton of issues that these groups use that basically take precious funds that could be spent more wisely elsewhere. Those conservative issues go from a to z. Also one must ask if these groups are part of the problem with discourse we have been having.

It is hard not to have a day go by and not receive a email calling so and so Republican a Rino. Some of these purported "Rinos" have stellar over 90 percent conservative ratings. It is hard for a day to go by and not having yourselves accused of being a traitor , or part of some conspiracy. I have sat by and watched even my Church get defamed in the wildest conspiracies that really belong in a Jack Chick comic. I suppose people think that such actions are good pollitics. One must ask why that is happening. Why has the Conservative blogs and forums often become what we laughed about just a few years ago. That is a Conservative version of the Democractic underground or Daily Kos. One should ask who fianancially benifits from that.

Well, I frankly am getting tired of it. Also I think a lot of people are getting tired of it. I find it amazing that when people agree with perhaps 80 to 90 percent of a position or concerns that 10 to 20 percent disagreement is deemed worthy enough to enact a scorched earth policy on fellow conservatives. I know that this blog is getting mighty fiesty on some issues. Well let me say that is partly from having the expereince that my views are not important, not conservative and just shut the hell up. Well, many people are going to blogs now because they have felt intimidated elsewhere to even speak. Even going to conservative forums nowadays is not that enjoyable as it once was. Perhaps, maybe it is more fun when we are in the minority as a group instead of actually having discuss how to govern. I hope that is not true. There is much talk about if we don't do "x" the so called "base" might stay home. Well its time to consider that perhaps we might get so tired out from this nonsense and name calling that we might stay home on election day. I am hearing that out there in many places. I am surprised that is never given a thought by the "base". It is strange to type that sentence because a Political Scientist who studies this would call me a "base" voter in Republican and conservative circles. If I am getting tired and at times consider washing my hands of all this then I hate to think who already has. Trust me it is immigration today but it will be something else tomorrow. Also one other point. When we campaign for Canidiate X we often become emotionally invested in them. Just something to think about when statements are made against such people as Sen Grahmn, Sen Brownback, Sen McCain, Gov Huckabee, President Bush, Congressman Cannon, Congressman Pence, Senator Martinez just to name a few. It is wise to consider if you make them the enemy as some 24/7 365 days out of the year if you we conservative and Republicans don't tune out what you have to say. Even the valid points. I should point out that Liberty Post is not the only or even most horrible offender as to this.

That being said even though we might disagree with the specifics on the solution to this issue , I have learned much from those that are in what I call the "Tancredo" camp. Those concerns and experiences that are voiced believe it or not I incorporate in my thinking. That is sort of how this process is suppose to work.

So anyway, thank you for coming by. I like any blogger like getting hits on my blog. If you think I have treated someone or someone's cause unfairly by all means leave a comment. For instance I just noticed that someone that I have had done a entry on has spoken out in her defense. I shall post that soon in fairness. That is one reason I started this blog. The sole purpose is just not to have me type for my own vanity. You might not be able to change my mind a hundred percent but perhaps while engaging each other you might change my mind on a couple of issues.

One final issue. I know that many people get unhinged when people are called racist and etc. I don't think that all Minutemen or people in the Tancredo camp are racist. Some of my friends have the same beliefs. However, when you create an organization and movement there comes responsibilty. It is hard I know having a movement that is not inflitrated. I think we have all had experience with that. So yes when Simcox and Gilchrist appear on shows like the Political Cesspool show I shall call that out. When the Council of Conservative Citizens are used to organize anti immigration rallies I will call that out. When bloggers associate with people that have connections to extremist groups , I shall point that out The thing is this. For better or worse you represent a vein of political thought that is considered Conservative in the public square. There are people that will use this in order to become mainstream in the public eye. It is all of us Conservative's business to make sure that does not happen. Perhaps in these groups someone should be hired to monitor more effectively who is trying to use you, That would be great. Because I tell you it is happening.

Well anyway that is my screed. Keep up the good work and hopefully by the time the elections roll around we will not be carpetbombing each other. I learn alot there at your forum. I won't mention names because my admiration might be viewed as the kiss of death, but there is one poster over there that as I observe her post these questions that has even made my debating skills on the net better by watch how she zero in on the issue. And again if there is something you disagree with. leave a comment or send a email. Dont worry, this shall be the last time I shall mention this. I just felt it was appropriate especially looking at the disturbing trends I am seeing for November that must start being reversed.

Sincerely and Still a Fan of LP
Pondering American


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