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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Having Your Central Air Break Down on Aug 2 sucks.

OHH posting has come to almost a standstill tonight for a bit till the Air is fixed. Hopefully this will happen tonight even thought the repairman is making comments that are leading me to think that might not be happening tonight . Anyway, I still have some thoughts on CNN and their segement that just occured on Mel Gibson . Michael Medved was on and was in fact very reasonable and thoughtful in this matter . The anchor was just psycho on this issue(That was Paula Zahn). Maybe I am a evil person , but it appears the rest of the World doesn't have failings or demons of their own to battle. You know I never commented on the failings of Rush as to his problems or for that matter on Congressman's Kennedy's missteps. I am amazed that people pounce on human weakness like this.
Mel needs to find a real converson if he is truly anti jewish. He also must so true contrition if he wants to come back and be a voice and role model. But this piling on by some is becoming unsightly. By the way Jewish conservative Michael Medved talked on this issue. yesterday. Here are his thoughts.

People if they wish to condem need to condem the right things. Stay tuned to the next post.


Blogger we saw that... said...

egads! hope your ac is back up by now.

9:23 PM  

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