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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Good Things To Look At This Afternoon

Some quick things on the blogroll I want to highlight

The Anchoress brings us a quite incredible article today from London. It is called Americans will die for liberty. It is written by an English man. If you read this blog I have been sort of disheartened by things said on the left and even now some on the right. Something that were said conservative forums as to muslims was just over the top the last few days. I am embarrased by it. Well, I do know that we are a quick to anger and emotional people. But when we calm down we often have the most sense, compassion, courage, and forgiveness of any nation on Earth. Anywho its a great read.

Oh and on the issue of the bloggers and Forums temparary insanity(some are like that 24/7), go here and see how it was a Muslim that is partly responsible for foiling th plot. They are not all radicals. Its time to remember that thousands of Foreign Muslims are serving with our US troops and dying in Iraq. They are our allies in this struggle. Lets honor that. Maybe Michelle Malkin will quit feeding meat to our worst natures perhaps this week and highlight some of this.

Ok enough of that rant. Called As Seen has another good post called Something worth saying here. It reminds us Republicans and Conservatives that we have or own Koodum Lamont like problem on the right. I agree a hundred percent. Also, let me add this has little to do with where one is politically I find. These litmus test that keep being thrown at us conservatives are from kookdum are in fact I just fed to us in part by people like the Greene/Sheldon/Keyes political consulting machine that send us these email blast and the likes. Read the whole thing but this part is great:Face it, in a real sense, talk radio and the conservative blogosphere have become a bit of an echo chamber. They also can behave badly, as was the case with the neo-Borking of Harriet Miers, the treatment of the UAE during the DPW controversy, and the immigration issue. Amen on this. This has nothing to do with far right versus moderate Republicans. This has to do with being manupliated and having a crazed Daily Kos version of the right that thinks people like Sen Lindsey Grahmn are RINOS.

American Papist brings us news that extreme Feminist went wacko and attacked an Catholic University because of the rectors efforts to adopt a baby that was saved by abortion.

Done With Mirrors had a piece on immigration I am just geeting to link. It is referencing a great article on the immigration issue. I will prob post that article this weekend so go ahead and take a read and gather your thoughts.

Michael Totten has arrived in Israel. Just go read his entries the last few days. He is one of the best and fairest on this conflict.

Anywho time for Lunch and to mow the yard(yuch my allegeries) There is much more on blogroll. Check out my new additions I mentioned in this mornings post.


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