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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Good Grief High Ranking Orthodox Churchman Involved in Council of Conservative Citizens In CHICAGO

Council of (word hijack)Conservative Citizens expose- KOOKDUM INVADES SECOND LUNG OF THE CHURCH.

I suppose that kookdum never should suprise me. But at times it does. Part of the mission of Pondering American Blog is to make sure that kookdum elements that are racist, extremist, or just downright bizaree do not infiltrate our Conservative political movement and our blessed Republican party. These groups use issues ,like the immigration debate, to try to become legitimized. That is one reason why I warn all these anti immigration groups like the minutemen organizations to be very careful.

Well , today I almost fell off my chair when I found this out.

The media often portrays the Council of Conservative Citizens as a purely southern thing. That is not true.

Say Hello to The Very Reverend Archpriest Dragoljub Dennis Pavichevich. Cathedral Dean at the Holy Resurrection Serbian Orthodox Cathedral in Chicago. Father held offices of vice president and secretary of the Orthodox Christian Clergy Association of Greater Chicago and, within the Midwestern Metropolitanate is a member of the Department of Religious Education and the Central Church and Diocesan Councils Oh and also Father Dennis is a member of the League of the South, and is on the Board of Directors of the Council of Conservative Citizens.

Good Grief. Both a member of the League of the South and on the Board of CofCC. THis is a kookdum triple play here. High Church liturgical kookdum in fact. To learn more about the the good father go the Church pic and bio on him here where I obtained the above information.

Oh and it gets better. Even Pat Buchanan is involved with all this nonsense.
On June 30, 2000, nearly 100 supporters gathered at the Holy Resurrection Serbian Orthodox Cathedral on Chicago’s Northside for a $100 a plate fundraiser for Reform Party Presidential candidate Pat Buchanan. Although a posted flyer announcing the hastily scheduled event claimed that the meeting was sponsored by a group calling itself the “Coalition for Just Peace in the Balkans,” it was clear who was in charge.
The Very Reverend Father Denis Pavichevich, priest of the Holy Resurrection Serbian Orthodox Cathedral was the host of the event, and clearly ran the show. Dressed in a gray cassock, accessorized with a large gold cross around his neck and a huge diamond-encrusted Confederate Battle Flag ring on his left hand, Father Denis -- as most people referred to him that evening -- was a friendly albeit imposing figure.
Flying in front of Pavichevich’s residence next to the church is the third national flag of the Confederacy – just below a Serbian flag. In addition to running the church and being the RSVP contact for the Buchanan fundraiser, Pavichevich is vice-chair of the Northern Illinois Council of Conservative Citizens (Northern Illinois CofCC). He uses his church to hold regular meetings Council of Conservative Citizens meetings as well as this Buchanan fundraiser.
Staff from the Rockford, Illinois-based Rockford Institute also played an integral role at the event, running the registration table and doing the introductions.
The crowd milled around the lobby, browsing through copies of Chronicles and Buchanan’s latest book, Republic, Not an Empire, as they awaited the arrival of the Reform Party candidate. There was a virtual absence of Reform Party literature. Several people in the crowd wore the green "Buchanan 2000" buttons of the Spotlight-run “Americans for Buchanan Committee” on their lapels.
As Buchanan entered the room with Pavichevich and Chronicles Foreign Affairs Editor Srdja Trifkovic, people began filing into the banquet hall and taking their seats. With the verve of a politician, Buchanan made his way through the crowd, shaking hands with many of the people sitting down. Towards the end of his rounds, Buchanan stopped to chat with John Kelly, the chair of the Northern Illinois Council of Conservative Citizens, who was surrounded by CofCC activists at his table.
While everyone was getting settled, Northern Illinois CofCC activist Mariusz Szajnert began passing out Americans for Buchanan Committee Buchanan 2000 pamphlets from a large white garbage bag. Spotted by Fr. Pavichevich, who stopped and berated him, Szajnert returned to his table and put away the literature.
Another mini-commotion broke out at one of the CofCC tables. John Kelly brought a CofCC banner with him to the event. A discussion ensued about whether they should ask Buchanan to pose for a picture in front of it. But since the CofCC was a “controversial” group, they decided it might be too awkward for Buchanan to fully align himself publicly with CofCC. They settled for a group picture with Buchanan, without the banner.
After dinner, Thomas Fleming, head of the Rockford Institute, stepped up to the podium to begin the Buchanan introductions. During his lively and brief remarks, Fleming discussed how someone had labeled Buchanan a “loose cannon.” To Fleming, that was a good thing. He extolled the virtues of being loose (able to turn to meet the opposition, on all sides, and not tied down by money) and a cannon (a dedicated individual who is powerful). He then introduced Trifkovic, to give a “more serious introduction.”
Trifkovic appealed to the large contingent of Serbian-Americans in the crowd, by waxing on about how Buchanan is the only candidate who is pro-Serbian and how that position is a natural result of his “America First” stance.
Buchanan then took the stage for a canned stump speech and an announcement that Perot would not be running against him, followed by questions. During the Q & A period, Trifkovic seemed to guide Buchanan through the questions, at times whispering into his ear.
Fr. Pavichevich, after coordinating the questions, took over again, thanked Buchanan and the audience for coming, then closed with a prayer. Afterwards, Buchanan signed books, while CofCC activists passed out copies of the Buchanan 2000 pamphlet, the CofCC publication Citizens Informer, and the edition of Middle America News with Buchanan on the cover

I am just pretty floored. Council of Conservative Citizens meetings in a Cathedral!!!! Does the Orthodox community in the USA have any idea this is going on? Are they aware that a high ranking prelate in their Church is on the board of directors of an extremist racist organization? Are they aware that a high ranking cleric of the Ancient Orthodox Church is a member of the League of the South another kooky political movement? Perhaps the CofCC Political Cesspool show will be broadcasting Holy Vespers from the Cathedral. Who knows? Maybe it is in the works.

So it appears we have this odd quite active Serbian thing going on with the Council of (word hijack) Conservative Citizens. By the way I am getting a sense that Father Dennis is quite a spokesman for that community. He was interviewed on PBS in 2000 here. Well to say the least this is very disturbing. You can wander along my blog and see a ton of articles of how dangerous these two organizations are. At times stuff like this makes realize how vast this is.

Anywho, I do think whoever is in charge of Serbian Orthodox things in this Country needs to be made aware of this. I suppose they are not. At least I hope they are not. To have a Church that has Apostolic Succession back to the Apostles involved in anyway with this kookdum makes me ill. The above article was from 2000. This is the only source that I have found that said the Council of Conservative Citizens actually held meetings on Holy Ground in Chicago. However the bio is recent. I must wonder if Father Dennis was at that abortion of a National Convention that was held in Indiana this past year. You know the one that talked all about the Jews and the hispanics , and the coloreds, and the one World Govt Conspiracies, and the overwhelming need for racial pureness. It seems that if he is on the National Board of the CofCC that it would be likely he would be present. That is also the Convention where Nazi's and others from Stormfront were welcomed with open arms..

Stay tuned. I am hoping our friend the blogmeister in St Louis can give us an update on what is going on in the land of Lincoln.

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