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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Go See part One of a Important Subject

I am starting to guest post on the always good Subway Canaries now. I have part one of a important subject already posted. Part two will hopefully be out today or tomorrow. That subject revolves around the question if everything that appears in politcal internet world is what it seems. In a word the overall topic is astroturfing. Astroturfing is of course when groups do activities to give the illusion of massive grassroots support. I am focusing on the conservative side right now but I will later turn my eyes toward the Dems. There are several reasons why I am focusing on the conservative politcal aspect of this. First, I am a conservative and have to deal with it often. Further, I think some of this astroturfing on certain issues is creating a disaster for us conservatives and Republicans. We nned to be aware it is going on. Two examples come to mind.

First was the Dubai Port Termianl deal that caused all the ruckus this year. That issue my friends came out of no where. I have not quite figured out who was really behind that. I suspect it was the Dems to be frank in a unholy alliance with some Republicans. If I have a few days to spare, I am going to go back and see who actually profited from getting Dubai Port World out of the loop. Anywho. That attack was so coordinated and efficient there was no way that what I saw in the politcal world and on the net was the result of a natural process. Even the White House was caught completely off guard. Too many people spamming and flamming conservative forums with too many similar talking points. Ditto for the blogs. There was far more to that than meets the eye

The second issue is the immigration issue. Now there seems to be a huge disconnect between what I am seeing in polls on this issue and what I am seeing on the net. Again, like the Dubai Port deal, to many people flamming others on the net when this was discusses. Also way too much uniformity among certain parts of the blogsphere. Anywho that is what has got my attention to this subject. The question is what issue is next? So please read part one about a little firm to watch. Part II will also talk about this Netadvocate creature and the bigger picture.

There is alot to talk about today. I shall be posting a good bit.Stay tuned


Blogger Aitch748 said...

If I recall correctly, the Dubai thing got started when some union or other down in Florida (???) sued to keep Dubai out. It seems that if Dubai took over the management of certain terminals in U.S. ports, then those terminals would be getting a technological upgrade that might make certain jobs obsolete.

I really don't know anything beyond that.

2:16 PM  
Blogger Pondering American said...

Correct. I ran across a thread on Free Republic that traced the whole thing out. I am attempting to find it. Will back room stuff too with Certain Republicans going along with Dems because of common interest. Also if I recall some huge DEM contributors made some major bucks in the deal

2:19 PM  
Blogger Ken Prescott said...

The DPW howling was a time-on-target salvo. ("Time-on-target" refers to an artillery technique of firing each gun at a slightly different time so that all of the shells land in the target area at the same instant.)

This was planned precisely. I'm starting to believe that the pattern is as follows:

1. Our Lord And Savior Alan Keyes and the Declaration Alliance map out the campaign.

2. OLAS' staff of flying monkeys start speed-dialing Rush, Sean, Laura Ingraham, Michael Savage, and every other national-level conservative talk show host they can contact. When they get on, they use a carefully written and tested script to get their talking points across.

3. OLAS' staff of flying monkeys proceed to spam conservative chat sites and blogs. To ensure that things go smoothly, money lands in the tip jar or gets sent to the chat site owner.

4. The OLAS Universe, Inc. sends out mass mailings.

5. The net effect of this is to put the idea of imminent DOOM into people's heads: "They wouldn't be talking about this if it weren't true!"

6. The mass mailings arrive, warning of DOOM! if the recipients (who listen to talk radio, read conservative blogs, and participate at conservative chat sites) don't turn off their brains and whip out their checkbooks.

7. The sheep get sheared.

8. American Caging, Response Unlimited, Politechs, and the other usual suspects rake off their cuts of the donation flow.

9. OLAS and company return to step one.

This is a self-licking ice cream cone.

5:20 PM  

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