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Monday, August 21, 2006

Glaring Example of the Minuteman Scam and who is benefiting

If you are following Minutegate I strongly suggest you see this thread at Clown Posse entitled So where did this $100,000 go? Declaration Foundation or MCDC?

This involves a big money donation that was suppose to go or was marketed at this occasion as going to the "fence" Well pictures as they say are worth a thousand words. This also shows the unholy mess people are going to be in when they start telling the IRS they want these donation to be deducted from their income tax as they were led to believe they could. Remember As I posted earlier that the Declaration Alliance was broke and needed income. Where did that 100,000 go? Well I bet not to a fence. Notice the guy gave a paltry 2500 dollars to the border fence fund.

Also this thread discovers something I have been trying to found out for weeks. Where is Alan Keyes Declaration Foundation incorporated at. Well it looked like Missouri? But that has been dissolved. So that even leaves even more questions.

As to the Minuteman PAC that is giving at money and getting involved in campaigns. If the above doesnt make people nervous, I don't know what would. I wouldn't touch that Minuteman PAC money for all the tea in China at this point. If there is a problem with shifting of funds, a Candiates "ignorance defense" won't sell to well to the public on the TV and the newspapers.

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