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Wednesday, August 09, 2006


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Good Grief all right one more post. Please just to remember to read the post below this if you have time. In a way it is related to this I just couldn't resist. I was going thought the Conservative forums when I found this jewel of bizaree behavior of who people tell me is a true conservative leader.

There is a new Ford commercial out that has a goodlooking girl in it. Well she says two words of Spanish and the boyfriend ask who was that. She says basically my ex boyfriend. Good AD. A full description is below. Well one of the people thay contact is Gilchrist head of the other Minuteman Faction. What he says is just beyond belief that you would think it would have to be written on the parady site the Onion.

From The Wash Post(read the whole article it is good)

So this hunky, swarthy, full-lipped guy in a white cowboy hat is tooling down a country road in a red pickup truck. He comes upon a big tree fallen across both lanes. No problem. He off-roads around the obstacle and cruises on.
But in the rearview he spies a dude driving a silver convertible with a dark-haired beauty in the passenger seat. They can't get around the tree.

Cowboy knows what to do. He lassos a chain around the tree and drags that sucker out of the way. Convertible Dude says: "Appreciate it." Cowboy replies: "Anytime."
To this point, the encounter has the usual ingredients of American myth: Nature's vengeance on the frontier. Laconic men, their humming machines and silent women. Cowboy to the rescue.
Then the lady, who looks Latina, addresses Cowboy -- in Spanish.
" Gracias, Manuel."
Cowboy tips his hat.
Driving away, Convertible Dude is puzzled. He asks, "You know him?"
"Yes," she says, in English, with a flirty smile. "He's my ex-boyfriend

OK well someone at the Post has the bright idea to call up Gilchrist of the Minuteman Project(YOU KNOW THE SANE ONE AND HONEST ONE) Here is his response:

Jim Gilchrist, founder of the California-based Minuteman Project and co-author of "Minutemen: The Battle to Secure America's Borders," thought it was just a another truck ad -- until Bilingual Babe speaks Spanish to Manuel. That made him mad.
"It's part of the Trojan horse domination of our culture. Now they're coming after our language," he says by telephone from New York, where he is on book tour. "It's another steppingstone in a literal takeover of our country, eventually. . . . I'm supportive of a boycott of Ford, because now they'll be complicit."

Attention all Minutemen under Gilchrist. I think it is time to consider a new leader. I mean how in the World do you explain that!!!! If this represents the mainstream thought in the Gilchrist minuteman group then boy I think the train left the station quite a bit ago. This is a Saturday Night Live Script you would think but this was really said. Boycott Ford? Please Please try to explain this insanity. Hopefully Lou Dobbs will ask him this or perhaps Sean Hannity during their next breathless interview with him. IF a average Republican Congressman had said this the media would be having a field day. In fact they should. All explanations in the comment section please. This should be good. I might give a prize for best effort at damage control and BS.

UPDATE-Point will be added to your score if you can go through your entire explanation and not mention the words "La raza" or "open borders lobby"


Anonymous Sallyvee said...

I'll explain Gilchrist's paranoia about Ford in two words: penis envy. In his dull, white, wonder bread & kraft cheese singles world, Latino men are a threat, and a beautiful Latino woman would trip over him before noticing he was alive. His gun-toting power trip down at the border is a substitute for family & social circle -- much like it is for aimless youths joining street gangs. I mean take a look at the guy... the only way he can get someone's attention is at the point of a gun. Or sadly, as a willing guest specimen on Sean Hannity's nightly Zoo parade.

Heh. Me thinks there's a deep Freudian reason why Gilchrist & friends labeled themselves "minute" men...

4:31 AM  

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