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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Fellow Louisiana Citizens and Expats - I need Your HELP on Exposing Minutegate

I am one of several Conservative bloggers that are trying to expose Minutegate and the Sheldon/Keyes/Greene/Zohidates syndicate that is robbing us conservatives blind and causing other problems. It is just not bloggers but some other average conservatives working through emails and conservative forums. Connie Hair is a big part of this. I am trying to locate some revelant info on Ms Connie Hair. I have some idea of her life while in California and her shortlived life in the movie and Entertainment Industry. However there is a part that is largely a blank slate. That is her time in Louisiana.

Connie it appears graduated High school in Alexandria around 1977. This could have been in Pineville I don't know. She attended LSU and received a degree from that fine institution. Now this is where it gets interesting. I keep hearing that she worked for the Edwin Edwards Administration or Edwards himself at some point. Being that this might have occured in the 1980's many of those records are not available on the net. I have an interest in this of course for obvious reasons. Also the irony of Connie Hair being involved in the current monkeyshines and a past relationship with fast Eddie has not escaped me. If she did obtain this job after graduation that would be a period where Edwin was out of office. Dave Treen was Gov for that period. However, we do know who was pulling the strings at that time. But she could have been working for him during the 84 to 88 administration of Edwin also. Well anyone that was around in that period knows the shennigans that were occuring down in Baton Rouge on a daily basis as where as elsewhere. All info will be held confidential and I have no interest in making unrelated personal details of her life public(even know I am nosey and you can share all you want with me). I have to go to Baton Rouge on business soon and will do a little research of past state records when I am there to see if there was a connection. But any leads would be helpful. Again I think this as you can see is a valid inquiry especially if she was on the public payroll for us at one time. I shall attempt to find a suitable picture of Connie Hair to put up before my next post. Again, to be clear I will not be putting any personal stuff on Connie( like Past boyfriends, unless it was Edwards lol, relationships, college hijinks etc). I am more interested in info related to any possible relationshup with Edwin Edwards. If there was none I can at least shut that avenue of inquiry and move on to other topics in exposing this scam. Thanks.

Also I am thinking of writing a letter to Edwards at the Prison itself to ask him.

Sort of related-Just curious. I campaigned against Edwin Edwards and was not pro Edwards at all. I only voted for him when Duke was running against him . But , I really don't want too see him die in jail. Perhaps I am too sentimental. How many folks would support A Bush Pardon of Edwards befoe the President leaves office. BY the way I am writing a letter to the White House asking that Bush consider a Pardon of Jim Brown for full disclosure. Also a man that I never supported but got convicted in the most stupid Federal case I have seen in a while. Thoughts?


Anonymous Kate said...

I just recently found your site - linked from Conservative Cajun. I am a fellow Catholic conservative and I enjoy a lot of your blogs. However, I am a bit confused with the Minutegate and American caging topics...haven't been keeping up with the news, I guess. Can you brief me on what exactly this is?

2:03 PM  
Blogger Pondering American said...

Thanks for reading come back often lol. I hope to have more Catholic content by the way but I am got sidetracked with this current issue lol. I am trying to find some good Louisiana Catholic Bloggers in particular. There was a great Priest from the Dioces of Lafayette that blogged once. I need to see if he is backed up.

Minutemen and Fence gate is a different things. One its a scandal on ripping off people. At another level its a scandal how we are getting ripped off by certain groups when we donate. I have a new post at the top that post with lots of info . I suggest reading the Washington Times articles and then reading esp the Clown Posse threads since they moniter the other sources I link too. Send me a email and I will give you an additional synaposis too'Thanks for coming. If you have any suggestions let me know

7:11 PM  

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