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Monday, August 21, 2006

Examples of How the Immigration Debate is getting out of Control.

One more post on immigration today.

I receive many emails and comments from people that complain that they are viewed unfairly. They are from people that I would say have a pretty hardline approach to immigration. They say that they are not racist , don't hate mexicans, and are not extremist. I believe them. I think it is wrong to think that all these people are. They have valid concerns. Mostly we differ on the soultions. However I must say if people dont like those charges then they need to be honest why they are not going away. I hate when Liberals play the "race" card. I hate it often because it is not true. But that does not mean that elements that promote hatred and racism do not exist.

One problem with what is portrayed in the media as the "conservative" approach to immigration is often I think the leaders of these factions are unhinged. When Simcox hired Diener and Associates to handle the PR that in itself was a good idea. Political movements and messages must be controlled or they lose focus. Also, people that should not be the messengers often become them. The message becomes hijacked. In a course of a few months this debate has gone from border security to topics that are just insane. Now I am hearing from people of secret plans to merge the USA, Mexico, and Canada. Elements in these groups have even started planting the wildest notions of Jewish Conspiracies. When Simcox hired a outside group for PR that was a good idea. The problem is that groups main concern was scamming $$$$$$$$ and not PR.

Recent examples-
Big Hat tip to The Pink Flamingo that brings attention to this disturbing report from Colorado. It seems that there was a meeting held in that State on this issue. I shall just quote part of it but I urge to to go to the Pink Flamingo for the full quotes links and background-
At this meeting the Denver Post reported:

In Aurora, Shirley Ortega Beamer urged Beauprez to work for legal changes that would revoke the identification documents of illegal immigrants before they are deported.
We have got to take the political backbone to say we will implement a shoot-to-kill order," Beamer said, prompting cheers from the crowd of about 100 people gathered in the Aurora City Council chamber.

Now I realize that one cannot control every nut that gets ups and speaks. However what is disturbing here is that the Crowd reaction!!!!!! Now I am not a idiot. I know that hearing was packed with Colorado MInutemen supporters. We just better hope that some enterprising Democractic political person doesnt air that on a Nationwide TV ad. No one mainstream ,conservative or liberal, in this Country supports killing women and children at the border.


However that was not the only example that got reported. I reported on a group of Texas Minutemen that went to a Republican Lunch meeting in very conservative Texas. Needless to say the Republicans were horrified. This is just a part from the Star Telegram's Few minutes with Minutemen is plenty of time for GOP group.

"When a Minutewoman from Dallas started complaining that ranchers can shoot diseased cattle at the border but not humans, and blamed permissive immigration on the "greedy business people" of America, their Republican host finally had enough and stood to cut off questions.
"Thank you," said Dan Garcia, 29, an Iraq war veteran and now a Texas A&M University student. Almost apologetically, he told the Brazos County Young Republicans, "Our goal was just to set up a forum where we could hear different opinions."
Later, he said the discussion "got out of hand a little too quickly."
"I don't think disease should be part of the issue," said Garcia, a Brownsville native and the son of immigrants from Mexico who earned doctorates. "Some of the things they said, I totally disagree with. As Republicans, we're not xenophobes. We just want to know who's coming into the country
."...... small group of Hispanic students and adults from Texas A&M University watched from a front table. Hispanic students have been part of the Gig 'Em tradition since at least 1894, when an Aggie from Hidalgo, Mexico, named N. Valdez scored A&M's very first football touchdown.
They bristled when McGauley's co-founder, a retired Dallas software engineer named Sandra Beene, started talking about shooting "varmints" and about how ranchers used to shoot cattle that crossed the border for fear they might have diseases.
"Now, we're bringing all the diseases that we wiped out right back in," she said.
Then, a barber from Bryan spoke up from the crowd to complain about trucks from Mexico using the planned Trans-Texas Corridor toll superhighway.
"Trucks are going to roll all the way into Kansas City from a foreign nation," McGauley said as if free trade is somehow sinister.
He mentioned the secret "plan" to merge North America, which must not be a secret up in Wise County.
Late in the discussion, Beene made this telling comment:
"Once, in this country, we imported a lot of people who were black, and we created a slave class of human beings," she said. "And we're still paying for that, through all the resentment. And black people are still paying for it, too

A few things to note. The person that brought that delegation to that Republican meeting is a huge person in the minuteman movement. In fact he is doing a lot to expose this Minutegate scam. So this is a major leader involved. Second, I think it is important to note how very Conservative Republicans reacted to this madness. It is apparent to say the least they did not approve. This stuff is occuring on a daily. Again lets thank God there were no TV Cameras present. The fact that conservatives Republicans repudiated such nonsense would not be noted in such a political commerical.


Jim Gilchrist, who is the major leader of the minutemen last week wanted to boycott Ford because a Girl said one word of Spanish in the Commercial.

Jim Gilchrist, founder of the California-based Minuteman Project and co-author of "Minutemen: The Battle to Secure America's Borders," thought it was just a another truck ad -- until Bilingual Babe speaks Spanish to Manuel. That made him mad."It's part of the Trojan horse domination of our culture. Now they're coming after our language," he says by telephone from New York, where he is on book tour. "It's another steppingstone in a literal takeover of our country, eventually. . . . I'm supportive of a boycott of Ford, because now they'll be complicit.

Now that is a major leader in the anti illegal alien movement. I mean the average public hears this and goes WTF? You can't make this stuff up.

This debate is getting out of control and losing focus fast. Needless to say we have not had a civil discourse on this issue like the President asked us too. TOo much of this gets out in the public square and even fawning Lou Dobbs of CNN will be able to save all us Republicans regardless of where we stand on this issue from being tarred with this.

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