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Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Democrats Amazing Hypocrisy On Immigration, Why I am Proud to be a Republican, and meet the Liberal Democrat's Version of Tom Tancredo

UPATE-II - Migra Matters added another comment to this post. I feel instead of a quick comment that I will comment and expand and clarify my line of thinking in this area in a seperate post tonight.

Update-Before going to bed I checked in on this post and Migra Matters was nice enough to respond. I glanced at his response and he brings many points I have anticipated would be brought up. However because of the hour I shall prob comment on this tommorow in the comment section whn I am more clearheaded. Thank again Migra Matters for responding.

Democrats and Fellow Travelers INDICTED
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I mention people in my blessed Republican Party, that I disagree with on the immigration all the time. But something has been bothering me for a while and a certain blog has prompted me to post how irresponsible and two-faced the Democrats and many liberals have been on this immigration issue.

I was playing around with Technorati again trying to figure out why my tags were not showing up on their site. I came across this site. Migra Matters that bills itself as a place where immigration policy is discussed. It bills itself as a site of Progressive Immigration Reform. Here are some some samples of Migra Matters Posts:
Border to be opened up for Cubans -
While House Republicans tour the country hoping to drum up votes in November by advocating the closing the southern border and the repatriation of one group immigrants - the White House announced a plan Friday to help shore up Republican prospects in Florida by opening the border to another group of immigrants....Ironically the day before the policy change was announcement, House Republicans brought their immigration road show to Sen. Frist’s home state of Tennessee to discuss the effects of increased immigration on the US healthcare system and individual American taxpayers.

Sensenbrenner testy over accusations of bigotry -

Oh look ma' the circus is comin' to town.
It appears as though House Republicans plan on spending the rest of the summer break touring the country with the road company of their newest production; "The Great Immigration Dog and Pony Show.

Hastert and Boehner do Joseph Goebbels proud-

Over 500 economists refute right-wing immigration myth. -

Making sense of the GOP's immigration schizophrenia -

Well, before I begin this overdue indictment of Liberals and the Dems let me comment on the excerpts I have in bold from this blog. As to the Cuban situation, the blog is pretty misleading as to what "White House" Republicans are doing. White House Republicans are not advocating closing the border. I suppose this blogger goes deaf when the White House speaks. George Bush is trying to find a solution. He is advocating guest workers programs and a path to citizenship. He is for Nafta and free commerce. As you can tell from this blog they have other issues with George Bush. To Migra Migration pick on the right republicans and others next time will you. More on how you can redeem yourself later.

The blogger talks about the Dog and Pony show coming up. Well I agree it is that. But missing from this is that the George Bush is planning to go and still speak up. Even though Tancredo has basically told him to stay home and shut up. That blog by the way is not a bad place to get information really. You just have to get passed the slant.

This post is about the glaring Hypocrisy of the Democrats and liberals. Notice no talk of Democrats and liberals and maybe what they are doing in this debate on Migra Matters or elsewhere. It is all the GOP. Well lets set the record straight some.

Goerge Bush's ,no matter what you think of him, heart and policy on this issue has been pretty consistent. He wanted a immigration bill. He wanted a bill that secured our borders, that had a guest worker program, and a pathway to citizenship. He wanted the people here, even though here illegally treated with dignity. He asked for a civil discussion and reminded us that these were human beings we were talking about. He was going into this messy issue of immigration with all that is associated with it. That took courage and to be honest it was not politcs wise the best thing to do if you it at it in a cold analtyical way.

Well the Republicans went through hell. At some point I thought the Democrats would reach out to the President. To stretch out their hand and help guide this debate and support him. Well besides Ted Kennedy ,that has a bunch of illegal Irishmen he wants to get make sure are treated right and fair, the DEMOCRAT party has been AWOL. Repeat AWOL. While the lives of over14 million people and their families(many American citizens) hang in the balance the Democrat party has been absent. I hope the Hispanic , Latino, and Asian voters noticed that. Trust me, I shall point that factoid out a great deal. In fact I am contemplating a whole seperate blog to help broadcast that message. That shows my level of disgust. You see if the Democrats had come forward and tried to guide the debate and given their shaky and uner attack Republican collegues some cover, we might have a bill now. Really. More on the Democrats in a minute.

Republican Heros-
There have been many Republicans that are trying to do the right thing. Let us start with Social Conservative and Republican Governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee. Also a man that has Presidiential ambitions in 08. Well as can be seen here because Mr Huckabee knew that immigration was a complex issue and that these were human beings, he was called to action. He even supported that these illegal kids have a right to a education. Opposition to that was came both from Republicans and DEMOCRATS. He is a Governor by the way and he is being attacked by the fringe. But nary a word of support from Progressives. This man has shown true leadership and like George Bush at a high political risk. Where were the Dems to give him cover. It would have helped. It didn't happen. Perhaps they didn't want to associate with someone that is a Christian Conservative and saw this as a pro-life position. Lets talk about Senator Brownback of Kansas. BrownBack has not shrunk from his view that immigrants are not the enemy. He believes that immigrants are the lifeblood of this country and that we can welcome them and secure our borders. He is another 08 hopeful that has much to gain from not rocking the boat. The Weekly Standard said:Social conservatives couldn't have a better friend on Capitol Hill than the Senator from Kansas. On the cultural divide, he stands as far away from Sen. Kennedy as Pluto is from Mars. Yet, Brownback was instrumental in getting the immigration bill out of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Upon passage, he noted the bill, which also tightens border security, isn't "amnesty," which some conservative critics have falsely claimed in much the same way liberals did in accusing Republicans of "cutting" programs when, in fact, they were just slowing the rate of spending growth. But now he is called Amnesty Sam by the Tancredo crowd. See Tom Tancredo: Sam Brownback 'Miserable' on Illegal Immigration. According to the people that try to shape public views and in which Republicans Congressmen watch to see the prevailing winds this paper reports:"Brownback has been out front among Republicans for his support of a guest-worker program. The presidential aspirant is facing serious heat for his position. Human Events, a well-read Republican blog, said Brownback's immigration stance "should put an end to any remote chance he had at the White House. Now I could on and on. I could talk about Senator Lindsy Grahmn of South Carolina that is trying his best to reach an equitable solution. OF course he has future ambitions too and needless to say this was a risky issue for this first term Senator. Needless to say We have seen that Sen John McCain has taken this issue by the horns and has showed great courage. McCain is another Presidential hopeful in 08. Shall we talk about Republican Representative Chris Cannon from Utah. He has been up to neck with this issue for years. The Tanton groups and anti immigration forces have targeted him for years and tried to defeat him twice. We had a great battle in Utah a little over a month ago. The President weighed in and we spent precious resources to maintain a sane voice in this debate. What about Congressman Mike Pence. Now I might disagee with him on the specifics , but this rising star has been targeted because he dares to find or try to offer any compromise.

The Democrats Failure.

So we have Three GOP Presidential hopefuls trying to find a solution to this problem that will work and still treat these people with Human dignity. We have two rising stars in the GOP that are trying to do the same. Finally we have the President of United States that is spending whatever political captial that he has left in his lameducked administration to try to find a solution. There are countless other GOPers too that are doing the same. All tackling a issue full of emotion and political dangers. A issue that cannot be explained in a 30 second soundbite. The Democrats leaders on this issue have been:

. That is right a big blank. I never see them on TV or on the talking head shows. The only people I see are people like Tancredo that are screaming that he and others will try to defeat any Republican that goes against the people he represents. I see Republicans talking and discussing with other Republicans but nary a Democrat. Even Ted Kennedy has been missing in action lately. Why is that? Why when tens of millions of peoples lives are at stake that there is no call on the left to work with the President and many Republicans to reach a solution. How come I don't see this issue discussed hardly any on Democractic Forums and blogs? When I hear it discussed it is either (1) OPEN AND OVERTHETOP Glee that George Bush might get defeated again, or (2) look at those nasty Republicans. You know there are hundred issues to make political hay over. This should not have been one of them and especially not to be used in some stupid political caculation for Novemeber. But I suspect it might be something else. Democrats will produce the occasional Hispanic congressman from a safe district but often no one else in the public square. To say the least I find Sen Clinton, Sen Biden, and othesr action on this issue quite telling. I don't think a ocassional press release helps much really. Could it be that perhaps this has something to do with Organized Labor and their concerns? Well we have been fighting these groups for years. In fact the Democrats gained a Senate seat when Republican Spencer Abraham from Michigan went down by 40,000 votes over this issue in 2000. Another Republican brave voice. He was defeated by the Tanton groups that have no real right versus left views but just this insane radical population theory. From the Southern Poverty Law Center:During the 2000 Michigan senatorial race, FAIR ran ads that essentially suggested that Spencer Abraham [R-Mich.] was allowing terrorists into the country by backing higher numbers of visas for immigrants with high-tech skills. The ads also implied, but didn't say directly, that that was because Abraham was an Arab American.
Did the brouhaha over those ads hurt FAIR? Didn't Alan Simpson, one of FAIR's biggest supporters in the Senate, resign their board as a result?
SWARTZ: He did! Simpson condemned the ads. I think the attacks on Abraham really hurt FAIR among certain Republicans. Something like 20 to 25 Senate Republicans put their names on a letter denouncing FAIR for the Abraham attack
. OF course, because of his loss and a certain Repubican Senator's defection from Vermont yall had control of the Senate. So who cares. It would be nice if his Democrat replacement would have the honor to take a leading role against these people. I wonder why she doesn't? Hmm , I could go and on. Perhaps the blog Migra Matters and others will talk about the Congressioanal Black Cacucus that often when talking about hispanics sounds like to me to be more like the Council of Conservative Citizens. Let me give one word of advice to the people on the left. I wouldn't play political games with this issue.The people that are behind this are very non partisan in a way. If you disagree just go look at the boards of FAIR, CIS, and Numbers. They should not be played around with. They will be after you next. But there is always redemption as they say. It is not too late. We can come together and stop the bickering and agree to try to find a "Solomon" like solution to this. To the Democrats, Liberals , and Progressives does your hatered of Bush extend so far that you will not join us in reaching a solution? To Migra Matters blog a chance at redemption.

Meet the Liberal Version of Tom Tancredo- Bennie Thompson
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(Congressman Bennie Thompson on left Chuck Epsy on Right)
To the progressive blog Migra Matters, Democrat Bennie Thompson is from Mississippi. He district is a majority black and it will be hard for a Republican to win. Even though I do recommend people support the woman, Yvonne Brown, that is carrying our banner.(I will have a seperate blog entry on her later this week). Bennie Thompson is also the ranking Democrat on the Homeland Security committee. If the Dems take the House he will be Chairmain(God help us if that happens)Congressman Thompson had opposition in his primary from Mr Epsy this past fall. When I was in Mississippi I went to one of his political forums. He basically said that the policy should be to deport all illegal Mexicans. This man if the Democrats take control of the House will be head of the Homeland Security committee in the House. A committee that will play a large role in any future immigration debate. In fact according to the Vicksburg Post:
Thompson said he supported a pathway to citizenship for immigrants in the United States legally, but that all illegal immigrants should be deported immediately. He also said the government should “make sure individuals who work should be paid a living wage. Contractors who pay sub-minimum wage should be fined.”Espy said existing laws should be enforced and border security should be increased with a comprehensive plan.“I am simply for increasing that border patrol, “ Espy said. “We must do it.

I find it amusing and sad at this situation but it points out the truth of what this whole post is about. Liberal Democrat Bennie Thompson that could Chair one of the Ranking Committee's that will handle immigration is as extreme as Congressman Tancredo. While his opponent,Chuck Epsy, supported a comprehensive approach. What help did Epsy get from Democrats that say they are concerned about immigration? The answer none. The DEMS SUPPORTED A MAN THAT WANTS TO DEPORT ALL ILLEGALS NO EXCEPTIONS AND HE COULD BE HEAD OF THE HOUSE COMMITTEE ON HOMELAND SECURITY. Dems and liberals you stand indicted. However, there is chance for "amnesty" as they say. Come to the table and help us find a solution. Perhaps Migra Matters blog will speak out against Thompson and urge his defeat. I mean do they want him head of the Homeland Security Committe where much immigration bills will have to go through?

Why I Am Proud To Be A Republican

As the Democrats have been AWOL because of either political caculations or fear on the immigration issue we Republicans have not. That is something to be proud of. I am glad that we have a Republican President that was the first to really try to deal with this problem. I am proud that so many Republican 08 hopefuls have not taken the easy way out and are dealing with this issue in a honest and tough way at political risk to themselves. I am proud that according to polls most Republicans favor a comprehensive approach. I am proud we stood up to the forces of extremism and fear in Utah when the Democrats and Liberals did not and are not in the Delta of Mississippi. I am proud we are the party that deals with serious issues no matter how unpopular. We are still the Party of Lincoln. We are still the Party that largely gave the Votes to end the Evils of Government Mandated Segregation and State Mandated loss of voting Rights. That party is speaking today. That party shall prevail. I am proud to be a Republican.

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Blogger Duke1676 said...

First off I'd like to say thank you for taking the time for reading some of the work done at Migra Matters and featuring it here at your blog. While there are many issues that I'm sure we disagree on, immigration reform is one that I believe we have much more in common than you think.

As to your assertion that Progressives and Democrats have been silent on this issue, while we giddily sit on the sidelines watching the intra-party fight between Tom Trancredo's Congressional Immigration Reform Caucus and President Bush and his allies in the Senate, could not be further from reality. You must remember that in April and May, as millions of immigrants took to the streets to protest the House Bill (HR4437), it was Democrats who spoke to the crowds and marched hand in hand with them. This in spite of fact that House Republicans took every opportunity to point out that this demonstrated their "weakness on border security" and "lack of concern for working Americans" as they sided with "lawbreaking illegal aliens" … certainly not a politically expedient move by the Dems given the current political climate.

Even a cursory look at how this issue has evolved over the last few years reveals that only one group deserves the blame for co-opting this issue and preventing any true compromise towards comprehensive reform from happening- the House Republicans led by Tom Tancredo. They have prevented rational people from both sides of the aisle from moving forward.

You speak of a lack of support for comprehensive reform by Democrats, yet a look at the record shows something far different.

In the Senate, where tradition has been somewhat respected and decorum has remained civil enough to allow for some bi-partisan compromise, support for comprehensive reform has been nearly universal among Democrats.

The House of course is a different story, with Hastert and DeLay (and now Boehner) running roughshod over the legislative process, making sure no legislation is proposed unless it's guaranteed a Republican majority ( a policy, that if followed in the Senate would have prevented the Senate immigration legislation from ever seeing the light of day). This body is now essential a one-party institution for all intents and purposes, so it is only in the Senate that Democratic action is worth discussing.

When Sen. McCain first introduced his immigration bill (that would later be called the McCain-Kennedy Bill) it was truly a bi-partisan effort with 5 Democratic co-sponsors and 4 Republicans.

Secure America and Orderly Immigration Act of 2005 (S.1033) 5/12/2005

Sponsor: Sen. John McCain [R-AZ]

Sen Brownback, Sam [R-KS]
Sen Chafee, Lincoln [R-RI]
Sen Graham, Lindsey [R-SC]
Sen Kennedy, Edward M. [D-MA]
Sen Kerry, John F. [D-MA]
Sen Lieberman, Joseph I. [D-CT]
Sen Martinez, Mel -[R-FL]
Sen Obama, Barack [D-IL]
Sen Salazar, Ken [D-CO]

A year later, after the House Republicans co-opted the immigration issue and passed HR 4437 in spite of objections from both President Bush and Senate Republicans, the Senate took up the issue. But the House Republicans had already set the agenda. In the Senate many compromises had to be made by the majority party to move the legislation forward. Leader Frist himself introduced a bill mirroring the one the House had passed, Sen. Specter did nearly the same before incorporating most of McCain-Kennedy into his Chairmen's mark in the Judiciary.

Even after the bill moved out of the Judiciary to the floor it was modified even more to appease the House Republicans. Provisions for wall-building were increased, English-only provisions were added and other modifications were added.

The final compromises were added with the incorporation of the Hagel-Martinez provisions which moved the bill even further from the origin intent of McCain-Kennedy. This final compromise bill was very much the product of compromises not between Democrats and Republicans, but rather between House and Senate Republicans. This is reflected in the partisan nature of its sponsorship.

Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2006 (S.2611) 4/7/2006

Sponsor: Sen Specter, Arlen [R-PA]

Sen Brownback, Sam [R-KS]
Sen Graham, Lindsey [R-SC]
Sen Hagel, Chuck [R-NE]
Sen Kennedy, Edward M. [D-MA]
Sen Martinez, Mel [R-FL]
Sen McCain, John [R-AZ]

YET .. given all this, the bill was passed solely due to the strong backing of Senate Democrats. (so much so, that our friends in the House now refer to it as "The Democrat Reid-Kennedy Senate Immigration Bill")

Vote on S.2611:
23 Yea
32 Nay

38+1 Yea
4 Nay
2 non-voting

Now as to your assertions that that Miga Matters in particular unfairly portraits the Republican stance on immigration reform, I think a careful reading would reveal that not unlike yourself, it is the Trancredo controlled House Republicans that are the subjects of 90% of the criticism. The only time Senate Republicans or even Bush have been criticized is when they have abandoned their principles and pandered to Tancredo and those who have been brought under his spell be it politicians or the electorate, or have used immigration for political expediency, as in the current case with the current Cuba situation.

Although I generally don't make a habit of going out of my way to sing the praises of Republicans (as I know is the case with you in regards to Democrats), I have on occasion written positively of their actions on this issue. Sen. Graham was one such instance: The Money Quote: What is Home?

Now as to the big money question: BUSH

While nearly all Senate and House Democrats back his general stance on immigration, I personally do not. Having very serious reservations about the "guest worker" program for numerous reasons (which you can find on Migra Matters), I cannot personally back his particular vision. In this I am out of the mainstream of Democratic thought. The majority of the party faithful, most all the Unions and even some in the immigrants right movement have no problem with the guest worker idea ….I do….so it is for that reason, and that reason only, that Migra Matters does not advocate for the Presidents positions.

That said … the work we do at Migra Matters in taking on the Tancredo wing of the Republican Party is in alliance with your positions and in that way does aid yours and the Presidents cause. Frankly … given the current state of political discourse … that's not so bad …is it?

One final note, as it is very late at night,…. I believe that if the Republican Party could "rein in the dogs" so to speak in regards to Tanredo, Steve King, JD Hayworth, etc. you would see a much more civil debate and more participation from Dems. Personally I would much rather butt heads over the particulars of how a guest worker program should be administered or how many H1b visas should be issued to a given industry than having to argue over whether immigrants "steal America jobs" or how they "destroy our culture" … in many ways your party holds the key … you control the legislative agenda and all three branches of government …if you are looking for true bi-partisan action, it is your party that must keep it's most extreme elements in check … just as we would have to do if the situation was reversed …. Because when we don't, we end up with McGovern and you end up with Tancrado … and no one benefits from that.

2:33 AM  
Blogger Duke1676 said...

one more quick comment:

you warn against going after CIS FAIR and NUMBERS ...

We have fact we broke a story about NUMBERS being behing Steve Kings attempt to block the Voting Rights Act renewal over the bilingual provisons. .. it had a large amount of information about Tanton and his web of organizations.

The story was picked up by numerous Liberal websites like Buzzflash and Wonkete along with Google News ... it was read by ten's of thousands ... Including the people from NUMBERS who contacted us through The Southern Poverty Law Center who also had a hand in the story ...NUMBERS denied the story .... but never demanded a retraction ... so you can take that for what it's worth.

Anyway I just wanted to let you know that we, at least at Migra Matters, are willing to take on CIS and the rest of the Tanton gang.


3:02 AM  

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