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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A Day in the Shreveport Mayor's Race- Trying to Get the Gay Vote

Well since we have the whole town running for mayor of Shreveport Louisiana every segment of the community is being sought. It seems like the Shreveport Homosexual Community was the latest target to hear the sales pitches. I swear I am not making any of the following up: From the Shreveport Times on August the 19th-

"He's usually pretty witty, but a joke by Shreveport mayoral candidate Jerry Jones fell flat at the recent forum of the Political Action Council for Equality, a bipartisan organization that works to advance equality among the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community in northwest Louisiana.In his opening remarks before answering a question about how to bring creative young people to the city, Jones said, "I don't understand why there's discrimination. For instance, I wish I had talent. Why is it that most talent, artistic talent, exists with gay lesbians and not us heterosexuals? I don't get it. I would like to be able to draw. I would like to be able to sing. And I can't. ... But what I do understand is this, is that I want to be around those talented people. I want to be around people who lift me up and lift my soul up. And I can look at their art, and I can listen to their music. I can listen to their plays and watch them perform. And it lifts my soul up. So Shreveport needs to be a place, must be a place, to which creative people are attracted."The comment raised a few eyebrows among people who questioned if it perpetuates a stereotype. The Times asked Jones to clarify the comment."I think what I was trying to say was there are people who are artistic and people who are talented, and we want those people. And we want those people no matter what their particular lifestyle will be."

Candidate Wilson McMullan showed up late from work at Vitamin Plus and spoke only for about 45 seconds at the end of the forum. He wore a "If you vote for Pedro, all of your wildest dreams will come true" T-shirt, a reference from the movie "Napoleon Dynamite."Following is what two of the other candidates had to say.

Vernon Adams Answering a question about whether he’d invite an openly gay person to work in his administration: “Even though it’s not ordained by the Bible, in choosing my committees, I will certainly surround myself with the most brilliant, dedicated men and women I can find. And if I know there is a person that falls in that category, then I will have to look at it. Does that person know Jesus Christ as his personal savior? If he does, then he will enter the gates of heaven one day, just like I will. But if that person does not know the Lord as his personal savior, then he will not serve on my committee.”

Madjun Ali - Answering a question about whether he would support language in the city law that would indicate it wouldn’t tolerate discrimination against sexual orientation: “You can’t make a straight person accept a gay person. But what you can do, if you want to operate within the realms of my city, you will have to accept it. Meaning there’s going to a zero-tolerance to any discrimination of any sort. As mayor of this city, I will not discriminate against anyone. If you have a business plan that you want to bring into this city, and you’re not straight like an arrow, you might be crooked like an S, I’m not going to discriminate on your personal business.”Answering a question on how to deal with educating people, particularly young ones, about the ongoing issue of AIDS awareness: “We’re not going to be able to reach out and touch everybody and cure them. We’re not going to be able to tell each young lady and young man that, hey, your prom date is bad. You really can’t stop it. You have to let them know that it’s there. I know what the sex ed (does): It stirs your imagination. You can’t keep them out of the bushes, but you can let them know there’s a bad bug in there.”Answering a question about whether he’d invite an openly gay person to work in his administration: “The gay population is growing like any other population. We don’t know why it grows, we don’t know, it just grows, it happens. It ends up, that’s something that happens. So, no, we can’t exclude someone with their sexual orientation. s long as you don’t come to the city board and try to recruit. Keep it with yourself. Take it home and deal with it the way you do. How you get down, that’s you. When we’re at work, we’re at workIf they want to be on a city board, then OK. A.”

There is more hilarious Commentary at MarshalFanninblog on this whole scene plus be sure to check out the comments-

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