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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Coming Up- The blogroll and What the folks that are after Gibson Should Really BE Concerned About

Just to let you know what you have took forward too, I thought I would give a preview. There is going to be a small recap of what my blogroll has been saying and I have been ignoring them for the last few days. I have been working with a group of Conservatives that are from across the Nation to complile info on Minutegate as well as other groups we feel are hurting the Republican and Conservative cause. It is tedious work and even with so many people working it is a slow process. However we are showing some real progress from our work so far. It shall provide real results in the future as well as making me get a background on a subject that was a mystery to me a few months back

This condemations and the Media Coverage of the Mel Gibson episode has really got me thinking. Why isn't the media questioning associations with other "suspect groups" well that will the subject of the major post after my blogroll roundup. That is a expose on the Political Cesspool show I have been promising forever. I promise if even Christ comes tomorrow in the second coming I will that piece up first. I been promising it for a week. Some info has come to light I wish to check out on it. I wish to be fair as possible. But it will be a vary important post. One I hope people spread around.

Also I shall update the list of Arizona Bloggers I have contacted as to this post.


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