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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Breaking- Pondering American and Council of Conservative Citizens St Louis Agree on Something- Sign of the End of Days

I must say I checked in with by friend the blogmeister at the Council of Conservative Citizens ST. Louis Chapter was doing. For those that don't know the St Louis Chapter is sort of the unholy version of the Vatican of the Council of Conservative Citzens. It is even where its Pontiff , Mr Baum, is located. However much like the Vatican and Italy and the power and prestige of the Church, the power of ther CofCC I sense has shifted to other areas

A word of note on this blog and the person that runs it. I noted on the post below that I suspect there were factions in the Kooky Council of Conservative Citizens that were not too happy with embracing of all this extreme Jew Hatred. Anti semitism has been there in that organization but at different levels of degrees. Just from observation, I think perhaps the mother Church of the movement is an example of that. The blogmeister appears to be very sort of Ole School in the Citizens movement. I note very few Jewish Conspiracy stories on his blog. Even though I think he throws in the occasional "Amero" and "North American Union" koodum stories for keeping the crowd happy. It appears that St Louis Reich chapter is pretty much behind the times. Mainly stories that concentrate on how all the blacks are pretty much ruining things with the occasional Hispanics are causing the country to go to hell post thrown in and we are all about to be conqured by the brown people.

Anyway, enough History. Like I said I agree with the blogmeister on a issue. That is the issue of google and perhaps we should be doing things to make sure they are not the only game in town. I was not thrilled at some of the actions that google and yahoo have done in places like China. Anywho here is the link with reference to a good article and what we should consider doing while we are typing on our keyboards.

Oh we agree on one other thing. The Minutemen associated with Chris Simcox(Minutegate) is one big ole huge scam. In fact members of their organization ,the CoCC, were some of the first to bring this story to light. True it was because of silly neocon and globalist under my bed theories, but they should get credit. Even though their theories about the ultimate aim and goal of the Simcox Minutemen is pretty laughable. No NeoCon Conspiracy kookdum folks. Kristol from the Weekly Standard is not the man behind the curtain and neither is this some secret "open border lobby(oh how I hate that term) shell game. It is simply about $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

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