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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Breaking -People Move To Louisiana and Like it

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You know I have been hearing so much complaining about Louisiana during the last year that I guess I am in shock when someone says something nice about us. I was playing with this Technorati thing and set one of its monitering devices to "Louisiana". Well this headline came up.

State Car Inspection: Another reason to LOVE Louisiana!!!

Its a couple that has moved to our State from Penn and they LOVE it. Can you imagine their reaction if they had happened to move to some place in Louisiana besides Baton Rouge- It would be like Nivernia.-ok only kidding. I am already in trouble making fun of ULL today. Anywho they say:

We are officially residents of the fine state of Louisiana. We had our license plates changed today following the required state car inspection. The state inspection process here is absolutely notjing like Pennsylvania. We drove to the inspection site where we were asked to honk the horn, put on the windshield wipers, turn on the turn signals, put the car in reverse and hit the brakes. They attached a monitor to the gas cap and to the ignition, checked the tires and in less than twenty minutes, both cars had new stickers. The workers at the inspection site put on our new license plates for us, too! We love the plates which deature the state bird, the brown pelican. The fee for the inspection is $18 per car. How can you not love a state like this?

Easy Car inspections, shoot we should put them in a nationwide television ad. Hey it might work. We will save that Congressional seat yet. before the Census They use the words "fine" and "love" (twice) in relation to our state. I mean I am feeling like a person must feel after having human contact after being stranded on a desert Island for 10 years.

In the entry entitled
Eureka! There IS Olive Loaf in Baton Rouge!!!
My quest for the lunch meats that I love had a positive outcome today. While shopping in Albertson's ( the parent company of Acme), I happened upon a man stocking the deli case. He looked like a man who knew his lunchmeats. He was even wearing a hat emblazoned with the name of a local lunch meat company. He was a nice, polite fellow who listened to my most desired lunch meats litany with patience and good humor. While the term "veal loaf" and "plain loaf" held no meaning for him, he smiled broadly at the mention of "olive loaf", drawling words that made me happy, " Yes, m'am, we sure do have that!". And, behold, he produced not only olive loaf but also pimento loaf. These are part of the "Classic Deli" line of his company. The "veal loaf" intrigued him and he has joined the quest, like a lunch meat knight errant, to see if this Holy Grail of sandwich meat can be found south of the Mason-Dixon line.

My gosh out there in Sherwood Forest. See folks we are not in the middle of no where USA like all the complainers that do nothin than bitch say. People from the big North can find things in little ole Baton rouge

You should read all their entries for July and August. They love the food, the people. They are not even complaining about the horrible Baton rouge traffic and Ozone alerts yet.. They went to New Orleans and fell in love with it and that is POST KATRINA NEW ORLEANS It isnt even LSU FOOTBALL Season yet. Wait till they experience that. Wait till they see the rest of the State if they are so blown over by Baton Rouge.

I suppose it is nice to highlight this and realize we are not garbage. I mean the Nation was great after the hurricane. It was no doubt. But after a while the nation lost a lot of patience. Some of this was fair. But much of it wasn't and I found got sort of mean spirited. If you talked about our problems of Coastal erosion you are accused of being a ingrateful ingrate. If you talked about suffering you were viewed as just wanting more. For instance, how many NOLA Expats horror stories do we have to hear. I am sure there must be some our finest that had to leave that are contributing in their new communties. Can't we hear a story about that? IN the World outside Louisiana Rita was a hurricane that hit Beaumont not Louisiana. You ask them about St Bernard Parish and they never heard of it. Lake Charles or Cameron Parish you just get a shrug.

I guess I am tired of apologizing. I am the first to criticize this state but not everything broke down. During Rita and Katrina alot worked. People from my town that worked for Wildlife and Fisheries were down there in New Orleans hours after saving people in New Orleans and else where. This state emergency system went into high gear. In my little ole Parish in North Louisiana we had about 2000 people mostly from St Bernard. Companies gave up Christmas parties to donate and make sure their needs were met. Shreveport had a increase of 20,000 in a week and everyday Louisiana folks stood up. That was repeated in every city in this state big and small but that was never seen on TV. So yeah a lot went wrong but a lot went right too. That should not be forgotten. So I guess its nice to see people that actually like us Louisiana folks instead of being the butts of mean and stupid jokes and sterotypes.

So Welcome Mo and Mary Ellen Glad to have you.


Blogger Nick said...

I complain about Louisiana alot, but it's about our politicians. I love this state, and the main reason why I'm still here is because I want the opportunity to help bring it to the prosperity it deserves.

8:40 PM  
Blogger Pondering American said...

Oh I agree. Hell I one of the biggest compaliners. But you know how it got this year. A lot of cheap shots I thought was taken at us. Basically it seemed people took soem enjoyment in it and you could never explain it to them the good as wwell as the bad and get them to listen.

9:02 PM  

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