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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Breaking Info on American Caging and Minutegate

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Stayed tuned to this Entry. I have been informed by some people that have visted my blog that they too had concerns about American Caging. Some info has come to light and is now on the net. I just got the email and link and I am examining now

Update American Caging and Some Valid Concerns

Wow, it seems my blog has been of some use to some people out there. It is nice to see that I am not speaking into a vacuum. I strongly urge you yo go to this site and see the thread on American caging. American caging is wrapped up in this whole KEYES/SHELDON/GREENE thing I have been talking about. I you remember I voiced some big concerns over American Caging on July 25 on this blog. Hopefully now from the info going public I will not have to make that trip to Houston. Much of the information that was some of the basis for that concern is contained in the above link . However it appears far worse than I first thought.

Folks, it is time to ask some valid questions here. American caging and it appears the owners are having some big finanacial problems. THe freakin copying people are sueing them over the copy machine for non payment. They are not in good standing for failure to pay back taxes. I have examined American caging and that place makes a ton. There could be many reasons for this. However let me offer a possibility that must be checked out.

I have examined how this groups operate. Every Service they buy is from each other. They buy that throught the donations that we conservatives and Republicans donate to this nonsense. It always struck me funny why American caging was always there in almost everything I examined. Could it be that much of the caging fee's are either (1) going back to the Greene/Sheldon/Keyes/Zohidates syndicate or 2) that perhaps the true owners of American caging are not the ones we believe to them be. That is a valid hypothesis and to be honest I find that likely looking at the history of Court Records and liens discussed there. Again, there is something rotten with American caging in my view or at the very least in needs a bath. There is a lot of smoke. And according to that site there is alot more smoke than even I was aware of. Stay tuned.


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