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Friday, August 11, 2006


I intend to do a roundup of the Louisiana Races since qualifying ended about a hour ago but first this.


From the
08/11/06 XXXX 02:00:01 PM CT
If you didn't hear state- wide talk radio host
Moon Griffon this morning, you missed a doozy!
HERE IS THE AUDIO file of Blanco calling into the show and launching into a vicious tirade against David Vitter!
In the interview, the formerly easy- going, mild- mannered governor launches into an angry diatribe against senator Vitter.
Several times, she snobbishly refers to Senator Vitter as "the junior senator."
The first time she calls Dave "Junior," she notes that she was on vacation for a couple of days, when suddenly there was a public explosion, and the JUNIOR SENATOR was spreading "false information!"
At several points, she bellows in a disciplinary fashion, like an angry, dictatorial school marm.
"I am not putting up with misleading statements, and Mr. Vitter has my phone number! We're talking about honesty here and this is a dishonest way to do business!"
Strangely enough, the governor claims ownership of Vitter, calling him MY SENATOR!
"I expect for MY SENATORS to be statesman! To be helpful! To be cooperative!" she barks.
"This is not the first time this particular JUNIOR senator has gone public instead of being MATURE!!!!" she wails.

Of course this all over the controversy of this proposed toll booth proposal that incluses I-10 and I-12. One gets a sense though it involves more that that though. Conservative Cajun has a update on the idiotic toll booth thing and whose idea this was. Further in a later update Conservative Cajun gives his view of Blanco's performance on the Griffon Show. He says:
I have a couple of issues with Mr. Rogers’s article, as I believe he is being a bit unfair to Governor Blanco. First of all, Governor Blanco said, “I expect for my U.S. SENATORS to be statesman.” She was not claiming ownership of Senator Vitter, only saying what any of us would say. I expect for my U.S. and State Senators to be statesmen and to be honest and competent. Second, Governor Blanco did repeatedly declare that she too is against putting toll booths on existing interstate highways.....I have to disagree with Mr. Rogers’s assessment that Governor Blanco claimed ownership of Vitter either, though she was apparently very upset with him. Regardless, Mr. Rogers has done a good job of staying on top of an issue that needs to be brought to the forefront of our state media for the citizens of Louisiana.

I ahve to agree with Conservative Cajun a tad here. I listen to the broadcast and didn't think it was bad as The Dead Pelican sort of played it. However I agree with the following also.

Emily Metzgar on her blog has some public thoughts. Basically that they need to keep quiet and keep their disagreements in private. She says in part:
Discord between Governor Blanco and Senator Vitter is increasingly evident and given partisan politics and looming elections this agitating isn’t especially surprising. But going public with whatever their interpersonal issues might be doesn’t do much to help a state whose reputation is already badly sullied by decades of such discord — not to mention dismal performance during last year’s hurricane season.
Quick history review: Anyone remember why Louisiana’s isn’t already getting increased royalties for offshore drilling? It was because of discord among officials/power brokers within Louisiana…
Bottom line: When private spats go public Louisiana loses

I couldnt help but notice that one my blogroll guys gave their two cents. We Saw That made a comment and in fact managed to bash Vitter and somehow work in a jab to the Patriot Act on a issue that involves Toll Booths. I will pass comment on that. I kinda of agree with Metzgar here. I mean this makes all great theatre and all ,but I do think this public spat between the Governor and Senator Vitter is a little unseemly. I suppose it will get worse.

Let me say I agree with Dr Shadow on who is being more forthcoming. I say Vitter.

I think much more is going on here than just his toll booth question. But returning to that issue. I will just say it is a bad idea.


Blogger we saw that... said...

well the governor did shout into the phone a couple of times that was a bit shocking.

10:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They are never going to be in good standing until she register her company in Texas. Plus she has to many thing hiding under her pillow. About last week they started shradding some files and credit card copys and sending some hard copys to a person who had called them for it. Hmmmm? Fuel fot thought.

1:57 AM  

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