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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Possible Big Scandal In THe Louisiana Dept of Corrections

Here is the link to the story that tells of the high ranking official with the Louisiana Department of Corrections that is now cooperating with the FEDS. THis could be huge.

Louisiana sometimes gets a bad rap as to corruption in State Government. Much progress has been made since the years of Edwin Edwards. However one area that is still a major problem is the Louisiana Department of Corrections.

I have quite a bit of experience and knowledge of how things really work there. It in a word is not pretty. The individual wardens of the Prisons are like Feudal Lords and are involved in so many business enterprises related to the prisons it is just ridiclous. It is time for the whole house of cards to fall down if you ask me.

At times it is apparent how powerful they are. Gov Blanco seemed incapable of getting rid of Secretary Stalder who runs the whole thing even though she wanted too.
If you watch much TV I am sure you seen of the many shows on the famous Angola prison. I have to admit everytime I see one of those shows I have to laugh. THe warden of Angola is Burl Cain. Everytime he is on TV all we know is how he loves the inmates and is helping to spread Jesus to them. HE is a hard nosed warden that has reservations about the Death Penalty. Oh how the media loves him. If it would not cause real grief to a certain person, I could tell some stories on him. The list goes on and on. It is not isolated to Baton Rouge or Angola either.

THe most shocking think about the Department of Corrections is just how plain open they are about it. Want to become assistant Warden or even a Warden one day, well just sleep with the boss. I am not kidding. I never could keep up with whom was sleeping with whom and who was having affairs with whom. I am sure the Viagra prescriptions are somehow being done through the Prisons pharmacies. I was involved with a person that saw that up close and personal and when she became a problem to people she was pretty much crushed.

Prison Enterprises appears to be a problem that will not go away. The investigation into this has been going on for years. I thought the Feds had given up on it. Apparently not.

Anywho, this could become a big factor in the Governor's race coming up. If this breaks like it should people will be shocked and horrified what has been going on for decades.

Anyway, I have a very personal interest in this story because a person that was very close to me got hurt because she basically was to honest to work in that mess. I suspect she was one of many. I think most of those people have moved on. However some that were involved have long memories. Including me. Stay tuned.
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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Bush is A Class Act

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The above pic is Bush at St Louis Cathedral in New Orleans. Behind him by the way are Governor Blanco and her husband. First, let me say that I think that pic shows the great prayfulness of the President. Some things can't be faked. Anywho, The Anchoress has some great thoughts on the above at her post entitled “How a Non-Catholic respectfully communes at Mass” The point of the post as you shall see is not to give a protocal lesson for Non Catholics at Catholic Churches. She goes and nicely shows the contrast with a certain former President who in the exact same situation does quite the opposite of Bush.
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Some Anglicans Want to Get rid of Bishop Polk it Seems

Drell's Descants has the scoop on all this silliness. I think the comment section is worth a look at as to this nonsense. If we get rid of and denounce Civil War Bishop and General Polk then Washington and Jefferson will be next. I added my two cents in the comment section. But I felt this comment really hit the nail on the head.
I think it was CS Lewis (Problem of Pain or Mere Christianity) who warned us not to think too much of our modern accomplishments and then think of those of the Middle Ages as violent, cruel and barbaric. Their sins may be trivial compared to our lack of courage, our craven devotion to comfort and things, and our vast pride in our own accomplishments. Chronological chauvinism at work.

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Understatement of the Year

The Leader of the Republican Party in New Mexico chimed in on his view of how the immigration debate is affecting the Republican party. Tip of the hat to Pink Flamingo for pointing this article out. He said:

"You always have self-serving politicians who are focused on one thing - getting elected or re-elected - and they put rhetoric ahead of what's good for the country," said Allen Weh, chairman of the Republican Party of New Mexico. "We're going to have some collateral damage from this rhetoric." -

Well it would be nice if Lou Dobbs of CNN can quit his daily political commerical for the minutemen and Tom Tancredo and perhaps have this gentlemen on. Perhaps Sean Hannity can quit listening to his good friend Connie Hair and perhaps have him on for a few minutes. It seems that his is a voice that perhaps we should hear in the party since he is actually on the scene. Oh well, perhaps Michelle Malkin will call in sick and he can be a replacement.

OF course , this is the huge example of the year of this happening. The Dubai Terminal deal was also not the Republican Controlled House's finest hour.

I sometimes visted a very Progressive Liberal Immigration blog called Migra matters. Which reminds me I still have to respond to his responsesabout one of my post. Anywho, we disagree a great deal on certain specifics of what immigration reform would look like. However , it is nice to be able to discuss these matters with someone whose first reaction is not to tell me to shut up and to call me a traitor. Anyway he had this piece up the other day:

"What I wanted was witnesses who agree with me, not disagree with me," said Congressman Charlie Norwood(R-GA) at last Tuesdays Congressional field hearing on immigration in Gainesville Georgia held by The House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Health. The hearing was intended to gather information about the impact of undocumented immigration on the state's Medicaid program and health care delivery system. Apparently though, "information" was not really what the House Republican wanted to hear, threatening a witness when she failed to present testimony to support his views. At one point he scolded immigration specialist Alison Siskin, of the Congressional Research Service, saying he was "disappointed" with her testimony and that he intended to complain to her supervisors at CRS after she said there were no studies to show "rampant abuse" of government healthcare programs."

Well oh well that is what I like. Republican Congressmen threatening to go the the "Boss" because he wasnt hearing what he wanted too.(SARC)

It appears the Local paper agreeded with my sentiments
When it was announced that two Congressional hearings on the subject of immigration would be held in North Georgia, we heard from many people who thought the hearings would be little more than opportunities for politicians to pander to their political bases.
They might have been right.
With his comments, U.S. Rep. Charlie Norwood made it clear he wasn't interested in gathering information.
"What I wanted was witnesses who agree with me, not disagree with me," the congressman said.
He also threatened to call the boss of an immigration specialist with the Congressional Research Service for no other reason than he didn't agree with what she had to say.
It's little wonder people don't trust politicians when they see their elected officials close their ears to facts.
Why should we vote for someone who refuses to listen? Why have a hearing if you've already made up your mind on the issue?
People want answers from their leaders, not just someone who repeats what others have told them. That's not leadership, it's pandering.
And what about poor Alison Siskin, the immigration specialist who Norwood threatened? Siskin said studies had been unclear about whether illegal immigrants had much impact on government health care.
"The studies are all over the place," she said. "There are not studies that have shown rampant abuse."
Norwood said he was "disappointed" in Siskin and said he would call her boss to complain.
So now we are to assume that Norwood wants government officials to forego research, data and facts and simply go to Capitol Hill to tell politicians what they want to hear. What does this tell us about how our government works?
Norwood clearly believes the anecdotal evidence about immigrants being a drain on social services, though, as Siskin points out, there isn't a lot of hard evidence to support that. No doubt, health care for the uninsured is a problem, but there is little data that shows illegal immigrants are a disproportionate part of that.
Of course, if there was data to the contrary, Norwood would probably throw it out.
The congressman is clearly playing to his base. "I know what they are saying in my district. ... They want this border shut down and they want it secured."
On that point, we agree. We do need to close the borders, not just to stem the tide of illegal immigration, but also to help protect us from terrorists who might see the unsecured borders as an easy way to enter the country and attack us.
But we think that's a different debate from deciding what to do with the millions of immigrants who are already here. Illegal immigration is a real problem that needs real solutions, but those solutions should be based on facts, not guesswork and predetermined notions.
The Norwoods of the world are merely playing to the emotions of their voting base instead of trying to act like statesmen and solving problems with their heads.
We deserve better

Well again been there done that. We were treated to a horrific sight this past year when Congressional Republicans were ignoring the pleas of our Military to give them the time to present a case as how the treatment of the UAE in that terminal deal was a very bad thing. There were American Businessmen on the plane from the UAE to give the facts to Congress. Oh well didnt want that did we. The ever present Lou Dobbs was ranting and raving as well as Sean Hannity. SO what did we do? Well certain Republicans put a rider on a MILITARY APPROPRIATIONS BILL FOR OUR TROOPS!!! to make sure that Dubai did not get the leases. To me that sounded very much like a Democrat Tactic. Oh well at least it gave a few people a talking point for the upcoming elections.

Sadly to say the Gainseville Times hit it right on.

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Looking at the Blogroll

Posting will again be a tad hit and miss at least till tonight when I return home. Here is a quick look aroung my blogroll.

Big Lizards has an excellent discussion of the concept of Jury nullification. HE argues that in some cases it is appropriate. I agree. Sometimes in rare cases the following of the law to the letter in a individual case can cause a greater injustice as to to the indivdual being tried. I was involved in a case where that happened and the jury basically came back and found the person not guilty. Everyone knew it was a case of jury nullification. The Assistant District Attorneys involved in the case privately thought what the jury did was correct.

For those who think preserving our historic buildings is important, Called as Seen updates us on the situation with the Hotel Bentley in Alexandria Louisiana. I am constantly horrified that our historic past is often having a losing meeting with the wrecking ball. Hopefully this has been averted as to this important landmark.

The Anchoress has another great piece entitled “All that I hate, I am become!”. THis relates to Sen Allen from Virgiana and perhaps how it is time also for the Dems and liberals to look themselves in the mirror.

Maxedoutmama has sane and reasoned post on the Muslim violence we are seeing.

The Strata-Sphere has a good post up on how the recent revelations as to the Plame has boosted the the Libby defense.

Oh one of my Political bloggers and Analyist Emily Metzgar was quoted in a Fox article. That article is here. I pretty much agree with her. Especially this part "She said Hurricane Katrina amplified the problems and Blanco may be in more trouble than the polls indicate.
"I'm tempted to say that these polls don't really get what's going on right now," said Metzgar. "I'm not certain that [Nagin's] election is representative of the rest of the state
." The National media never took the time to analyze why Nagin won. In fact they seemed thunderstruck when he did. I wasn't and many other bloggers were not nor were local people on the scene. Nagin's victory I do not think can giveBlanco much comfort. I have a view that in fact it should give her great worry.

Anyway there is much more on my blogroll. So check it out.

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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Urgent Matter Regarding Minutegate, American Caging, and the Randy Graf Race in Arizona

Because of some evil Spam , I am currently working in trying to get may Email cleared of over a Thousand Spam messages. However as I am doing so I have read with interest some comments that are posted on my blog that are sent to me via Email. I have voiced concerns about the minuteman Pac headed by Simcox. I have also raised concerns that certain questions must be asked of Randy Graf in Arizona regarding his involvement with American Caging, the Simcox Minutemen, and other matters that concern me on his FEC filings. As I have stated there is only two weeks left in that primary in Arizona and we need to ask these questions, not the eventual Democrat opponent. It appears I have received two comments regarding urgent information that is wished to be conveyed to me about these matters. I have no idea at this point if a email was sent telling me the details. Like I said I am in spam email city right now as to my account so it is taking me a bit to get to the legit email that I have received since Saturday.

If you have sent a email please resend it so I can review it. If you have left just a comment and wish to convey information please do so by email if you fell uncomfortable doing so in a comment. Any information will be confidental by me as will be any matters regarding you. I shall hopefully be able to respond tonight if I am able to wrap up my business and return home. Again Thank you for concern. Needless to say time is of the essence.

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Ok Conservative and Republicans Time to Talk Reality on Immigration

Called as Seen has some great things on his blog today. I want to highlight this one. It is a post called On Pence, Cannon, Bush, immigration, and reality... Yes it is time to revist this issue. Congress has a limited time to after labor day to get this done. We truly need to put this baby to bed soon. Because of irresponsible comments and especially people like Pat Buchanan( That is not Even a Republican) we I feel are losing Hispanic and Latino support as a party on a daily basis. This will come back to haunt us big time if we do not stop the bleeding and soon. The majority of Hispanics and Latinos are of course against illegal immigration. Polls show that. However, largely their other valid concerns especially about the House bill have not been listened too. Extremists call listening and engaging these communties Hispandering. I call it democracy myself.

Anywho, like Called as Seen I much favor the "Cannon Plan" to the Pence approach. However, again we conservatives that favor a comprehensive approach on the whole are willing to compromise yet again. This "My way or the highway" approach by the hardliners is getting to say the least tiring. It is also insane. Deal with us conservatives and Republicans that share many of your same concerns or possibily deal with Democrat controlled House in the fall. That is a possibility.

Two other things I wish to comment on. The extremist, racist, and others like fellow travelers are using us and this debate to legitimate themselves. I agree with Called as Seen on thisThat must stop. Everytime I bring this up, I get the response of "Quit playing the Race Card you are just as bad as Liberals!!!!!!" Sorry that doesnt do it for me. If you start a political movement then you are responsible for policing it. The kooks involved in this is amazing. Subway Canaries has complied a lot of links showing that . It is called
Neo Nazi Connections to the Whole Anti-Illegal Movement . Now I know that is a provactive title. I am also aware that all hardliners are not racist and Nazis. However I urge you to take a look at this. Now I am sure that people will complain that many of these links and sources are coming from Liberal sources. Ok fair enough. However, I dont think it is too hard of filter out the Liberal bias and to look at the charges themselves. I have spent a lot of time looking at their allegations. Much of it is true. Now, I am pretty sure that the average Conservative or Republican has no idea this is happening. I am sure that for instance 99 percent of the USA has no idea for instance what the Council of Conservative Citizens is or for what they stand for. For those that don't know the CofCC is the child of the old White Citizens Councils. I have spent much time on this blog exposing them. So when I see this on their Mississippi Chapter Site I get very irate.
Great Southern (June Meeting Report)
June 30, 2006 Members and friends of the Great Southern CofCC held their June meeting at 7pm at Bo'Dons Seafood Restaurant near Jackson, MS. Several orders of business were discussed, especially business on immigration reform. What a crowd! One of the largest in a while. Immigration issues are heating up all over the state of Mississippi. The Great Southern Chapter also made plans to assist (MCIR) Mississippi Citizens for Immigration Reform in a petition drive at Puckett Day on Saturday July 8. They also voted to assist MCIR in a petition drive against Illegal Aliens at the Mississippi Watermelon Festival which will be held on Saturday July 22, in Mize, MS. The chapter would like to thank the special guest that were on hand for the meeting. It is always good to have state senators and representative in attendance.
04 Jul 2006
A few other words on this. First I have been unable to Locate this MCIR group. There are three possibilities. One is that this is a real group and are just starting up. The Second is that this is a typo. The third is that the The Council of Conservative Citizens is in fact intentionally misleading or hiding the real group it is associated with at that organizations request. The main anti immigration group group in Mississippi is called MFIRE(By the way I think we are all against illegal immigration). That is the Mississippi Federation for Immigration Reform and Enforcement. This is the Group that hosted Chris Simcox in his recent trip to Jackson in July. A meeting that I wanted to attend myself so I could challenge Simcox in person on Minutegate. A summary and pictures are available on this site. Yesterday because of a million problems I was not able to check into this. However tomorrow once I am home and near a phone I intend to find out if MFIRE is involved with this group. If it is I am going to raise Holy Hell even if it means I have to do a seat in at the offices of the Clarion Ledger in Jackson till they report this. Like I said I don't know yet if that is the case and I want to make that clear. But I intend to find out the facts.. THe Council of (word Hijack) Conservative Citizens is not something to play around with no matter what the cause.

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Coming Up

We shall try to get some posts up today. I am having some connection problems. I am on the road today but if I shall have access to a computer some today. By the way if you have sent me a email just be patient. I had some MAJOR spam problems that the junk filter didn't catch So when I am getting a connection I having to clean out like a 1000 spam emails. Anywho. I am coming across valid real emails as I go along.

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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Huffington Post has Outlandish Attack on Baton Rouge

You know I wonder if the Huffington Post has like Editors or someone that looks at the content that is being posted on their blog by certain writers. I mean this is pretty offensive.

It is entitled MY Truth about Baton Rouge. This is written by a person currently residing in New York. Basically we learn from her that Baton Rouge is full of bigots and is very anti Jewish. Why does she say this. Well she is a expert, you see she lived there till she was 14. As a person that lived in Baton Rouge let me say that she is way off. I will not comment to much on this. The comment section is full of people that do a great job of correcting this budding journalist. But let me add one thing. For an area that is anti Jewish I find it strange that if that was the case the city has a State Senator that is -drumroll please is JEWISH. Yes, powerful Baton Rouge State Senator Jay Dardenne is a Jew. He by the way is running for Secretary of State. Oh wait he is Republican we can't count him I suppose. HE must be one of those pretend Jews I suppose. By the LSU Hero Skip Bertman is Jewish also. Didn't know that? Well there is a good reason for that. We Louisiana folks don't really care.

Coming Next Week- Liberal Yahoo Couldn't get date for Jr High Dance 15 years ago-- Slams Mobile Alabama-

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Gov Mike Huckabee Speaks Out On What the Democrats View As the New Threat to American Life , Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

I recently highlighted Cajun Rant's post on how politicians are attacking Walmart. I found this today. Iowans For Huckabee blog has a a link to a letter that Gov Huckabee has released in reference to these silly attacks. Good read. Mean while Senator Clinton is speaking up for her former Friends(NOT!!!!!!!!) Despite the fact that Hillary served on the Walmart Board for 6 years, that her husband political career has almost always been backed by the Waltons, and oh that WALMART gave countless jobs to Arkansas and mega bucks in donations to places of Higher learning in Arkanasas, she too is playing th anti Walmart Card. Oh that Clinton Loyalty. Seems like old times

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Welcome to My Blogroll

Time to do another Welcome to My blogroll post. I try to get some very interesting blogs that one might not be aware of.

First let me highlight an excellent blog form Georgia. That is Maxedoutmama. I have been following Maxedoutmama for some time and always find the topics she talks about fascinating. She has a lot of common sense also in her analysis. She is a conservative blogger and thankfully unlike some of the political oriented blogs not an echo chamber.

Another great find and also a conservative blog is From Sea To Shining Sea. His decription of himself is This site is dedicated to providing moderate-right opinions, and information and articles that counter some of the nonsense being inculcated in our young people by public schools and by many colleges and universities. It rejects multiculturalism, embraces the melting pot and celebrates the idea of America. I must say that again I find it fascinating that now his views are described as moderate. He had some great post the last few days. Check them. Again another sane blog.

Two quick Louisiana blogs. Both are religious in nature. First a nice Catholic blog from South Louisiana. That is From The Recamier. I like this blog because she often highlights the Saint of the day. Also this blog will be of interest to those that like to know what happen on this day in history type thing. That is a large part of her post too. She decribes her blog as Catholic saints & theology, historical events, births and deaths, and my daily activities, so there should be something here for everyone. I agree. A very plesant blog that is nice to check in with on a daily basis.

The other blog that has a religious nature is from a young man that is from the Anglo Catholic tradition. He is from North Louisiana. HE is Catholic, Orthodox and Anglican. I am hoping he starts posting on a more regular basis. His link list if your're Espicopal is something to take a look at. Speaking of Religious blog. I am looking for a good blog from the Orthodox tradition to put up. That faith will have much more of an impact in the US over the coming years. Especially in the South.

Back to politics. I am adding another Iowa blog that is focusing on the upcoming Republican Prez race. That is The Caucus Cooler. Part of my mission today is to find a good New Hampshire blog. I think many of us Repubs are trying to decide who to support for th 08 race. I hope this addition as well as Krusty Konservative is a help. There is a lot of interesting things happening up there in the Buckeye State that the MSM or for that matter the blogworld is not reporting.

Ok one more Louisiana blog. I swore to myself I wasnt going to put him on till I found a good ole fashion Louisiana Republican blog. In fact if I find one I like I might update this post. His blog is called Not Right About Anything and is from Lafayette. He is a prime example of the unhinged left lol. In fact at times he makes one of my other Louisiana liberal bloggers look like he is a member of the John Birch Society. But I have to admit I enjoy his blog and plus he has a lot of output. Also, I think its times for us Louisiana Bloggers no matter what our viewpoints to band together a bit. There are some issues that this we can and need to unite on for dear ole Lousiana. Speaking of Louisiana Republican blogs. If anyone has a good one send one to me. I am lookin for a Republican blog that is proud to be a Republican with no bitchin, no caveats, and no exceptions and has a attitude of YES WE WILL WIN IN 06 AND 08. I swear I am tired of hearing I am Republican "but". That seems to be vogue nowadays but in politics is not a winning attitude.

Finally a couple of blogs from the UAE I wish to put on my blogroll. The first is An Emirati's Thoughts. The Second is a American that is teaching in the UAE. That is The Emirates Economist. I am visit their blogs quite a bit and both are informative. I am doing this for several reasons. First it is time we start paying attention to the Arab blog World. Second , because we need some local insight on the issue of Iran. I also plan to revisit soon the stupid handling of the Dubai Terminal deal by our Congress. Not its finest hour.

Some Good News For Louisiana (Hurricane Ernesto)

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A couple of observations. First it is way too early to tell for sure but the track looks good for not hitting Louisiana. But of course despite revisionist attempts, Katrina track kept changing too and it was sort of late in the game when it became apparent New Orleans was in very real danger. Second, this again shows the dangers of having the Republican National Convention in Tampa Florida right in the middle of worst part of the hurricane season. Sorry Jeb!!!.

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Please For the Love of God Jimmy Carter Just Shut Up

I swear President Jimmy Carter is the most self absorbed politican I know. I remember watching him at the King funeral this year. Jesus, Mary and Joesph, He talked about his Nobel peace prize and his Carter Center, etc etc while he was suppose to be eulogizing Mrs King. But this takes the cake. I swear the man is senile.

From Yahoo news-
"Former US president Jimmy Carter lashed out at British Prime Minister Tony Blair for being "so compliant and subservient" to the Bush administration in Washington.

"I have been surprised and extremely disappointed with Tony Blair's behaviour," Carter told the Sunday Telegraph newspaper as he promoted his new book "Faith and Freedom."

"I think that, more than any other person in the world, the prime minister could have had a moderating influence on Washington, and he has not," said the 81-year-old former head of state.

He faulted Blair for not having been a constraint on US President George W. Bush's decision to invade Iraq in March 2003 -- an invasion which, he said, subverted the fight against global terrorism.

"We now have a situation where America is so unpopular overseas that, even in countries like Egypt and Jordan, our approval ratings are less than five percent," said Carter, who was in the White House from 1977 to 1981.

"It's a shameful and pitiful state of affairs, and I hold your British prime minister to be substantially responsible for being so compliant and subservient"

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What can you say about this. Words just fail me. Rossalyn Carter if you are reading my blog please for all that is holy get the man a hobby.

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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Tancredo says he might run for President-Again

That post headline just makes me ill typing it.

The Pink Flamingo has a post on up on it with all the scoop. Honestly maybe this is a good thing. I think it is time that Tancredo has to deal in some honest debate with people like McCain, Brownback, and Huckabee. They will not fawn all over him like Hannity and Lou Dobbs do.

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Baghdad GI offers Challenge for all "Lets get out of Iraq Folks"

I see a lot of arm chair Generals out there in Blogsphere that say Iraq is a disaster and we have to get out now. Now I know better because I visit the Milblogs over in Iraq each week. However for those that hold that view one guy on my blogroll has a challenge for you.

Open Challenge!

I've decided it's time to step up to the plate and publicly challenge the defeatists. Over a month ago, I published my explanation for why I believe that we're winning the war in Iraq and I now issue a challenge so listen up: prove me wrong. I'm willing to debate those who can present a logical explanation for why we're losing the war and should their explanation top mine I'm willing to admit my wrongs.Here is my request; whenever you hear or read someone who thinks that the war in Iraq is going badly or being lost, send them to me. Put up a link to this post and tell them they better bring their "A" game.I want this challenge to reach as many of the defeatists as possible and ask for the readers of this blog to assist me in reaching them. I haven't spent much time looking for defeatist websites (mainly because I get it shoved down my throat by the MSM), so if you know of any please send me a link so I can properly introduce them to the truth. I know that I'm making myself a target with this challenge and I'm very willing to do so because I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are in fact winning this war.

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What is happening on by blogroll

Time to do another roundup on what my blogroll is doing. I shall also highlight what people are saying about hurricane Katrina and that anniversary

A view from the Evil Center blog is doing a good bit of work highlighting hurricane Katrina including taking us back to day by day weather reports. It is indeed chilling looking at those reports again. He also had a post on Wednesday about Katrina Heros at the Superdome. He is going to be talking more about these various heros. I am glad he is doing that. A lot went wrong during that tragic storm , but I tell you a hell of a lot went right. This is postive stuff that we need.

Between the Lines takes the Blanco administration to task for their Post Katrian efforts.

Big Lizards has a great post on the Subs that the State of Israel is buying from the Germans. This will be a important part of a term I prayed I never thought I would have hear again. That is MAD-mutual assured destruction. Well, if the world lets Iran get the bomb there is really no choice.

Cajun Tiger, our Lousiana guy in IRAQ has a great post on Wal-Mart facts. I am glad he doing this. I couldnt believe my eyes last week when I saw Sen Biden at an anti walmart rally. What a goof

Done with Mirrors has some thoughts and is asking for help understanding this weirdness the Democrats did in Alabama as to a gay candidate they disqualified. I am going to research this also. I find this extrremely odd and it sounds something weird is going on down there. If you are from Bama leave a comment on her site. Dont worry if I find any kookiness as to this I shall yell it from the mountains.

By the way, Only one Freakin week till LSU football. You know where I will be. Freakin Mississippi urgggg. I will be searching any Sports bar in the delta that might have the game on. I doubt any people in Mississippi Delta will want to watch that on ESPN Gameday. ANy way thank God some of our players are clearing the NCAA Clearing house. Go to Tigersmack here and here for the latest.

We Saw That links another idiotic Katrina conspiracy theory. Guess who was behind the levee's failing. Zionist Casino owners!!!! Good grief. Kudos to we saw that for pointing out this insanity. I am going to speak on this later and talk about how these conspiracy theories are dangerous and in fact hurt real people and communities. By the way Spike Lee is a idiot. There is a special place in hell for those that profit off tragedy like this and sow discord for bucks.

There is much more on my blogroll so check them out. There are a few I shall be highlighting in seperate post. But time is running out and have to run to Mass. Please pray that this dangerous storm in the Gulf does not hit Louisiana. We are not in the position to take another one this soon.

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Minutegate / American Caging Update

Well time for our weekly update on that mysterious and infamous Caging Firm out of the Houston/Stafford area. We were told oh almost a month back that American Caging's problems were all some Govt paperwork snafu and would be corrected prompty.

Well at the end of the business day and the business week we find

Company Information:
Registered Agent:
Registered Agent Resignation Date:
State of Incorporation:
File Number:
Charter/COA Date:
April 4, 1991
Charter/COA Type:
Taxpayer Number:

I must say to the employess of American Caging, I have enjoyed your comments and emails. Please continue.

I will try to put a Minuteman/ Minutegate update up this weekend. I had to take a few days away from it because of some other matters I had to attend too.

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Friday, August 25, 2006

Good Article on Governor Huckabee-- 08 Contender

Mike Huckabee President 2008 has a great article from the National Journal on Governor Huckabee. Like I posted below I am leaning toward him or Senator Brownback for 08. I think the article hits it right on the head why I think Huckabee might explode out of Iowa and the early primaries.
I have a certain theory. I suspect that conservatives and Republicans will have enough of this "nastiness" and over the top rethoric come the Iowa Primary elections. People are getting tired of all this RINO talk every few seconds. I think Huckabee might be found to be the antedote to that. He also can be a winner in the general.

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A Update on The Republican Presidential Primary In Iowa

Yeah, I know you saw that headline and went "yawn". Well for those 2 of you that are interested like me in what the people who are trying to to get the job of the LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD you have come to the right place . I have been keeping my eye on things and so today we have


First let me say I think this is a tad early for a state fair. I thought state fairs were suppose to be in the fall. HMM maybe it is a Iowa thing. Anywho it is a big event and most everyone that hopes to be Prez makes an appearance.

Krusty Konservative Blog brings us his observations-

Some good info on the above as I am sure you all visted his nice site. I must say I was disappointed that Gov.Mike Huckabee didnt make a appearance. That seems sort of not a smart move but hell it is still early. I think of big interest is again signs of how well Governor Pataki seems to be doing in Iowa. Again I am hoping to see more signs of organization by Brownback in Iowa soon. As yyou can tell I am leaning toward Huckabee or Brownback. But still have not ruled out McCain and maybeeeeeee Romney. also Sorry I don't get all giddy like so many people do when Newt makes a appearance and utters his latest wisdom. I like him but please he couldnt get elected President. I am not into all these let me bring "issues to the table" campaigns.

On the bright side Tom"Our Dear Leader" Tancredo did not make a appearance. Thank God for small favors, let us hope that trend continues.

Oh, while we are on the topic of Iowa, a certain newspaper has still not printed my letter to the editor as to their shortsighted views on Louisiana and Offshore Oil revenue sharing. Well perhaps they are waiting to put it in the big Sunday edition.

If you are interested in Iowa Prez things go check this soon to be new edition to my blogroll. That is The Caucus Cooler . Cool site. His latest entry is on how all the Senator Allen mess plays out in Iowa and who gains from it. I tend to think like he does and believe that Romney and Huckabee do. A few words on Allen. No I don't want to get into the comment thing, I have done that a thousand times on forums it seems.During the last month I noticed something interesting. It seems for no apparent reason, Allen was getting bashed on several Conservative forums. This was way before the whole "Macaca thing". I saw similar comments on the blogs. There seemed to be a effort to make him some big liberal/rino/ not true conservative etc etc. I just wonder what underground political internet marketing firm was behind that and more importantly who paid them.

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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Idiotic Anti Immigration Quote of the Day

Ever since I got this Technorati thing to work, I have noticed that my hits have gone up. So it appears despite all the pulling out of hair over getting that system to recognize this blog exist, it seems to be worth it.One of my favorite topics as people who visit here know is the whole illegal immigration/immigration debate.

Yesterday I was having a conversation with a prolife leader in the Diocese. I waa basically asking her to consider that the Conservative part of the Republican party is lying in bed with some very unsavory people(From a Pro-life point of view) in this immigration debate. At the start of this whole thing all I heard was "we are not against legal immigration only illegal". Well after about a month of study and research I realized that was completely false as to the leaders and many in the movement. The people that have been the driving voice behind this debate are Population control fanatics. This is of course the John Tanton Groups. His offspring incluse all those organizations that send us those wonder blast emails each day. That is F.A.I.R, CIS, and NumbersUSA. Often we see spokesman for CIS on the news shows. Well that is great but I do get a tad upset that they are portrayed as some unbiased source. They are not.

Now the tone is starting to change and the true goals are coming out. Last night I saw this jewel.

On the site Protect Arizona this statement-

Today I saw the most chilling thing I've seen in years -- a map of Australia juxtaposed over a map of the U.S., with the caption: Australia is the same size as the U.S., but only has a population of 19 million, compared to the U.S.'s 290.million.

Well perhaps the population control marketing people are out on vacation but this statement is pretty silly. I suppose that if the 90 percent of the United States was unliveable and about as barren as Death valley, the above would be chilling. This argument makes as much sense as superimposing a map of Antarctica on a map of the USA and trying to make a comparision in population. There are a thousand instances of this that one sees on this anti- illegal immigration webs sites all day(By the way I think we are all anti illegal immigration). Basically as can be seen on their web sites, they want to reduce the population of the USA to 150 million people.

Anyway, that is why I often focus on this issue because I think reducing the population of the USA to 150 million quite frankly is a pretty horrible idea. I am not sure with Western Europe, Japan, and even Latin American Countries with bith rates dropping like a stone that this is a adviseable. Especially since in Countries where Radical Islam is they are breeding like Rabbits. One must ask the question who the hell is going to fund and man the armies etc etc.

Now before everyone goes off on me, these are issues that we will have to confront in our lifetime. Hate to offend Pat Buchanan, but I have more concerns than if my possible future descendants may be tad browner that me. Ahh but I forget the Mexicans are the Barbarians at the gate. Well besides being pretty offensive that is not true. The barbarians at the gate at the ones that explode Car bombs and think nuking cities would be a grand idea.

So next up a little look at Pat's horrid little book.

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A Mom Of One Our Hero's On Iraq

Tip of the Hat to Hedgehog blog for this pointing this out. I was thinking our people fighting the War on Terror tonight and I saw this tonight. Needless to say beside the chills it gives you, it makes you stop and think. Thank you Marine Lance Corporal Galvez.

From: Amy Galvez To: Subject: Mayor Anderson and Cindy Sheehan Date: Sun, 20 Aug 2006 14:00:02 -0700 (PDT)

Once again, it is time for the voices of military families to be heard. As the time approaches for Mayor Rocky Anderson, joined by Cindy Sheehan, to raise their voices and denounce the job my son and other servicemen are doing, I cannot remain silent. I understand that many people do not support the war in Iraq, the global war on terror. Many would rather wait until something happens here at home and deal with it then. That is fine to have that opinion. What is not fine, is an elected official speaking to the world and condemning the job our service men and women are doing. But, it hits closer to home than that. My son, who is a resident of Salt Lake City, is now in Iraq. He was sent there by the United States to do a job. The Mayor of Salt Lake City will grab headlines by speaking out against the job my son, a resident of his city, is doing. I know that Mayor Anderson says he supports the troops but not the war. You cannot say you support the troops and tell the world that what they are doing is wrong. Mayor Anderson's words will play worldwide This will be seen on Aljazeera TV and throughout the communities where America is hated. I believe that the words of Mayor Anderson, as well as other elected officials who speak out against our military and their mission, in essence, give support and momentum to the enemy. This, in turn, puts the lives or our sons, fighting on our behalf, in greater jeopardy. I heard it appropriately put by Tammy Bruce, who said "when you make the world mad at the Marines, it is easier to kill them." My belief is that American lives have been lost in this war because the enemy has been emboldened by our own words, actions and lack of support for our own mission. America will always be hated by many throughout the world. That won't change. Regardless of your politics, supporting our military, who is mostly made up of very young American volunteers, should be our foremost concern. Mayor Anderson should go before the cameras and say thank you to every American troop, especially those from Salt Lake, for their heroic duty instead of undermining their efforts. Amy Galvez, Proud American and Very Proud Marine Mom .

Of course that email is not the end of the story.

Galvez was still sitting at her computer when she heard a car door close outside her northwest Salt Lake City home. Peering through the window, she saw two Marines coming up the walk. .Adam Galvez, 21, was killed Sunday in Iraq's volatile Al Anbar province in a roadside bomb attack that claimed the life of two other members of his battalion.....Read more at this link

Post Katrina Louisiana Politics

I posted the part of the Shreveport Forum Article below. I wanted to devote one post to the interesting facts that are his article. Mr Burnett has some interesting stats that seem to go against the conventional wisdom. The Conventional wisdom is that because so much of New Orleans has gone out of State because of Katrina then its Republican Time in this State. However look at the Stats

When the Governors election was held in 2003 we had the following stats"
2,767,782 registered voters
67 percent white
29 percent black
57 percent Dem
23 percent Repub
20 percent Indep/other

Now as of July 28th 2006
2,868,856 registered voters
66 percent white
29 percent black
4 percent other races
54 percent Dems
24 percent Republicans
22 percent Indep/others

Now it does appear that the percentages have not changed much. Thus as Mr Burnett states: Don't count Blanco out!! I agree. Even though I still think it is Jindals to lose, to occupy the mansion in Baton Rouge, like Blanco does, by itself makes her a force to be counted.

A few thoughts. I still think the Democrats are in big trouble. First, many of these registered voters are gone to other states. I doubt that there has been much purging of the voter rolls in Katrina affected areas. SO the above numbers do not show that. The key worry that the Dems have is this. The get out the vote machine in NOLA is gone and the results of the last Mayorial race in New Orleans. After all that outreach that was conducted to get Nawlins Expats to vote the turnout needless to say was horrible. If New Orleans residents are not going to vote in big numbers for that race, are they going to get that excited about the Governors race? I think not. If those numbers hold as to turnout of New Orleans registered voters Blanco as well as other State wide elected Dems are in trouble. I am not sure how they make up the deficit.

A few caveats here. The entire World down there did not move to Houston. Many went to Baton Rouge, Shreveport ,Lafayette, and other places in state. So Blanco can still count on those Democrat voters. Also there is a down side for the Repubs. That is where are all the St Bernard parish voters? In some ways they got it worse than New Orleans did. Where have all the LakeView residents gone? Lakeview is of course the New Orleans Republican Bastion. A argument can be made because of education and employment factors that these voters are in fact in other states at far greater percentages than the the typical black Dem voter of New Orleans. Again I think its too early to tell how this has all shaken out. Mr Burnett's other observations are right own. THe New Orleans delegation will be weakened greatly. Baton Rouge will in all likelihood become the center of legislative power in the State.

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The Bobby Jindal lost because of North Louisiana Racists Myth Continues

This comes from a article dealing primarily with post Louisiana Katrina politics by political Columinist Lou Gehrig Burnett. It appeared in Shreveport news weekly the Forum(Not available online). I shall talk about his other statements in the next post. I do take exception that he appear to be endorsing a theory that for some reason that is now taken as Gospel. That is Bobby Jindal lost the Governor's race against Blanco because North Louisiana folks would not vote for someone that was dark skinned. I continue to say that this utter nonsense.

Burnett says -"There is no doubt Jindal will be a formidable foe. The big question is whether his ethnicity will play a role this time as it did in 2003. In 12 of the so called "David Duke Parishes" in north and central Louisiana(Duke carried all 12 in his races against Edwin Edwards for Governor and Bennett Johnston for US Senate), Jindal won only four of them while Blanco won Eight. Those Parishes are basically rural and Conservative".

This theory largely became gospel because a political science Prof from LSU said it was true in his study. All the national media picked it up so because that happen it became fact basically.

I don't want go to go to much into this but this is wrong wrong wrong.

Why did Blanco do so well in North Louisiana? Because she out worked Bobby Jindal pure and simple. Also she was well liked. Blanco also took advantage of the fact that many North Louisiana voters feel they get ignored by the generally State Wide elected officals who now are most of the time from South Louisiana.

Before Blanco we had a Governor by the names of Mike Foster. Mike Foster rarely even came to visit this part of the State that he governed. In his last four years as Governor he visted the area only 4 times and that was just in Shreveport. His time he spent here could be measured in hours. That was noticed by Republican and Democrat alike. Blanco was had been Lt Governor for 8 years seemed to live here. She is from Lafayette but it seems I couldn't open the paper and not see her at some local event or writing a Column in like the FORUM. She was often at event thats regular people were putting on. She appeared at events the Highland Neighborhood association would put on for goodness sakes. This was when we could barely get Foster to do a flyover of the area. You do that for 8 years and that pays dividends. I was a Jindal voter. But even I felt a little guilt voting against Blanco. Why? Because it was hard not to vote for her so to award the appreciation she had for this part of the State. After a while if a politican shows up at enough events and says "good job" and "I love (insert town or locale) "that adds ups in the vote column after a while. Especially if you have been doing it for 8 years.

The above is important especially when you add the fact that she got votes because of her gender(believe it or not I heard "I think its time for a Woman" more than "I am not voting for a Indian) . Also it must be noted that Blanco was not viewed as some Liberal. She was and still is a Conservative Democrat. In reality, Blanco and Jindal shared a good many positions. Further Bobby Jindal did not respond to an ad in the closing weeks that basically said Jindal had and was going to cut all the funding for the Charity hospitals. An ad that ran 24/7 it seemed. Blanco was always in the top two contenders for Governor all year long. Bobby Jindal started the race at like 2 percent in the polls. I rarely heard about Bobby's race but I did hear concerns about his young age.

One other thing to note? Why is this always framed as the "racist white rednecks". Believe it or not there are black folks up here. Quite a few of them. Blanco got 85 to 90 percent of that vote. But when this question is framed, it is framed as all those racist rednecks in North Louisiana. Why is that? One other thing that must be remembered. This area is conservative but it is not "Tom Delay" conservative. There has been and still is a sort of Blue Dog democrat populist feel to huge areas here. Also Shreveport that is often viewed as a conservative city is a tad more liberal in reality than is commonly portrayed. Those where Blanco voters. ALL this worked to Blanco's advantage.

However none of the above is mentioned. One fact of that race that should be considered. There was a Democrat from North Louisiana that ran named Randy Ewing. Ewing was a democrat but a conservative one. I have the highest regard for Ewing and he would have made a fine Governor. Ewing though could not break Blanco's hold on this area. In any other year, I suspect Ewing would have carried these parishes. However Blanco was so popular that she took more votes than he did. In North Louisiana!!!!! However such complicated analysis of these other factors are never considered or even mentioned. I suppose I know of these factors because when I was volunteering for Bobby, that I saw all the above up close and personal. It is time that this myth die or at least be questioned.

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

NBC Nightly News In St Louis

Well, I am watching and so far no interview of the Blogmeister of the Council of Conservative Citizens St Louis. Not even a expose of the Vatican of the extreme paleoconservative movement? Whats up with that Blogmeister? Perhaps next time. Maybe even yalls National Convention. All they talked about was how if a person gives an illegal alien shelter in this town of Vally something or the other south of St Louis you are going to get fined.

You see a family without shelter with kids.They are illegal or are mixed in legal/illegal status. Maybe even American kids because they were born here. Might not like Birthright citizenship but it is the law of the land now. So you see them suffering? Lets say you know them and in fact they have attended your Church well you fellowship together. Do you take them in for a couple of nights ? Does it matter if the elements outside are really bad? I realize no Christian can change the World or has to take in everyone. But perhaps some of us are going to have to decide if there is a higher law in certain indivdual cases. Even if we get prosecuted for it if we decide it is. Tough questions and I am not sure I know all the answers. I am hoping we are not put in a position to find out how we would act. Some people will view it as the Law is the Law. Some others will view it in terms of people who hid fugative slaves even though it is against the law. I don't advocate breaking the law. But again does a higher law in individual cases come into play? Tough questions.

Shall the next few years be the new era of Dred Scott? We shall see. Just thoughts I had as I was watching that show.

Romney Trouble

Called As Seen has a good post on some of the grief that Romnsy is getting up in Michigan. Called as Seen speculates it is not abortion that is the problem but perhaps his Mormon Faith. I still lean toward is his conversion on the abortion issue is till the problem. If I remember right his dad was heavily onvolved in politics in Michigan. The Mormon issue has not exploded yet. I suspect somebody inportant will make a statement on it that will cause massive headlines for a week. I still lean that it will not hurt him in the end.

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A Tribute to The Dear Leader Tom Tancredo

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You might not have noticed but Tancredo has a little blog. It is a blog that is supported by our Tax Dollars. Well I think blogs are great. I think it would be great for more Congressmen to blog. However one notices this note on his blog:

(Please Note: Blog entries are reviewed and not all messages will be posted)

Well lets say after reviewing this taxpayer supplied blog and the comments that were there( and more importantly the comments that I am sure were deleted) , I was reminded of another famous politician that does such things as use precious resources on his own praise.

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Thank you, Rep. Tancredo, for protecting our border with Mexico. We don't know how many terrorists are crossing the border, along with the illegals from Mexico. Sure wish you were our Rep. Sincerely, Dee.

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"George Will Opinion in The Nashville Tennessean October 10, 2005 . . . . I do not believe 95% of Americans care whether their president is "some tall guy with good hair". I believe Americans want leaders with character, leaders who are honest, leaders who have integrity, leaders who represent the people and not just the special interest groups. Mr. Tancredo should reconsider and run for president of the United States!"

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You are a hero!

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Thanks for your efforts on border control. I have written the President and my representatives here in New Jersey trying to inspire them to seal the borders and deport illegal aliens. I support your thinking on border control and would like to encourage other Representatives to support it. Could you e-mail or post a list of supporters so I, and others, might cheer them on.

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Congressman TancredoYou give us hope, just knowing you have the courage to speak to the issues that most in power do not seem to want talked about.I want you to know many of us stand with you especially on this illegal immigration going on and allowed to happen.My prayers will be that the Lord of all mankind will keep you strong.

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Sir, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! I read the statement on "Birthright Citizenship" and am very pleased and relieved to see someone has the same idea. I am convinced this is a large factor into why our immigration policies have failed. As a former resident of you district, I saw this first hand more than once. Keep up the great work. M.D.

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Dear Congressman,I am not in your district, however, I am impressed and energized with your unwavering, strong stance on several issues. The issue at hand this time is illegal immigration/homeland securtity (the two go hand in hand). Thank you for being a voice for many. I did write Sen. Bennett from Utah expressing my disbelief in his legal manuevering. Where are his priorities? We are Americans, first. Our forefathers did not fight for us to be so careless with our freedom. Thank you for your strong leadership. Washington, Hancock, Franklin and the boys would be proud of you.

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I agree completely, and I agree with much else that you have on this page. I wish I was one of your constituents so I could vote for you. Keep up the good work.

Wow, I glad we live in a Country where leaders don't use much needed funds and resources on themselves instead of the populance and engage in orgies of adulation like you know where. OH and the notallowing any questioning as to ideas or possible misgivings about any part of his agenda on his Govt supported blog is great too.

Anywho, Remember even though the Dear Leader thinks he is God of the Republican Party he is not. He is just one little ole Congressman that bullys other conservatives if they even question him or his policies a bit. HE is a bully that in his spare time appears with people like Jerome Corsi that go on the old Art bell show and spreads and adopts conspiracy theories between the segments on Alien abductions and astral projection. Congressman Cannon and President Bush beat him back so despite what his adoring masses think he aint the new Lincoln of the Party. It is time to tell the Dear Leader that told our President to sit home and shut up to remember he is a Congressman from Colorado and not the Speaker or any big cheese yet. He is just someone that helps promote and encourage anti Catholic Conspiracy theories. That doesn't mind if his PAC Chairman speaks on extremist and racist talk shows. That hides the fact that he associates with people that are radical population control freaks and he himself promotes wild population control theories. In fact as to those radical almost Al Gore like beliefs as they say a picture is worth a thousands words.

Just remember what the Wall street Journal had to say
"So determined is conservatism's nativist wing that it's even made common cause with radical environmentalists and zero-population-growth fanatics on the leftist fringe. The Federation for American Immigration Reform and the Center for Immigration Studies may strike right-wing poses in the press, but both groups support big government, mock federalism, deride free markets and push a cultural agenda abhorrent to any self-respecting social conservative."
March 15, 2004

Thanks Tom. Oh and also he broke he word to the voters on Term Limits. HE by the way was past Chairman of Colorado Term Limits. He came to power because of that. Oh well so Sorry.

Coming Soon- Conservative Republican Team Anti Tancredo Blog-
The Truth will be told

This idea was ripped off by what I found at an another anti Tancredo Blog-

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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Boudreaux the Baptist

Boudreaux the Baptist (FROM Grammy Kay's Parlor blog)

Boudreaux, a Cajun highlander from Rapides Parish in central Louisiana, was an older, single gentleman, who was born and raised a Baptist, living in South Louisiana. Each Friday night after work, he would fire up his outdoor grill and cook a venison steak. Now, all of Boudreaux's neighbors were Catholic... and since it was Lent, they were forbidden from eating meat on Fridays. The delicious aroma from the grilled venison steaks was causing such a problem for the Catholic faithful that they finally talked to their priest.

The priest came to visit Boudreaux, and suggested that Boudreaux convert to Catholicism. After several classes and much study, Boudreaux attended Mass... and as the priest sprinkled holy water over him, he said, "You were born a Baptist and raised a Baptist, but now you are Catholic." Boudreaux's neighbors were greatly relieved, until Friday night arrived, and the wonderful aroma of grilled venison filled the neighborhood.

The priest was called immediately by the neighbors and, as he rushed into Boudreaux's yard, clutching a rosary and prepared to scold him, he stopped in amazement and watched. There stood Boudreaux, clutching a small bottle of water which he carefully sprinkled over the grilling meat, and chanted: "You wuz born a deer, and you wuz raised a deer, but now you a catfish

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Libertarian Discord in California over Gilchrist, the Minutemen, and Immigration

Something very interesting is playing out in California among the Libertarians.

Often we here the real hardliners scream that anyone that supports a comprehensive approach is a member of this mythical "open border lobby". That of course is pretty much BS.
Now there two groups that I suppose would agree with the concept of "open borders". One is the very liberal progressives. When you see people holding up signs or saying things such as "There is no such thing as Illegal" that probally represents that camp. It is a extreme point of view and does not have much power politic wise. The econd group is much more interesting to me. That is the Libertarians. Traditional Liberatarains ,though not as extreme as liberal progressives, view that borders should not hamper the free flow of labor and commerce. However, the immigration debate has seemed to show that there are two further divisions or factions espousing a different view. First, there are the pragmatic Libertarians. The Pragmatics seem to realize that 100 percent purity on the party line in all things only results in them not getting any political gain. On immigration, they seem in my view to take a reasonable sane approach. From what I am seeing that involves real border security , a sensible immigration policy, recognizing the benefits of free trade, and realizing that a deport/starve every illegal policy will not work. However there is another faction It is a faction that seems to have been quite incluenced by the most radical of paleoconservatives. Their immigration policy mirrors Tancredos. They hate and rant against NAFTA,CAFTA, etc. Often one hears all this "amero" and "North America Union" , and "Nafta Superhighway" conspiracy talk from this facton. SO that is the background to the latest developments in California

Minuteman ♥s Libertarian Party Candidate-
Well Jim Gilchrist of the Minuteman Project has endorsed Art Oliver the Libertarian Canidate for Governor. By the way GilChrist is currently a Republican. I say currently because keeping track of Gilchrist views on other issues besides immigration is quite a tiresome task. He really has no loyalty to party it seems or other issues. Well I will leave that to another day.. This link has the story as well as some good comments. Needless to say this has caused a great deal of turmoil in the Libertarian community in California. I agree that it should. This blogger is one of quite a few in California that are Libertarian that are rasing concerns. I do not agree with the policy of open borders. But in this day of people wanting to make a Fortress American as to immigration and trade, the Libertarian voice nneds to be heard. Not downplayed or sold for votes. Perhaps we shall hear at least from the Pragmatic wing of the party yet to give us some sanity.

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Irrational Bush Hatred AND Arrogance of the Elite Left

The Anchoress has a great post deal with how again the liberal elites are treating with disdain the President of the United States. Is this over economic policy? Is this over his vision of where America should be going as to our trade relations? Perhaps a issue of foreign policy? No , they are attacking the President over what is on his reading list this summer. Actaully they think the President might be getting over his head. What arrogance. Please go read It’s really petty to resent what a man reads… by the Anchoress. She hits it right on the head and points out the stunning reality of what they really are.

However there is more to it than just a extreme dislike toward Bush. It is typical of a viewpoint that many of this mindset have toward countless numbers of their own countrymen. That view is that since these people are conservatives and Republicans , then they must be all poor uncultured and uneducated idiots. At times I wonder if these people every travel anywhere in this Country outside places where they can live in the safety of their cocoons.

We have seen this before on display. The 2004 Republican Convention is case study number 1. I often don't get my feeling hurt in campaigns. But I will admit, I personally was hurt by how some New Yorkers viewed us. This changed though after some of the Louisiana delegates came back from that convention. They told me in no certain terms that tons of New Yorkers came up to them and told them that this was not how the average citizen of that great city viewed their fellow citizens. Lets take a trip down memory lane.

The 2004 Republican Convention-
The New York Magazine was offender number in many cases. There articles that even tried to have a tone of fairness in it also was sure to have tons of righteous ridicule for the us poor rubes. Here is there Convention Coverage. New York magazine also was famous for the running all the pictures of the Republicans. Except they took the worst pictures that were shot and put them in the magazine. That sort of set the tone. It was mean spirted and petty. The question is why did they even think this was funny? A left Blogger of course knew the joke:
Apparently, some feel New York didn't use the most flattering pictures of GOPers in the magazine's special convention issue....why doesn't anyone realize that the Republicans are ugly no matter how you present them?-

Yep hahah. Why does this make me think of those horrid days that all of us kids went through when were made fun of because of our looks and thus had no self worth and were stupid. However that was one of many high browed things that were coming out of New York liberal elite press. I often wondered during that time if they were aware the rest of the country has something called the "internet" and that we were reading it also.

Of course during the election it got worse and after the election the same people in DC, New York, and other Liberal enclaves had a temper tantrum. Remember all that stuff on made up electoral maps about "jesusland". I thought Kaus at Slate had it right when he noted:
Friday, November 5, 2004
Like Marlon Perkins, Tim Russert explains President Bush's appeal in the "so-called red states" to Tom Brokaw and the Bo-Wash corridor:
They can see him in his jeans and his swagger and his belt buckle, a lot of things a lot of people in--in the Northeast would laugh at. But they identify with it. And, Tom, they will say that their i--their connection with him on the issue of values and as a man of faith was much more important to them than the state of the economy or the war in Iraq. [Emphasis added]

1) Not the most condescending thing that has been said about the red states. But pretty condescending! Doesn't Russert have to get, you know, ratings? Do red state viewers (or Bush voters generally) actually like watching Tim Russert? Hard to believe.

2) Would these mystifying red people actually "say" that their connection with Bush on faith and values is more important than the major issues facing the country? Russert suggests they're so blinded by faith they'd vote for Bush even if everything was manifestly going to hell. ... Wouldn't "they" maybe "say" that the economy isn't in such bad shape--as is, in fact, true--and maybe the war in Iraq isn't in such irrevocably bad shape either? Haven't they, in fact, just said that? 11:38 P.M.

Of course this was just a small taste. People that write the columns attacking George Bush's reading list and making snide comments hate the fact that the "common folk" in the country actually get a say in things. So they cover that up by making more self revealing comments than they know about the smarts of the rest of us. Especially conservatives.

Just a little trip down memory lane again, to show what is behind all this. From the National Review Back in Novemember 2004.
Today's American Left is largely responsible for the division they so loudly condemn. They have every right to chide President Bush's policies, lament his reelection, and propose better ideas. Instead, the Left throws parched logs onto the national political bonfire, then curses the ensuing flames.Consider just a few things the Bush haters have said since Election Day:

"F#$@ the South. F#$@ 'em," reads a widely circulated on-line screed posted at f#$ (The actual web address contains letters rather than symbols.) "We should have let them go when they wanted to leave. But no, we had to kill half a million people so they'd stay part of our special Union. Fighting for the right to keep slaves—yeah, those are states we want to keep.""Take your liberal-bashing, federal-tax-leaching, confederate-flag-waving, holier-than-thou, hypocritical bull*?<+ and shove it up your a%&.And no, you can't have your f#$@ing convention in New York next time. F#$@ off." Is this how tolerant liberals celebrate diversity?
The November 5 Wall Street Journal cited these deep thoughts from a weblog called "Punk Voter:" "Senator Kerry said [November 3] that now we need to come together and heal as a nation. F*** that. There's no f****** way I am going to come together with these homophobic, flag-waving, god-fearing, gun-toting, uneducated, isolationist, ethnocentric REDNECKS."

An "adoption notice" e-mailed around the country shows the Democratic blue states beside the headline "Free to a good country." The mock ad continues, "Educated and intelligent population. Gets along well with others. Pretty. Wants to get out of an abusive relationship with current owner and inbreeding red cousins. Open to all sane democracies."Another Internet graphic shows the blue states linked to our northerly neighbor in the "United States of Canada." The red states in between are described as "Jesusland."While these vulgar, secessionist sentiments could be dismissed as the bile-fueled grumbling of disgruntled College Democrats, listen to veteran Democratic political consultant Bob Beckel. -"I think now that slavery is taken care of, I'm for letting the South form its own nation," Beckel recently declared on Fox News Channel's Fox and Friends. "Really, I think they ought to have their own confederacy."-MSNBC commentator

Lawrence O'Donnell—a former staffer to the late senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan (D., N.Y.) and co-creator of NBC's The West Wing—told The McLaughlin Group this on the weekend after the election: "The segment of the country that pays for the federal government is now being governed by the people who don't pay for the federal government...Some would say, 'Oh, poor Alabama. It's cut off from the wealth infusion that it gets from New York and California'...But the more this political condition goes on at the presidential level of the red and blue states, the more you're testing the inclination of the blue states to say, 'So what?'"The November 9 Washington Times reported that Canada's immigration information website usually gets 20,000 U.S. hits daily. The day John Kerry conceded, that number rocketed to 115,016 before easing back to 65,803 November 4, still triple the normal figure. If a democratic election's losers ponder emigration, does that make the winners divisive? Does anyone truly believe that if John Kerry had prevailed, Republicans would advocate seceding from blue America? How many Republicans would consider moving say, to the low-tax, relatively pro-life Republic of Ireland?

Another theme of the divisive Left is the supposed idiocy of red states and their inhabitants. It starts, naturally, with President Bush. The Left depicts him as a doddering fool. Yet, somehow, this airheaded cowboy has defeated them in two elections. This hardly demonstrates the Left's brilliance.One Internet posting ranks the 50 states by IQ. The higher-IQ states supported Kerry, starting with Connecticut (average IQ 113). These figures plunge to pro-Bush Mississippi, with its 85 average intelligence quotient.If these numbers are legitimate, they raise interesting questions:Were Louisiana and South Carolina, both blue states, dumb over the last six years when they elected Democrats John Breaux, Mary Landrieu (in 2002), and Ernest Hollings to the U.S. Senate, or did they suddenly grow stupid this year?And how about Colorado's pro-Bush voters? They also elected Democrat Ken Salazar to the U.S. Senate on November 2, rather than Republican Peter Coors. So, were they simultaneously sharp and dimwitted?"South Dakota's IQ must have dropped for them to stop voting for Democrat Tom Daschle and switch to Republican John Thune," says Mitch Baxter, an Arlington, Virginia attorney and member of the Republican Jewish Coalition "They were in the bottom 10 this time. There was no massive immigration of dodos or emigration of geniuses, so there must be some kind of environmental toxin that caused brain damage. Quick, get the EPA!"Hollywood acted divisively, too. Whoopi Goldberg regaled a July 8 Kerry fundraiser with gynecological double entendres involving the president's surname. Julia Roberts said "'Republican' comes in the dictionary just after 'reptile' and just above 'repugnant.'" Cameron Diaz announced on Oprah September 29 that if Bush were reelected, "we could lose the right to our bodies.... If you think that rape should be legal, then don't vote."

Few things divide more quickly than invoking the Nazis. Yet the Left repeatedly detonated this rhetorical A-bomb., for instance, famously displayed an online ad comparing President Bush to Adolf Hitler.-The August 30 Time magazine quoted Ithaca College assistant professor Charles Venator Santiago. He complained that when he explains conservative philosophy to his introductory political-science class, I am teaching Hitler.

"-For two years now, bumper stickers have spelled the president's name "B-U-[swastika]-H."-NAACP president Julian Bond doubled down last June 23 when he compared Republicans to both the old South and National Socialism. He said, "Their idea of equal rights is the American flag and Confederate swastika flying side by side."Perhaps worse than "Nazi" are the other N-words.-A blogger named the Rude Pundit, who boasts about "proudly lowering the level of political discourse," called your humble commentator National Review's "house negro." Imagine the justifiable outrage if I or any other center-right commentator called Alan Colmes "the Fox News Channel's resident Jew?"

-Leftist cartoonist Ted Rall created a July 5 illustration which shows Secretary of State Designate Condoleezza Rice at an "inner-city racial re-education camp." She says, "I was Bush's beard! His house n*gga..."-As the black free-market organization,

Project 21, has documented, "Doonesbury" cartoonist Garry Trudeau recently referred to Rice as "Brown Sugar." The mainstream Universal Press Syndicate distributes Rall and Trudeau.

-On November 17, WTDY (Madison, Wisconsin) radio host John "Sly" Sylvester called Rice "Aunt Jemima" and (current) Secretary of State Powell "Uncle Tom." He also complained about "the illusion of inclusion," as if Bush's appointment of two consecutive black Americans to the nation's oldest and most prestigious Cabinet agency were no big whoop.-"There are those house slaves who lived on the plantation, and there were those slaves who lived in the house," Left-wing calypso singer
Harry Belafonte explained in October 2002. "Colin Powell was permitted to come into the house of the master."To count beans briefly—combining Powell, Housing Secretary Alphonso Jackson, and (outgoing) Education Secretary Rod Paige—Bush's Cabinet is a fifth black, exceeding by one half America's 13-percent black population. For this, black liberals give Bush zero credit. But if he had no minority secretaries, these exact, same people would slam Bush for having a lily-white Cabinet.Disgusting name-calling aside, Democrats pursued policies over the last four years that were at least as divisive as Bush's.

You see when we are dealing with people that take time out to ridicule the President for the ten thousandth time this must be remembered. They don't realize that Martin Sheen isn't the President. He just played one on TV. Also the way that Republicans and Conservatives and well just plain political life that was portrayed on the West Wing is that way because it is marketed toward their demographic.

I remember this post from the blogger MaxedoutMamma back in Nov 2004. The Anchoress post makes me think this is just as revelant as it was back then:

Nor were the slams, the extreme allegations, and the rage confined to the sideline organizations and chat groups. No. In the south, we're talking about people like Madelaine Albright, who speculated that Bush had Osama Bin Laden stashed away somewhere and would produce him right before the elections. We're talking about all the rumors that capturing Saddam Hussein was a fake - that the US had had him for months and had produced him when it was politically convenient to do so. We're talking about Senator Joe Biden announcing that Bush was brain dead, and Edwards remarking that you had to be an idiot to vote for Bush. We're talking about various editorials and commentary observing that fundamentalists in the US were essentially the same as Islamic fundamentalists, and claiming that the real war on terror should include stamping out certain religious beliefs in this country.We're talking about the fact that independent recounts in Florida showed that the 2000 election there was truly close, but not stolen or illegitimate - yet it somehow became McAuliffe gospel that Bush was an illegitimate president who had stolen the presidency and subverted the Supreme Court.

Do you know what all this looks like to the people I work with, shop with, and talk with? They think the national Democratic leadership has gone insane. They think their local Democratic politicians are just fine. Unfortunately, if this sort of rhetoric continues their local Democratic politicians are going to switch parties.Some of my neighbors may have high school educations, but they read newspapers on the internet. The days when an article or editorial written in the New York Times denigrating their religious beliefs (which don't include killing gay people, by the way, or shunning them, or excluding them from their churches) would not be read and understood in the small town where I live are OVER. Long past. Ancient history. If the Democratic party decides in the wake of the 2004 election that it must turn its despair upon religious believers, it is doomed as a national party.

So yes as Republicans and Conservatives even though we have problems we can be thankful for this. It appears that the Liberals and Democrats have not learned their lesson since 2004.

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