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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Why I talk about this Stuff Part II and Some people are not pleased with Response Unlimited.

I guess some people are wondering why I spend all this time talking about the Minutemen, the silly fence. Alan Keyes, William Greene , America Caging and etc. Well be paitent this is all coming together. I use a little of this blog at times to organize and focus against something I believe that is killing the party(Republican). Looking at it from afar, these groups looks great. They say help us support the Pro Life message!!!!. Lets protect Gun rights!!!! Lets support conservatives!!!!! Etc Etc.
However it becoming more clear to me that they don't really do any of these things. Oh they might do a little something but not much. To me when a conservative sends in a buck for a cause more than 10 or 20 cents of that dollar should actually go to the that issue. It is a scam. But its alot more damaging than that. It seems to me that the tone has done a 180 since the happy days of 2004. Remember that? We got Bush reelected, we gained in the Senate, and kept the House. Now it seems these groups instead of attacking Democrats attack fellow republicans. Think of Senator Graham of South Carolina. Why is he getting it so much? Is it perhaps he joined the gang of 14 and defused all that Judical nomination controversy? People lost money off that. This various groups couldn't send out more mailing and get more money to fight the Democrats. There were going to be no mass emails asking you to give $59 to and Conservative Petitions(all Greene/Sheldon/ Zohidates Groups) to fax all your senators. Mailing lists and Caging companies lost out on some $$$$ there.

Its damaging in other ways. There is only so much money to go around. It is not like we Republicans have a Super Majority either. I see things like this curious H. Lewis race in this Republican Primary in West Virginia for example. I mean this guy had no business running. In the end he got 27 percent and basically was tearing apart the legitimate Republican in that race. The race where we would like to defeat Senator Byrd. Lewis raised a hell of a lot of money really. Most of that money was raised out of State it appears. Also most of it went out of state. To people like William Greene and his groups. Hsp Direct was there again of course. It looks like to me perhaps that whole campaign was largely a money making enterprise. Sorry to offend any Lewis fans from WV but I am only telling you what I am seeing and hearing.

Also this new kooky Constitution Party is troubling. This is the party that Gilchrist the minuteman is associated with by the way. It is popping up all over the place. Now those folks that believe in that stuff normally vote Republican. They might have some misgivings about the Republican party on some issues but generally they are loyal Republican voters. Now I am seeing this party appear all over the place. Thye are not a huge factor but they are draining votes off the regular Republican running could use. We really can't afford that to happen when control of the House is so close. PLus remember its not like we won the last Presidential race by a landside. Why, Am seeing these same folks fingerprints all over this thing. A third party would kill us conservatives politically. But it does help get more money into certain pockets and helps the old mailing list business.

So this is much more than the particular facts of Minutegate. But Minutegate might be their undoing if it can seized upon. I think here they got too greedy. They would have a huge fundraising operation they could take advantage of. I mean its was advertized as a 55 million dollar project(its gone up n cost I hear). The caging fees, the money off Fundraising, and direct mail was a whole lot of income. All going to the same folks. We even haven't talked aboput the mailing list potential. This list is so targeted its gold. In fact its is advertized right now on Response Unlimited site.

67,414* Active Donors..........$120/M
57,491 Direct Mail Donors......+$10/M
9,923 Internet Donors.........+$10/M
25,763 Multi-Donors............+$20/M
* count is expected to increase rapidly over the coming months
The donors on this list feel strongly that the United States Government is simply not doing enough to control illegal immigration. They are so exasperated, in fact, that they have donated generously to the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, a volunteer group that seeks to patrol the borders of the United States and Mexico. These donors realize that a porous border potentially means unfettered access for illegal drugs and terrorists to infiltrate our country. They feel that improved border security is an absolute requirement for the safety of the United States.In addition to giving of their money, many of these individuals have volunteered themselves to help patrol the border as official members of the Minutemen Civil Defense Corps.Sample mail piece is required for approval. Telemarketing is not allowed at this time.
Managed by Response Unlimited

But to keep this money train going they had to keep the debate going. They had to crucify any Republicans that supported "AMNESTY" as they called it.Even Congressman Pence is getting it now. There was money to be made and this thing could go on a while. It was a goldmine. But this occured at the cost of the Republican Party and the country. I think that is pretty pathetic. What issue is next? What issue will be maunfactured perhaps to make more money.

Anywho, Reponse Enterprises is not only using us it is a pretty shoddy business in fact. This Christian Group exposes them and to say the least they are not pleased its a good read and a eyeopener on how this works in part. So please read Ripoffs Unlimited: A Critical Examination Of Response Unlimited – A Christian Direct Mail Company.

Coming up next, On Pondering America how not every thing you see in the political arena on the Internet is What it appears.


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