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Friday, July 07, 2006

Where are we at on this Immigration Bill

Called as Seen is talking about the immigration bill and has a link to to a blogger that live blogged the Larry King interview of the President last night. I was unable to watch it but from what I ahve heard it went very well. Called as seen also confirms despite all the rumors to the contray, that the President is is not backing off a comprehensive approach. There has been some talk of a trigger appraoch. Like Called as Seen. I am very wary of this trigger approach.

First, many of the people behind this illegal immigration debate want to for all purposes to shut down immigration period. They are not concerned really about fixing the flaws in the system to make this whole process work right. To be blunt, I doubt here good faith and good will. Second, No one has exactly explained how this concepts of triggers would work. Will these triggers be contained in the bill itself or is it as I fear a way of saying we will deal with the "people that here problem" later in further legislation . As I stated, I think many have no intention of doing so. Third, I believe a comprehensive approach is part of the solution to the border security problem. Lastly a political point. We have to get this issue behind us to a certain degree. I have stated that of course this issue will have to be revisited to work out any kinks in a immigration reform bill. But the GOP cannot put off having to deal with the "people that are here" problem forever. In fact the longer this continues the more the Republicans suffer fallout in the Hispanic community. Needless to say I think so far the Tancredo bunch and their allies are killing us image wize in that community. Further, this is starting to cause real problems with Party unity. This debate at it's current temperature level cannot go on much longer without realing damaging us. I like the Cannon aproach myself. However, at least the hardliners should take a look at the Pence approach instead of slamming it. Compromise folks


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