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Monday, July 24, 2006

Whats Coming UP

Well, don't worry I am still going to get that post out tonight on how that everything you see on the internet politics wise is no twhat you think.

This has been a pretty much a research weekend for me that shall provide some benefits pretty soon. Tomorrow we shall get to a more regular schedule. That includes introducing some new bloggers to my blogroll, giving an update in what some of bloggers on my blogroll are doing, as well as some other standard fair. I hope to get a post up updating the 08 hopefuls again

Also, more on the Kookdum. I hope to introduce you to the kooky and very troubling Political Cesspool show that spouts its bile out of Memphis. It has a ringing endorsement from one our favorite friends. That is the Council of Conservative Citizens in St Louis. As I have stated many times that is not a conservative organization. By the way Blogmeister how are you doing?I was worried about you and wondered how you survived the storms up there in St Louis. I checked in to see what nice things you had to say about me and notice you have been having a tad of trouble. May I suggest pray to this Blessed Saint for light, both the kind the kind that comes from the magic holes in the wall and the spiritual kind. Anywho, if the guy that comes fixes your electricity is african american give him a positive shout out. There should be a first for everything , even on your extreme paleo conservative site. Anyhow, our Blogmesiter Friend states in reference to the Political Cesspool show:
The Political Cesspool is a radio show on radio station WLRM, 1380 AM, in Memphis. It is on from 7 PM to 8 PM, CT, Monday through Friday. (NOTE THE NEW BROADCAST HOURS.) One of the two co-hosts is a CofCC member, and the other one, so this webmaster is told, is "in 95 percent agreement" with us even though he is not a member. You may listen to "TPC" via Streaming Audio.

Goodness, already I want to vomit.

Moving on I hav not forgot about the kookdum at the very racist and satanic so call "Christian " Confederate Theocrats at Little Geneva. I do have a small correction to a post in which I mention them. I shall do not tomorrow. I still havent quite figured out why all of a sudden I got so many hits from their blog. Their volume of racist,kooky and down right bizaree content is so much a day, it is hard for me to find if they mentioned this blog. But it is time to return to them and expose them again. They make our extreme paleoconservative friend ,the Blogmeister of St Louis, look like a member of Jessie Jackson's rainbow coalition in comparision. But one emailer said there were nuggets of wisdom there if I only looked. And look I shall and try my best to be fair. Even though as can been seen I have preconceptions. But I shall try my best to toss them aside. No response from the League of the South to my response to the Esteemed Mr Thomey that I posted on Saturday morning. I shall be a southern gentlemen,to which I am, and make sure I email him about it.

Besides Kookdum, and the other things I mentioned , I shall be talking about some Louisiana stuff the next couple of days, the War(Israel, and our own war on terror too), and of course politics. MInute gate shall be a big issue to this week. Also, I am going to give a post on who and how to decide to give your money to a political organization. I ma shocked and I was naive as everyone else on this subject till last week.


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