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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

What is Happening on My Blogroll

Well your home from works perhaps have a few minutes to spare and want to see what is happening in the World. Well ,my Blogroll is a great place to start

First let us go to Called as Seen. Called as seen as some good post today. Go see his latest addition to his blog roll here regarding a site that documents Saddam's support of terror. Also this is sort of a "what is on my Blogroll" twofer. Called as Seen is talking about the new CleanFlicks ruling that deals with editing movies and getting rid of the "obscene" content of movies. It is a twofer because he is linking also to what the Hedgehog thoughts on this topic are who also is on my links. Let me say my first impression is to agree with Called as Seen but I want to examine this issue. It is very important for many reason if you are concerned about Free Speech, and the write for a artist or writer to have his work protected. Also of course there are content issues Hedgehog is talking about. I think I might add my two cents on this tonight

Now, Lets go the the Pink Flamingo and its sister blog the Subway Canaries. Over the past two days she has asusual has had some good post on both blogs. I have been talking about Minutegate. Well please go to her entry here where she gives an overview. Thank God this is being exposed. I don't care where you are on the immigration issue but this is a scam. Also check out here two other post she has does recently on Ronald Reagan and immigration and on a related topic her post on that that silly "conservative leader" blackmail letter that was signed by supposed conservative leaders. I suugest to take some time on that post. She spent alot of work on that one and it shows. I might take a stab at this too later about my concerns with a few names. But let me point out one glaring problem is that several folks on that letter are involved in this Fence scam. Pink Flamingo had a great post last night too. She hit a lot of subjects especially keeping us to date with the latest utterings of Tom Tancredo(good grief).

By the way, not on my Blogroll but someone I keep track of, is the latest news from our extreme paleo conservative friend from the Council of Conservative(word hijack) Citizens- St Louis Reich headquarters branch. He has been busy as every giving us his wisdom. However, I noticed that he has a new talent. Yes he can predict international. terrorism. I never knew that the blogmeister was such a devotee of this occultish prediction by numbers business. It reminds me what a certain Leader in Germany was into in the 1930's and 40's. Oh well, HI Blogmeister if you are watching. Please, tell me if you know what the lottery powerball numbers will be this week. Don't post it though send it in a private email.

Sweetness and Light has some good stories up. Especially this one had Putin is blaming us for Russian Diplomat murders in Iraq. Yeah right. I am getting more tired of Putin by the name and I have not quite figured out his game yet.

AJ at his blog the Strata-Sphere has several good post up. He talks about the whole Novak coming clean business here. I am anxious to get to my TV and see the stuff on this tonight.

By the way isnt it a relief you don't have to go to michelle malkin to get news off the blogs. You can go to other good blogs that don't link to racist sites like VDARE. I am sorry but I am boycotting her as a main source till she gets that crap off her link list and quits asscociating with it on her blog. I will keep track though when she goes to the dark side.

Good Grief, my fellow Lousiana blogger poisoned himself while cleaning the toliet. Stop by and wish PaW PAw a speedy recovery.

One of My bloggers in Iraq , Midnight in Iraq, has a real cool post up called right now. He is not a bad dude even if he went to Bama. Oh I have some good Bama farked pics I can't wait to roll out

Krusty Konservative is our Republican eyes on the ground up in the important and soon to be very important State of Iowa. I haven't talked about Senator Allen much for 08 but he has a post on him here. I suggest taking a look. Allen is going to be a force if he survivies and his re election this year. To which I pray to God he does. Important stuff for us Repubs. Everyone needs to get active and support someone. It is our duty as citizens.

Done With Mirrors is one of my favorite blogs. He reports that a important witness in the whole Enron scandal been found dead in a park in London. I have to admit it sounds rather odd. By the way he has a take on the Cleanflicker case too. Hey Called as Seen he agrees with you too.

American Papist has some good Catholic news up. I haveing trouble linking to the individual stories but look at his July 12 stuff. One is an interesting article on the Vatican Budget. Yes, Believe it or not ,we might be the ONE TRUE CHURCH as we so call ourselves, but we don't have a money tree growing in the Vatican gardens. Someone still has to pay the lightbill. But look at his article on the Upcoming visit of the Pope to Turkey. I cannot stress how important this visit is. What results from this visit might effect so many things in the World. Including the beginning stages of how all us Christians are going to deal with Worldwide Islam and somehow do that without blowing ourselves up

Well there is much more, nut its is supper time. Till tonight.


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This site is one of the best I have ever seen, wish I had one like this.

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